"Dearly Beloved" in Scotland "Dearly Beloved" in Scotland

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"Dearly Beloved" in Scotland

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
This newsletter is all about gratitude and appreciation, and the humbling realization that our lives continue to evolve in ways we might never have conceived of on our own.
JD and I will be taking a break for a couple of weeks, traveling to Scotland for our daughter Becky’s wedding, where we will be singing, exploring castles, and playing croquet on the lawn of an 18th century castle (if we don’t get rained out.  Apparently it rains 50% of the time in Scotland.)  We are taking our collapsible Eddie Bauer umbrellas.
If anyone would have suggested, 2 or 3 years ago, that either of our girls would be getting married in a real castle outside of Edinburgh I would have thought Yeah, sure, great fun, why not?  But I don’t think I would have pictured it actually happening, mostly because it was outside my realm of possibility.  It’s not that I couldn’t imagine it, but it just never occurred to me to consider that there would be any reason to imagine it.

But kids have a way of living their own lives and having their own dreams, which they are imminently capable of bringing to fruition, without any effort on our part. What a wonder, and also what a gigantic relief. These girls are smarter, stronger, and more imaginative than I am.  Also younger.  JD and I are honored and delighted to be cheering them on, and riding on their coattails as Becky begins a new marriage in the UK, and Annie heads off to teach at an international school in Dubai.
Seeds were probably being planted for all these adventures long ago, but I had no idea about details at the time.  When I think about it, this kind of twinkly set-up probably happens all the time for each of us, but maybe we’re not always awake or aware enough to recognize the magic as it arises. It’s an extension of the Pronoia theory (the opposite of Paranoia)….Whether we know it or not, everything is conspiring for our good.  Apparently, it’s one of the ways that the universe evolves.

Twelve years ago, seemingly by accident, I was inspired to write a Celtic wedding song.  I didn’t know any actual Celts at the time, nor had I ever traveled to Ireland or Scotland, except in books, movies, and fairy tales.  But I have always loved that lilting and soulful style of music, probably because my ancestry is saturated with it. (Also, when the Muse arrives with a good idea for a tune, you don’t question her.) So I just dived deep into my DNA for the music, and then added a lyrical wedding blessing that made me cry. I figured that somewhere down the line, that song would come in handy.

And now, just at the perfect time, it shows up again. Here it is:  “Dearly Beloved.”  As we head out for our adventures in Scotland it is our pleasure to leave you with the old Celtic blessing: Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!

Love from Jan & JD



Family in Edinburgh

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• July 4
    Our daughter Becky is getting married.  In Scotland!  In a Castle!!
    (JD will not be wearing a kilt.)  Stay tuned for photos. 

• August 29
    House Concert, Portland, OR

• August 30
    Music & Message at Unity of Portland    
    Portland, OR

• September 6
    Music & Message at Unity of Kent   
    Kent, WA

• October 4
    Music & Message at Unity of Portland
    Portland, OR

Jan and JD with bagpiper

Stay Tuned!


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