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Feel Free

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....

Summertime, and the living is easy.  Maybe, like us, you’re experiencing a steady stream of wonderful out-of-town guests, fun activities, great food, goofy board games, and guerrilla croquet on the lawn. Maybe you’d rather not have to make a living or take care of personal business, but you still feel like you need to focus because you have things to do, places to go, people to be.
Let’s say (hypothetically) that you have just written a great song, and you are all excited about recording it and sending it out to your favorite listeners.  It will be fun, because it is a cool song, and it should be easy because it is a rather simple tune. 
You begin arranging and recording with enthusiasm and good humor.  Then for no good reason the computer program starts acting up.  And halfway through the lead vocal, you remember that you neglected to say no to that fabulous dairy dessert 2 nights ago.  The clog will not be dispelled.  You were hoping to sound like Bonnie Raitt, but the vocal quality is leaning more towards Miss Piggy.  The piano sound feels thin; the drums are boring.  You notice that the project is not as thrilling as you originally predicted, but you made a plan, dammit, and you are going to execute it.  (Interesting choice of word.)  So you grab the bull by the horns, set your nose to the grindstone, start paddling upstream, and continue to viciously hammer that round peg into a square hole.  And you wonder why you feel like taking a nap?
Could the timing be off?  Perhaps Mercury really is in retrograde, and you should not be signing contracts or operating heavy machinery at this particular moment.  What if you took a deep breath, let go of your self-imposed agenda, and let yourself lighten up for a little while. Sometimes the best ideas sneak in while you aren’t looking.
I recently re-discovered Stephen Nachmanovitch’s splendid book, “Free Play, Improvisation in Life and Art.”  He is a lovely heart-centered musical mischief-maker who says, “Improvisation is acceptance, in a single breath, of both transience and eternity.  Surrender means cultivating a comfortable attitude towards not-knowing.  A creative life is risky business, a delicate balance of tradition and personal freedom, a delicate balance of sticking to your guns and remaining open to change.” 

In the end, he suggests, “Every moment is precious, precisely because it is ephemeral and cannot be duplicated, retrieved, or captured….The greatest performances always elude the camera, the tape recorder, the pen. They happen in the middle of the night when the musician plays for one special friend under the moonlight, they happen in the dress rehearsal just before the play opens.  The fact that improvisation vanishes makes us appreciate that every moment of life is unique----a kiss, a sunset, a dance, a joke.  None will ever recur in quite the same way.  Each happens only once in the history of the universe.”
Wow.  A person could take that as a ponderous responsibility, but we prefer to see it as an invitation to get over ourselves and FEEL FREE to do and be whatever is most appropriate in the moment.  So we have scrapped our original idea for song-of-the-month, and are switching to this one that we wrote, and then recorded it with our dear friend and co-conspirator Ester Nicholson.  Click here to listen. (Original version appears on our Already Home album.)  And then maybe give yourself permission to mix your metaphors, change horses in mid-stream, punt, and strike while the iron is hot.  Let us know if anything inspiring emerges.
Ester has just released a wonderful new book through Hay House, “Soul Recovery, 12 Keys to Healing Addiction.”  To read more, and to purchase, please go to www.soulrecovery.org.

Keep in touch!

Love from Jan & JD




Upcoming Events

• July 24
    Interivew with radio host Kristin Powell on Unity Online Radio
    Streams live at Noon CST or archived later in the day

• August 2

    In Concert, Songwriter Series at Inn at Aspen
    Aspen, CO

• August 11
    Special Music at Genesis Global Spiritual Center
    Seattle, WA

• August 16
    House Concert in Vancouver, BC

• August 18
    Music & Message at Unity of South Sound
    Tacoma, WA

• September 1
    Music & Message at Unity of the Mountains
    Avon, CO

• September 6
    Jan & JD sing with AO Forbes, CD Release Concert
    Carbondale, CO

• September 15
    Music & Message at Unity of Fort Collins
    Fort Collins, CO

• September 29
    Music & Message at Parker Community Church of Religious Science
    Parker, CO

• October 26
    Concert to benefit Kairos: School of Spiritual Formation
    Lancaster, PA

• October 27
    Music & Message at Forest Hills Mennonite Church
    Leola, PA

Please check our calendar for all the details.  Hope to see you soon.

We are still in the process of filling in our calendar.  We would love to come to your area.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us.

Stay Tuned!



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