Creativity in Mud Season & Missouri events Creativity in Mud Season & Missouri events

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Creativity in Mud Season

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...
It’s trying hard to be spring here in the high country.  JD and I just got back from some lovely gigs in northern California with its green hills, blossoming trees, and the heady scent of night-blooming jasmine. We were hoping for more green when we arrived home in Colorado, but we know from experience that April is windy here in the mountains, and even if we get a few lovely warm days where a few daffodils peak out of the brown grass, we will inevitably also be hit with a bunch more snow before it’s all over. Back & forth, sunny, crappy, for the next month. Our valley is in that annoying in-between time that we locals love to call “mud season.” This is probably good for us.
I read somewhere that the mark of a healthy high-functioning adult is the ability to thrive in unresolved tension, to stay conscious and well-tempered in the midst of change, patiently doing whatever work is necessary to help events come into focus in their own proper time and place. A real grown-up can glide (or slog) through the uncomfortable in-between times with a certain amount of grace, or at least a seasoned sense of humor, knowing that if you just stick with it, everything will work out fine eventually.
But those of us with twitchy nervous systems tend to prefer instant gratification. We love the upside of the creative process, the flash of insight and inspiration, the song lyrics that appear in our dreams like slippery little minnows, and then line up beautifully as verse and chorus, with intriguing melodies and ultra hip chord changes. Easily. With little or no resistance.
When JD and I co-write songs we often come at it from different directions. JD is grounded and persistent, willing to chip away at a solid block of an idea until the gem appears. He is a good grown-up.

I, on the other hand, often start with a red hot idea, and then rush into a kind of creative frenzy which can involve several sleepless nights in a row. To my credit, I try to weed out the terrible stuff as I go. Then I present the idea, especially the lyrics, to JD. He usually agrees with most of it, but he will occasionally point out a word or phrase that doesn't work for him.
I say, "Well, what word would work for you?" He invariably says, "I don't know yet."  


“OK,” I reply, trying not to be too testy, "When do you think you might know?" And he will reply...( let's all say this together...) "I don't know yet."
This drives me crazy because I want to know the answer IMMEDIATELY so I can get on with my life. I also want world peace, and weight loss without having to exercise. 
The good news is that JD and I are now combining our creative talents by working on a new album of original songs. Very exciting, very exhilarating, and by the end of summer we will have a really great new CD. (And you will never know what all we went through to get there, which is as it should be.)
Please stay tuned for links to new songs, as they appear. All in good time.
Happy Spring,

Love from Jan & JD




Upcoming Events

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•  April 24
    Music & Message at Unity of Overland Park
    Overland Park, MO

•  April 28

   Concert at Unity of Independence
    Independence, MO

•  April 30

    Singing workshop at Unity of Columbia
    Columbia, MO

•  May 1
    Music & Message at Unity of Columbia
    Columbia, MO

•  May 8
    Mothers' Day Music & Message at Unity of Denver
    Denver, CO


Stay Tuned! 

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