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Songwriting for Soldiers

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
We begin this beautiful April day with a big THANKS to all of you for continuing to support us and our music. We literally could not do what we do without you.
Of course, both JD and I have known for a long (long) time that that we came here to be musicians. The fact that we get to write songs...and sing, play, record, and perform them live for you an honor we humbly and gleefully accept. We love the teaching and speaking too. Doing all this for a living feels a little like constantly coloring outside the lines, but the picture keeps expanding and composing itself nicely as we go along. Thanks for your help!
JD and I have a dear friend in Boulder who is a lifelong artist, wise wild woman, and fairy godmother to my twin daughters. One of Sherry's favorite sayings is "Art Saves Lives."
Art Saves Lives!  Wow.  We think the same goes for music, and for all creative activities...anything that brings the soul out into the world to be seen and heard, loved, revealed, and healed. These gifts shine and come alive not only for the artists themselves, but for the rest of us as well. Maybe this is one way the universe evolves.

A couple of years ago JD got a call from fellow songwriter, Darden Smith, who was putting together a series of retreats called "Songwriting with Soldiers." The idea was to get vets together with professional songwriters for a few days in a beautiful setting to relax, tell their true stories, and put their feelings and personal experiences into words and music.
Darden asked JD to join his team, and naturally he said yes, even though he admits that it sounded a little daunting at first. Which is a nice way of saying it scared the crap out of him. But he jumped right in with his signature open heart, and it has turned out to be a powerful life-changing experience...not only for the vets and their families, but for JD as well. This work is the real deal, profoundly raw and true, and an example of what can happen when we all show up and dive into our hearts, together.
About a week ago, as part of their series "A More Perfect Union," the CBS morning show ran an 8-minute feature about Songwriting for Soldiers called "Healing the Emotional Wounds of War through Song." We strongly recommend that you watch it here.

Army veteran Sergeant Joshua Geartz was just finishing his last tour of duty in Iraq when a bomb went off next to his truck and he suffered a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. When he returned home he was suicidal...deeply depressed by the loss of his best friend, and suffering from PTSD. His only two lifelines were his wife Lisa and his love of playing blues harmonica. He says that "Songwriting with Soldiers" saved his life. Literally.

Last fall at one of the retreats, JD wrote a song with a longtime vet who had not only lost her life partner, but her taste for joy. That one-time musical collaboration with JD has since led to her beginning to write songs on her own. She is letting go of her fear and depression. About a month ago she took her handgun into her local police station and turned it in. The officer asked, "Don't you want to sell this to someone?" and she said she'd rather just take it out of circulation.
JD leaves this Thursday for another long weekend with Songwriting with Soldiers in Arizona. Please blow him kisses on his way. He will be taking your love and support with him as he goes.

Love from Jan & JD




Easter morning on top of Aspen Mountain

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• April 21
Singing Workshop at Unity of Dallas
  Dallas, TX

• April 22
Music & Message at Unity of Dallas

  Dallas, TX

• April 24
House Concert
  Austin, TX

• April 28
House Concert
  Pilot Point, TX

• April 29
Music & Message at Harmony Fellowship of Ft. Worth
  Ft. Worth, TX

• May 18
Concert with Sue Riley at Unity Renaissance
  Chesapeake, VA     

• May 20
Music & Message at Unity Renaissance
  Chesapeake, VA

• May 20
Concert with Sue Riley at Unity of Charlottesville
  Charlottesville, VA   

• May 27
Concert with Bob Sima & Shannon Plummer
  Annapolis, MD                     

                          Singing and playing for skiers. Cold!


Stay Tuned! 

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