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Awards & Custom Songs

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
JD and I just got back from the Positive Music Awards in Tampa, which was yet another beautiful gathering of soulful musicians, songwriters, and music appreciators.

We won first place in the Relationships category for our song "I Know the Feeling by Heart," which we sent to you all in last month's newsletter.!! And "Home of the Brave," the very powerful anthem that JD wrote with Karen Drucker and David Roth, was given the prize in the Uniting category.
(As it turns out, my song "Ancestors," which I co-wrote with Melinda Allen, was also nominated in that same category.  So once again JD and I were pitted against each other in the "Uniting" category. Maybe we should talk about a special award for Biggest Irony.)
One of the main perks of attending this conference is that we get time to hang out and write with fellow singer songwriters, and we left Florida with some great new tunes which we will send to you as we get them recorded.
And....for the first time ever we wrote a custom song! We had been staying for a few days with our friends Roxanne and Carolyn, and one day over the breakfast table they told us how they first met on a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. It was such a great love story, and the images were so fresh and alive that it just begged to be turned into a song...something tailor-made especially for them.

So, the Song Angels showed up inside my head and started giving me ideas for lyrics and a fun groove. I spent the day in my-by-now-very-familiar alpha brain wave state, listening to rhythms and rhymes and trying to make sense of the mental images while everybody else was chatting amiably and looking for sea shells on the beach.
Later that night I called JD into the bedroom so he could secretly help with chords and melody, and by the next morning we had a song. (PS....not all tunes come together this quickly, but this one obviously had a mind of its own.) Our dear friend Marcy Baruch easily found the high harmony.

The next morning we surprised Roxanne & Carolyn with this very ragged but enthusiastic version of their new tune, "Under the Waterfall." Of course they freaked out and laughed and cried, and then put it out on Facebook where it has by now gotten well over 1,000 hits from their friends and family.

They say that it was the gift of a lifetime for them, and will no doubt only grow more precious as time goes by.   Click here to watch the video.   And download lyrics here.
We know that many other songwriter friends have been happily and successful doing creative commissions like this for years. So now we are throwing our hat into the ring.
Maybe you have a special anniversary or birthday coming up?  Or you might possibly want to honor a dear friend or family member (or maybe even yourself) with a personal custom-made song. If the idea interests you please get in touch with us, and we can talk about details:
In the meantime, aren't we all glad that spring is on the way? Please keep in touch....

Love from Jan & JD




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Stay Tuned! 

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