Vision Quests, Poloroids, Albuquerque & Columbus, OH Vision Quests, Poloroids, Albuquerque & Columbus, OH

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Vision Quests, Poloroids, New Mexico & Ohio

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...
September in the Colorado high country turns the air crisp, with bright blue skies and starry nights.  Kids are back in school, and most of the summer tourists have returned to their real lives. We've decided to give ourselves a break, and exhale.
In that spirit, we just drove 10 hours to get to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we are about to participate in a 5-day Vision Quest intensive led by our good friends Bill Plotkin and Geneen Marie Haugen, of Animas Valley Institute.  This gathering is all about seeing the Beloved everywhere, in everyone and everything. What a relief. We are looking forward to being refreshed and inspired, as we tap into our sense of adventure and good humor. For more about Vision Quests in general, and our work in particular, please visit this page on our website.
Meanwhile, we continue to work diligently on recording our Christmas/Holiday album. Things are really starting to take shape now, as more pieces of this huge sonic puzzle slide into place.  We have just added the soulful live drums of John Michel (who spends much of his time these days touring with John Oates) and several ultra tasty electric and acoustic guitar tracks by Brent Rowan, a dear old friend of JD’s, and one of the finest players ever to come out of Nashville. Harmony vocals are coming soon. It is arduous and detailed work, but such an honor to be in the midst of all this musical beauty and aliveness. We are delighted with the way things are developing.
Remember Poloroids? Those old Kodak cameras that would develop snapshots on the spot? It was like magic. My dad was a big fan. He would cram the family together, direct us to say Cheese, and take a quick photo. Then we’d all crowd around and watch the blank cream-colored photo paper as the images and colors would gradually appear out of nowhere. At first it didn't seem like anything was happening. Then vague shapes would start showing up a little bit at a time, becoming stronger and clearer, until everything finally burst into living color, perfectly true to life. Miraculous. What a thrill!
That’s how it feels with this Holiday album. We are humbled and exhilarated to be in the middle of the magic, even as we work our tails off. We’ll keep you posted and hopefully send at least one sample song in the next newsletter.
It’s a busy time, all good.  Later this month we will be singing, playing, and teaching in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And in early October we have a long weekend of musical events planned in Columbus, Ohio.  Please check our calendar for details.
Again, thanks for listening, and for supporting us and the music. Please stay tuned…..

Love from Jan & JD




Upcoming Events

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• Sept 20
    Concert in Albuquerque, NM

• Sept 21
Music & Message at Unity Spiritual Center
    Albuquerque, NM

• Sept 21
Singing Workshop at Unity Spiritual Center
    Albuquerque, NM

• Oct 3, 4 & 5
Events in Columbus, OH

• Oct 25 & 26

    Events in Lancaster, PA

Stay Tuned! 

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