N. Calif and Open Invitation N. Calif and Open Invitation

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Open Invitation

Dear Friends, Fans & Family...

Happy Groundhogs’ Day. What happens if the pink flamingo sees her shadow?

We are happy to announce that we will be traveling SOON to Northern California, Florida & Texas. Please check our calendar for details.

In the meantime, JD and I both admit that we are slightly relieved to be leaving the doldrums of January behind. Not that the absence of frantic over-activity hasn’t been a nice change of pace. But it can be challenging for us over-achievers to slow down and take a much-needed break without feeing guilty, bored, or anxious. I personally tend to get a little twitchy after a couple of weeks. (I’m sure none of this applies to you.)
Apparently Mercury is in retrograde at the moment. Humanity is counseled to quit pushing for external results and look within for rest and rejuvenation, comfort and guidance, at least until Feb. 11.  I’m sure this is great advice, but I ‘m reluctant to lose the momentum I already have going on with my whining.
Maybe it’s just the American goal-oriented mentality, the insistence on constant productivity. (Or I guess it could also be a teeny bit too much caffeine) but after a few weeks of the mid-winter blahs, I notice that I’m searching around for the next brilliant obsession to capture my attention. Downton Abbey has lost its luster, and I can’t seem to muster much enthusiasm for my personal drama.
It’s not as though we haven’t been here before. There are ups and downs in everything. And I‘ve learned from experience that a little humor, kindness, and compassion can go a long way in helping navigate these fallow times gracefully. I know that, right?
But I’m already invested in my own suffering, so I allow my inner critic to stalk my night dreams, demanding some sort of meaningful output. She is disappointed in me. I should be constantly busy starring in my own movie, an academy-award-winning leading lady surrounded by a brilliant cast of thousands. I agree that a big production would definitely spark up my winter, but I can’t seem to get the emotional & psychic funding together. My plot wears thin. I need a make-up consultant. I have become my own B-Movie.

This is when the voice of sanity interrupts and suggests that maybe I could do a little meditation. Hahahaha, this annoys the crap out of me because it is so true and I am so busted. After all these years I am still capable of overlooking the obvious.
I’m pretty sure that a person doesn’t have to be fatally whacked in order to benefit from meditation. You can already be perfectly in tune and still have room for even more bliss. It doesn’t cost anything, and you never lose points or get yelled at for having been a total slacker. It’s always an Open Invitation.
We wrote a fun song about this very thing a few years ago, which you can listen to by clicking here.
In the meantime, please stay tuned for more news about the Positive Music Awards, coming up at the end of February in Tampa, Florida. Three of our new songs have been nominated! Whether we win or not it will be a blast getting to hang out with all our songwriter friends for a few days in the sun. You’re welcome to join us. For info about the festivities click here.
Thanks for keeping in touch.

Love from Jan & JD



Snow Flamingo

Upcoming Events

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• February 8
    Music & Message at Unity of Tri-Valley, Dublin, CA

• February 13
    Valentine's Concert at CCC Tiburon, Tiburon, CA

• February 15
    Music & Message at CCC Tiburon, Tiburon, CA

• February 26 - March 2
    Positive Music Festival, Tampa, FL

• March 1
    Music & Message at Unity of St Petersburg, St Petersburg,         FL

• March 21

    House concert in Austin, TX

• March 22
    Music & Message at Unity of Wimberly, Wimberly, TX

• March 29
    Music & Message at Unity of Arlington, Arlington, TX

Stay Tuned!


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