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May Newsletter....Easy

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...
Spring at last!. You know that wonderful old jazz standard Summertime? “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy….?”  We’ve decided to move the starting date up a month or so. It’s been a long winter. 
What a relief. Here in Colorado new life is budding out everywhere in the natural world. There is ample evidence of sanity, aliveness, and well-being…an awake awareness at the center of evolution that absolutely will find a way. I can trust it. When I tune in to who I really am, it’s EASY.
Which is fortunate, because I have recently become aware (through personal circumstances too cheesy to mention) of the flip side: A vestigial counter-impulse in myself that enjoys scaring the crap out of me, is drawn to disaster, and (here come the jungle drums) warns of unknown horrors lurking everywhere. It likes to lecture me in a stern voice (maybe my dad’s?) that life is hard and that I had better toe the line (now it really does sound like my dad) so that I might cobble together an advantage in this dog-eat-dog world. It warns me to be on the defensive, and punish myself for every mis-step, because then I’ll learn from the pain. It’s for my own good. 

I know that the voice means well. It is probably a survival instinct that wants me to be aware of danger so I can learn a lesson and not go that way again. But this ancient masochistic voice also seems to enjoy re-playing my daily failures, especially the most devastating embarrassments, over and over in my head. So, fine, I check the circumstances, see what I did wrong, and devise a do-able plan to correct it in the future. I learn my lesson. Done, right?  Wrong. Here comes the damp sweaty soap opera again, and I suffer through it one more time complete with garish sensory special effects.  
Maybe I could learn to change the channel.
Example #1: We are singing for an audience of 100 people. 99 of them are happily engaged in the music and the message, laughing and crying at all the right places, hearts wide open. And then there is one grumpy old guy who keeps frowning and looking at his watch. Our attention is inevitably drawn to him, like a bad smell. We immediately assume we’ve done something wrong, that it’s our fault. Maybe so. Or maybe he just has a sour stomach and is looking at his watch, hoping his medication will kick in soon. Either way, we should do what we can and then move on. A 99% success rate is pretty commendable.
Example #2: We are in the kitchen. Somebody opens the fridge and says “I think this milk has gone bad.” We all gather round, saying, “Eeuuww, let me taste it.”  

#3: Sometimes one of my little kid students will make a silly mistake on the piano.  They say, “Oh wow, did you see that?” And then they repeat the exact same mistake again, on purpose, just to show me how dumb that was.  
Esther Hicks has recently said that we are never more than one good night’s sleep from starting over again, fresh. It’s a natural re-set button. We really don’t have to pick up and re-hash all our old troubles. What a revolutionary idea.
I don’t mean to discount or ignore all the very real problems and horrors of the outer world, or the deep human suffering that breaks us down so that we can break through. But I do like the idea of tuning up my own world from the inside out, relaxing into a much bigger aliveness, like the unseen power and intelligence inside an acorn that knows how to grow into an oak tree.
Our song, Easy (written with Karen Drucker), says, “All this struggle is so insane, I’ve been trying too hard to ease my pain. The slightest shift could be the change.”
“I come to my senses, never too late, this life is a gift to celebrate. There’s an open secret in the breeze at dawn…Love’s been the answer all along. It’s easy. Let it go, let it go, watching the river flow.”

Love from Jan & JD




Upcoming Events

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• May 11
    Music & Message at Unity of the Mountains
    Avon, CO

• June 29

    Special Music by JD at Unity of Roanoke Valley
    Roanoke, VA

• July 13
    Music & Message at Creative Spiritual Center
    Greeley, CO

•  July 27
    Music & Message at Columbine Unity
    Boulder, CO

•  July 27
    Concert at Columbine Unity

•  August 3
    Music & Message at Unity of Bellevue
    Bellevue, WA

•  August 10
    Special Music at Center for Spiritual Living Seattle
    Seattle, WA


Stay Tuned! 

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