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Music, Ghost Towns, & Eclipses

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
JD and I will be in northern California at the end of this month, and at Columbine Spiritual Center in Boulder the weekend of August 19 & 20.  Please see our calendar page for complete details.
We have been busy writing and recording new tunes this summer, some with dear songwriter friends of ours....and some just because the song angels ambushed us in the middle of the night, which is not as weird as it sounds. The results are always gratifying.
But the biggest thrill this month will come on August 21 when we will travel to the historic ghost town and former iron mine of Sunrise, Wyoming to see the (drum roll) Total Solar Eclipse of 2017!!  It is incredibly soothing to our souls to know that this rare and awesome event does not require bi-partisan support, and will happen regardless of anyone's opinion about it.
The "path of totality" of this eclipse (only 70 miles wide) snakes from Oregon, across the mid-section of the U.S., to South Carolina. This means that if you get to just the right place, at exactly the right time, the moon will come between the earth and the sun, and you will be plunged into complete and utter darkness for approximately 2 minutes and 22 seconds. In the middle of the day! Apparently, the birds stop singing, the temperature drops, and you can even see the nighttime stars. This has got to be an unimaginable and awe-inspiring flip of ordinary perception, a majestic wake-up call from the cosmos.
In my ideal scenario, JD and I would witness the event quietly, solemnly, on a remote mountain top, or possibly in a lovely aspen grove in the hushed and hidden company of a few friendly woodland creatures. If there had to be other people around I would personally prefer a small group of respectful monks, the kind who took a vow of silence years ago.  (Note to self: Dream on.....)

On average, a solar eclipse takes place somewhere on the earth's surface every 18 months, but rarely crosses densely populated areas. When it does, it's a big deal. A whole lot of people will be wanting to get in on the magic. Many many many people, tons of people.
Possibly including YOU. For scientific details on this year's eclipse, please see Xavier Jubier's Interactive Google Map, if only because how can you not check out someone named Xavier Jubier.
I found one particular spot, 27 miles northeast of Scottsbluff, NE, where it looked like you could just drive up a country road and be right in the path of totality, no fuss, no big deal. Then I realized that I probably wasn't the only geek doing this research, and that this humble 2-lane highway could turn out to be as crazy and crowded as the New Jersey turnpike at peak rush hour traffic. What if tempers flare?
So that's how we settled on Sunrise. Camping turned out to be much cheaper than coughing up $750 to $1,000 per night for a cheesy motel room in the area. The website first described the campsites as "quaint," but they seem to have replaced that description with "spacious, scenic, dry camping."  As far as I can tell this means you are assigned a plot of dirt, and given access to a nice porta-potty. They throw in official eclipse viewing glasses for free.
But this festive event in Sunrise, which begins 5 days before the actual eclipse, also offers:  A Paleo-Indian archeological dig, a holding tank trail hike, whatever that is, wool-spinning and flint-napping demonstrations (?), ice cream floats & chile nachos (always a great combination), a duck race where you can purchase a "quack pack" for only $25, and square dance lessons taught and called by Lucky Kochenower, and I am not making this up.
I have spent decades casually downplaying my small-town Colorado roots, my Dad's conservative politics, the folksy Larimer County Fair, and all those dear people who faithfully showed up there every year with prize-winning cattle, giant pumpkins, and the world's best rhubarb pies. Now it looks like we might all come together again, only we'll all be a lot older....and their kids will have tattoos and be riding motorcycles. JD and I might break out our Tony Lama boots so that we can meet everyone in the middle on August 21 in Sunrise, Wyoming.
Even if it's cloudy or rainy on the morning of the eclipse, this deeply American experience will be worth it. If we get a song out of it, we'll let you know.  Happy eclipsing!
In the meantime, thanks for staying tuned.

Love from JD & Jan




Upcoming Events

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• August 19 & 20
  Singing Workshop on Saturday
  Special Music on Sunday at Columbine Spiritual Center
  Boulder, CO

• August 26 & 27
  Heart of the Vision Quest Workshop on Saturday

  Music & Message at Spiritual Life Center
  Sacramento, CA

• August 31
  House Concert in Santa Rosa, CA  SOLD OUT!

• September 1
  House Concert in Sacramento, CA

• September 3
  Music & Message at Unity of Davis
  Davis, CA

• September 28
Concert at Basalt Library
  Basalt, CO



Wyoming fence line

Stay Tuned! 

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