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Visioning For The New Year

Dear Friends, Fans & Family....
Happy New Year, a week late. We hope that you are getting off to a good start, wherever you are. We send you the very best from snowy Colorado!
Looks like we are all headed in to a wild and challenging year, at least politically, here in the US of A. Without actually naming and freaking out about all the horrific details of what's happening in Washington and around the world, JD and I agree that this moment in history is an opportunity for all of us, individually and collectively, to show up as much as possible with our gifts and talents blazing, offering the very best of ourselves to the world, in whatever ways are the smartest and most appropriate. If you need a little musical inspiration, here's our song once again, "Do The Right Thing."
Of course, it's clear to us that meditation and deep spiritual practice lie at the heart of all aligned right action. Every time JD and I get on a plane we hear the flight attendants say, "In case of an emergency, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling.  Be sure to secure your OWN mask before helping anyone else."  That's step #1. Then we do step #1 again, over and over again......
Some of you may already be signed up for the Women's Marches, scheduled in cities around the country for Saturday, January 21.  In preparation for these, and future outpourings of heart, sanity, and solidarity....separately and together....we are offering all of you this free audio Visioning session.  Click here to listen. This inspirational inter-active 30 minute meditation is based on Michael Bernard Beckwith's pioneering work in the field, and JD's and my experience with the Vision Quest as wilderness rites of passage.
All instructions are included in the recording. Have a pen and paper ready. You can relax and enjoy this loving and potent wake-up call as our gift to you. Please use it freely and often, and pass it along to anyone else you think might be interested....Men, women, children, and anyone in between.
We will be in Southern California for 2 weeks at the end of this month, especially looking forward to playing & singing at Agape International Spiritual Center, our home community, on Wed. January 25.  Please go to our Calendar page for specifics on upcoming events.
February is Positive Music Awards month, and we will be in Tampa for all the festivities, February 23-27.  JD and I will both be teaching at the Totally Cool Songwriting School, February 27th.  For more information, and to sign up, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Thanks for keeping in touch in the meantime.

Love from Jan & JD



Peace For The New Year
Upcoming Events

Click here for details of all upcoming events

• January 22   
   Music & Message at Unity of the Oaks
   Thousand Oaks, CA
• January 25   
   Special Music at Agape International Spiritual Center
   Culver City, CA
• January 29    
   Music & Message at Unity of Santa Barbara
   Santa Barbara, CA
• February 19    
   Special Music at Unity of Venice
   Venice, FL
   Singing workshop on Saturday, Feb 18
• February 23-27 
   Postive Music Festival
   Tampa, FL
   Two of our songs have been nominated for the awards on Sunday
• February 26   
   Music & Message at Unity of North Tampa
   Tampa, FL
 • March 19    
   Music & Message at 1st Congregational Church of Sonoma
   Sonoma, CA
• March 26  
  Music & Message at Community Congregational Church
  Tiburon, CA

Stay Tuned! 

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