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Expecting the Best

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....

Greetings from England!  JD and I are here for 10 days at the invitation of daughter Becky and her husband Matt, who live in London now, and are expecting a baby girl around Thanksgiving. This is a lovely time-out for us, a sweet pause in our normal blaze of activity to be with our family and enjoy the richness of connection and creation close up. 

One of my favorite children’s books is “Charlotte’s Web.” When my daughters were little I wrote the songs for one of their school’s spring musical production of that story. (Here’s a tune I wrote for Charlotte to sing to Wilbur the pig as they are just becoming friends, a wise commentary on the responsibilities that come with having special talents…..Weaving a Web.)
There is a lovely chapter in the book about springtime on the farm, when everything feels new and the flowers are just coming into bloom. There is an air of happy expectancy when everybody knows that all the little animal babies are on the way, but have not quite arrived yet. We think it applies to creative projects too.
The author, E.B. White, says,

“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.”   

Bodiam Castle

It felt strange at first for JD and I to leave home with our CD recording project so close to being finished, but not quite done. Now we see that it might actually be good that we’re taking this break so we can listen again with fresh ears before putting the final touches on the new album once we get back to the States next weekend.
Maybe it’s true that you once you’ve put in all the work you can up front, you have to leave things alone in order for them to ripen properly.
Hopefully, by the time you get our next newsletter in October, we will have the finished product ready and available for all of you.
Thanks, as always, and love from 
Jan & JD



Jan_JD_Hastings House

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•  October 9
    Special Music at Center for Spiritual Living Colorado      
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•  October 14 & 15
    Keynote Presentations at Great Lakes Regional Music
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    Cincinnati, OH

•  October 16
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•  October 23
    Music & Message at Foothills Center for Spiritual Living
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Stay Tuned!


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