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May 2018 - ABFAS Newsletter
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Who brought the books?











Who brought the books?






What a Wonderful World


Upcoming Events

Three Sides Water

Fri May 4  Leavenworth Library    6:30 PM
Presentation   FREE!
Sat May 5   A Book For All Seasons   1:00 - 3:00 PM
Book Signing  FREE!


With Three Sides Water "Peter Donahue has produced a rare animal: three stories that flourish as separate novels and also succeed as a single book. He deftly details a primitive coastline, a juvenile detention center, and the modern I-5 corridor... with a remarkable honesty and care...thoroughly compelling" —(Bruce Holbert, award-winning author) 

Award-winning Donahue, recipient of the Langum Prize for American Historical Fiction, is also the author of other novels and collections and a columnist for Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History, published by the Washington State Historical Society.

FC9781932010985           FC9781877655661

A River Captured

Mon May 7  A Book For All Seasons   2:00 - 4:00 PM
Book Signing  FREE!
Tues May 8   Wenatchee Museum    7:00 PM
Presentation --with Tribes and PUD--   FREE!


Pearkes offers an engaging travelogue of the life-blood river in our own backyard. A River Captured surveys important history, asking who owns water? How should water be valued? And can hydro-electric systems be managed for fisheries and other ecosystem values as well as for affordable energy?


Washington Poet Laureate

Tues May 15  A Book For All Seasons   3:00 - 5:00 PM
Book Signing  FREE!


An exciting opportunity to visit with our Poet Laureate. Claudia Castro Luna has served as Seattle’s Civic Poet, and is the author of Killing Marías and This City, and the creator of Seattle Poetic Grid (, an interactive poetic cartography of the city. Castro Luna's precise and eloquent studies of the unexamined places, moments, and voices are celebration, investigation, and exhortation all in one. 


Bird Guru

Fri May 18   Red Tail Canyon Farm 4:30 to 6:00 PM
Social and Book Signing  $35
Sat May 19   Snowy Owl Theater 7:00 PM
Presentation $25


There are 47 million birdwatchers. But there is only one David Sibley. 

He knows every North American bird: by its shade, by its tilt, by its habitat, by its male, female, and juvenile plumages. Sibley painstakingly draws what he sees in the field—900 species for his most recent field guide—first in pencil and then in gouache paints. 

His authoritative, widely praised guides include The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior, The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America, The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, Hawks in Flight, and Sibley's Birding Basics. All together he has sold more than 1.75 million copies of his books. 

FC9780307957924       FC9780395709597      FC9780307957900

Uplake and Guts

Ana Maria Spagna and Janet Buttenwieser
Fri May 18 Leavenworth Library    6:30 PM
Presentation   FREE!

Janet Buttenwieser
Sat May 19   A Book For All Seasons   1:00 - 3:00 PM
Book Signing  FREE!


Uplake: Restless Essays of Coming and Going: "...her essay was sharp and blunt and had mud and sawdust in it. I remember that. I learned from her essay, yes, but it wasn’t just information; I could smell the place she was writing about, I could feel her sinewy flinty impatient passion for it.” –Brian Doyle 

Guts: “Blunt, eloquent, piercing, honest, witty, heartaching, startlingly funny, and beautifully, refreshingly unique. Can you read a book about pain while grinning and trying not to cry and not being able to think of a single book that’s anything like it? Yup. This one. Guts.” — Brian Doyle

FC9781925417647           FC9780295743226   FC9780295742748

Good Dog

Sat May 26   A Book For All Seasons   1:00 - 3:00 PM
Book Signing  FREE!


Celebrate Spring with a Dan Gemeinhart book signing! Middle-grade readers will love newly released Good Dog; new in paperback Scar Island; and the rest of Dan's award-winning, action-packed adventures.

FC9781338053883       FC9781338053852      FC9780545665742

June 22  Leavenworth Library  6:30 PM
Presentation   FREE!


Enjoy a fun and lively discussion as Kay Kenyon, author of the Dark Talents series, moderates a discussion with Bill Johnson, a playwright and presenter on writing craft, and award-winning gamelit / fantasy author Anthea Sharp.

FC9780967393278    FC9781680130836    FC9780692024140      


What a Wonderful World


ABFAS Recommends: New Releases

By award-winning, best-selling Luis Alberto Urrea, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, PEN/Faulkner finalist, and winner of the Lannan, Edgar, and American Academy of Arts and Letters Awards; author of The Devil's Highway, Into the Beautiful North, and many other works.

"Brilliant . . . Exceptional . . . The House of Broken Angels hums with joy." --NPR 

"Epic . . . Rambunctious . . . Highly entertaining." --New York Times Book Review 

In his final days ailing patriarch 'Big Angel' summons his entire clan for one last legendary birthday party. But as the party approaches, his mother, nearly one hundred, dies herself, leading to a farewell doubleheader in a single weekend. 

"All we do, mija, is love. Love is the answer. Nothing stops it. Not borders. Not death." 

Among the guests is Big Angel's half brother, known as Little Angel, who must reckon with the truth that although he shares a father with his siblings, he has not, as a half gringo, shared a life. 

Across two bittersweet days in their San Diego neighborhood, the revelers recount the many inspiring tales that have passed into family lore, the acts both ordinary and heroic that brought these citizens to a fraught and sublime country and allowed them to flourish in the land they have come to call home. 

The story of the de La Cruzes is the quintessential American story. This indelible portrait of a complex family reminds us of what it means to be the first generation and to live two lives across one border. It takes us into a world we have not known, while reflecting back the hopes and dreams of our own families. 

Teeming with brilliance and humor, authentic at every turn, The House of Broken Angels is Luis Alberto Urrea at his best, and cements his reputation as a storyteller of the first rank.

By New York Times Notable author Richard Powers, winner of the National Book Award, Pushcart, PEN/Faulkner, Lannan, Ambassador, Vursell, and Dos Passos, and many other Prizes, and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, Carnegie Medal; author of twelve novels.

"This ambitious novel soars up through the canopy of American literature and remakes the landscape of environmental fiction." -- The Washington Post (read the review here)

A sweeping, impassioned novel of activism and resistance that is also a stunning evocation of--and paean to--the natural world. 

From the roots to the crown and back to the seeds, The Overstory unfolds in concentric rings of interlocking fables that range from antebellum New York to the late twentieth-century Timber Wars of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, exploring the essential conflict on this planet: the one taking place between humans and nonhumans. 

There is a world alongside ours--vast, slow, interconnected, resourceful, magnificently inventive, and almost invisible to us. This is the story of a handful of people who learn how to see that world and who are drawn up into its unfolding catastrophe. The Overstory is a book for all readers who despair of humanity's self-imposed separation from the rest of creation and who hope for the transformative, regenerating possibility of a homecoming. 

If the trees of this earth could speak, what would they tell us? "Listen. There's something you need to hear."

From twice National Book Award-nominated Rachel Kushner, whose Flamethrowers was called "the best, most brazen, most interesting book of the year" by New York Magazine

A spectacularly compelling, heart-stopping novel about a life gone off the rails in contemporary America. 

Romy Hall killed a man. This is a fact. The man she killed was stalking her. This is also a fact, but, as far as the jury was concerned, the first fact mattered more than the second. That’s why she’s serving two life sentences at Stanville Women’s Correctional Facility in California’s Central Valley. 

Romy soon learns that life in prison is, in many respects, like her former life working at the Mars Room, a down-market strip club in San Francisco. The fight for dominance among the powerless looks much the same anywhere, Romy explains.

Outside is the San Francisco of Romy's youth and her young son. Inside: thousands of women hustling for the bare essentials needed to survive; the bluffing and pageantry and casual acts of violence by guards and prisoners alike; and the deadpan absurdities of institutional living, which Kushner evokes with great humor and precision. 

Stunning and unsentimental, audacious and tragic, propulsive and yet beautifully refined. 

Kushner's fiction "succeeds because it is so full of vibrantly different stories and histories, all of them particular, all of them brilliantly alive." -- The New Yorker

ABFAS Recommends: Now in Paperback

Another National Book Award Winner from two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward. Also a New York Times bestseller, New York Times Top 10 Book of the Year, and a finalist for the Kirkus Prize and Andrew Carnegie Medal.

Majestic, stirring, and widely praised; a timeless work of fiction destined to become a classic. 

An intimate portrait of three generations of a family and an epic tale of hope and struggle.

Jojo is thirteen years old and trying to understand what it means to be a man. He doesn't lack in fathers to study, chief among them his black grandfather, Pop. But there are other men who complicate his understanding: his absent white father, Michael, who is being released from prison; his absent white grandfather, Big Joseph, who won't acknowledge his existence; and the memories of his dead black uncle, Given, who died as a teenager. 

His mother, Leonie, is an inconsistent presence in his and his toddler sister's lives. She is an imperfect mother in constant conflict with herself and those around her. She wants to be a better mother but can't put her children above her own needs. Simultaneously tormented and comforted by visions of her dead brother, Leonie is embattled. When the children's father is released from prison, Leonie packs her kids and a friend into her car and drives north to the heart of Mississippi and Parchman Farm, the State Penitentiary. 

At Parchman, there is another thirteen-year-old boy, the ghost of a dead inmate who carries all of the ugly history of the South with him in his wandering. He too has something to teach Jojo about fathers and sons, about legacies, about violence, about love. 

Rich with Ward's distinctive, lyrical language, Sing, Unburied, Sing is a majestic and unforgettable family story and "an odyssey through rural Mississippi's past and present" -- The Philadelphia Inquirer

A "tour de force" -- O, the Oprah Magazine

Another New York Times bestseller from Lisa See, winner of numerous awards, published in 39 countries, and author of a dozen acclaimed novels including Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Peony in Love, Shanghai Girls, and Dreams of Joy.

“An extraordinary homage to unconditional love.” -- Booklist

In their remote mountain village, Li-yan and her family align their lives around the seasons and the farming of tea. For the Akha people, ensconced in ritual and routine, life goes on as it has for generations--until a stranger appears at the village gate in a jeep, the first automobile any of the villagers has ever seen. 

The stranger's arrival marks the first entrance of the modern world in the lives of the Akha people. Slowly, Li-yan, one of the few educated girls on her mountain, begins to reject the customs that shaped her early life. When she has a baby out of wedlock--conceived with a man her parents consider a poor choice--she rejects the tradition that would compel her to give the child over to be killed, and instead leaves her, wrapped in a blanket with a cake of rare tea tucked in its folds, near an orphanage in a nearby city. 

As Li-yan comes into herself, leaving her insular village for an education, a business, and city life, her daughter, Haley, is raised in California. Despite her privileged childhood, Haley wonders about her origins. Across the ocean Li-yan longs for her lost daughter. Over the course of years, each searches for meaning in the study of Pu'er, the tea that has shaped their family's destiny for centuries. 

A powerful story of circumstance, culture, and distance, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane paints an unforgettable portrait of a little-known region and its people and celebrates the unbreakable connection between mothers and daughters.

ABFAS Recommends: New NonFiction

Signed First Edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller by Madeleine Albright, one of America's most admired public servants, the first woman to serve as U.S. secretary of state.

A personal and urgent examination of Fascism in the twentieth century and how its legacy shapes today's world.

A Fascist, observes Madeleine Albright, "is someone who claims to speak for a whole nation or group, is utterly unconcerned with the rights of others, and is willing to use violence and whatever other means are necessary to achieve the goals he or she might have." 

The twentieth century was defined by the clash between democracy and Fascism, a struggle that created uncertainty about the survival of human freedom and left millions dead. Given the horrors of that experience, one might expect the world to reject the spiritual successors to Hitler and Mussolini should they arise in our era. In Fascism: A Warning, Madeleine Albright draws on her experiences as a child in war-torn Europe and her distinguished career as a diplomat to question that assumption. 

Fascism, as she shows, not only endured through the twentieth century but now presents a more virulent threat to peace and justice than at any time since the end of World War II. The momentum toward democracy that swept the world when the Berlin Wall fell has gone into reverse. The United States, which historically championed the free world, is led by a president who exacerbates division and heaps scorn on democratic institutions. In many countries, economic, technological, and cultural factors are weakening the political center and empowering the extremes of right and left. Contemporary leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un are employing many of the tactics used by Fascists in the 1920s and 30s. 

Fascism: A Warning is a book for our times that is relevant to all times. Written by someone who has not only studied history but helped to shape it, this call to arms teaches us the lessons we must understand and the questions we must answer if we are to save ourselves from repeating the tragic errors of the past.

-- Bill Gates' Pick --

The instant NYT bestseller from award-winning, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University; named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World Today.

"My new favorite book of all time." --Bill Gates 

If you think the world is coming to an end, think again: people are living longer, healthier, freer, and happier lives, and while our problems are formidable, solutions lie in Enlightenment ideals: reason and science. 

In this elegant assessment of the human condition in the third millennium, cognitive scientist Steven Pinker urges us to step back from the gory headlines and prophecies of doom, which play to our psychological biases. Instead, follow the data: In seventy-five jaw-dropping graphs, Pinker shows that life, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on the rise, not just in the West, but worldwide. Reason and science can enhance human flourishing. Far from being a naive hope, the Enlightenment, we now know, can work. But more than ever, it needs a vigorous defense. 

The Enlightenment project swims against currents of tribalism, authoritarianism, demonization, and magical thinking--which demagogues are all too willing to exploit. The Enlightenment remains vulnerable to corrosive fatalism, or a willingness to wreck the precious institutions of democracy and global cooperation. 

With intellectual depth and literary flair, Enlightenment Now makes the case for reason, science, and humanism: the ideals we need to confront our problems and continue our progress.

ABFAS Recommends: NonFiction Now in Paperback

From award-winning Ana Maria Spagna, three-time finalist for the Washington State Book Award, and winner of the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize. Spagna is the author of a young adult novel The Luckiest Scar on Earth and six works of nonfiction including Reclaimers and Test Ride on the Sunnyland Bus.

“I have never wielded a chainsaw, brined an elk steak, chased a wildfire or even spent a night in a tent, but I loved and devoured every sentence of Ana Maria Spagna’s Uplake.” – Elena Passarello

"...her essay was sharp and blunt and had mud and sawdust in it.. I learned from her essay, yes, but it wasn’t just information; I could smell the place she was writing about, I could feel her sinewy flinty impatient passion for it.” –Brian Doyle

For many years, Ana Maria Spagna has stayed put, mostly, in a small mountain valley at the head of a glacier-carved lake. You're so lucky to live there, people say. She is lucky. But she is also restless. In Uplake she takes road trips, flies to distant cities, fantasizes about other people's lives, and then returns home again to muse on rootedness, yearning, commitment, ambition, wonder, and love. 

These engaging, reflective essays celebrate the richness of it all: winter floods and summer fires, the roar of a chainsaw and a fiddle in the wilderness, long hikes and open-water swims, an injured bear, a lost wedding ring, and a tree in the middle of a river. 

Uplake reminds us to love what we have while encouraging us to still imagine what we want.

ABFAS Recommends New Teen Fiction

This  instant #1 New York Times bestseller with five starred reviews by Tomi Adeyemi has already landed a movie deal! The first in the Children of Orisha trilogy.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

FC9781250170972Tomi Adeyemi's West African-inspired fantasy debut conjures a world of magic and danger. 

They killed my mother. 
They took our magic. 
They tried to bury us. 
Now we rise. 

Z lie Adebola remembers when the soil of Or sha hummed with magic. Burners ignited flames, Tiders beckoned waves, and Z lie's Reaper mother summoned forth souls. But everything changed the night magic disappeared. Under the orders of a ruthless king, maji were killed, leaving Z lie without a mother and her people without hope. 

Now Z lie has one chance to bring back magic and strike against the monarchy. With the help of a rogue princess, Z lie must outwit and outrun the crown prince, who is hell-bent on eradicating magic for good. 

Danger lurks in Or sha, where snow leoponaires prowl and vengeful spirits wait in the waters. Yet the greatest danger may be Z lie herself as she struggles to control her powers and her growing feelings for an enemy.

 "A phenomenon." --Entertainment Weekly 

"The epic I've been waiting for." --NYT-bestselling author Marie Lu 

"You will be changed. You will be ready to rise up and reclaim your own magic " --NYT-bestselling author Dhonielle Clayton

From award-winning, internationally bestselling Gayle Forman, author of several bestselling novels for young adults, including the #1 New York Times bestseller If I Stay, which has been translated into more than 40 languages and  adapted into a major motion picture.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

A fateful accident draws three strangers together over the course of a single day: 
Freya who has lost her voice while recording her debut album. 
Harun who is making plans to run away from everyone he has ever loved. 
Nathaniel who has just arrived in New York City with a backpack, a desperate plan, and nothing left to lose. 

As the day progresses, their secrets start to unravel and they begin to understand that the way out of their own loss might just lie in helping the others out of theirs. 

A cathartic story of losing love, finding love, and discovering the person you are meant to be.

"A beautifully written love song to every young person who has ever moved through fear and found themselves on the other side." -- Jacqueline Woodson, bestselling author of Brown Girl Dreaming

ABFAS Recommends: For Middle Grades

From Newbery Medal winning, NYT bestselling Kwame Alexander, author of 25 books and recipient of numerous awards including Coretta Scott King, Lee Bennett Hopkins, and Charlotte Huck Honors. Alexander is a poet, educator, co-founder of an International literacy program, host and producer of the talk show Bookish, and the Founding Editor of Versify. 

Recommended for ages 10 to 14

This dynamic novel in verse is a prequel to Alexander's Newbery Medal Winner Crossover

Before Josh and Jordan Bell were streaking up and down the court, their father was learning his own moves. In this prequel to The Crossover, Chuck Bell takes center stage, as readers get a glimpse of his childhood and how he became the jazz music worshiping, basketball star his sons look up to. 

A novel in verse with all the impact and rhythm readers have come to expect from Kwame Alexander, Rebound visits the childhood of Chuck "Da Man" Bell during one pivotal summer when young Charlie is sent to stay with his grandparents where he discovers basketball and learns more about his family's past.

-- Now in Paperback! --

A 2018 Pura Belpre Honor Book from Pablo Cartaya, author of forth-coming Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Save the restaurant. Save the town. Get the girl. Make Abuela proud. 

Can thirteen-year-old Arturo Zamora do it all or is he in for a BIG, EPIC FAIL? 

For Arturo, summertime in Miami means playing basketball until dark, sipping mango smoothies, and keeping cool under banyan trees. And maybe a few shifts as junior lunchtime dishwasher at Abuela's restaurant. But this summer also includes Carmen, a poetry enthusiast who moves into Arturo's apartment complex and turns his stomach into a deep fryer. 

When a smarmy land developer rolls into town, Arturo refuses to let his family and community go down without a fight. Funny and poignant, the vibrant story of a family, a striking portrait of a town, and one boy's quest to save both.

"Irresistibly exquisite." -- Kirkus starred review

ABFAS Recommends: for the Younger Crowd

-- Jackie's Pick --

Written and illustrated by #1 New York Times best-selling illustrator Ricardo Cortes. 

"...phenomenal artwork ... The landscapes of the sea, the sky, and outer space are breathtaking... fascinating tale of perspective and point of view..." --School Library Journal 

"Sumptuous paintings and an engaging conceit make this a terrific read-aloud choice." --Wall Street Journal 

"...lovely illustrations invite contemplation of the teeming worlds above and beneath the sea...The depictions of the curve of the Earth in space and of the sky--cloudy or starry, always vast--are lush...accomplished." --Kirkus Reviews

 "...memorable and beautifully illustrated children's picture book...Ricardo Cortes's stunning seascapes follow the adventures of a shark that has a story to share about creatures who live above the ocean...Filled with humor and warmth, Sea Creatures from the Sky will charm and entertain children." --Midwest Book Review 

A shark, swimming the seas, encounters...Aliens. Will anyone believe it is true?  Cortes's stunning seascapes follow the adventures of a shark who encounters strange-looking creatures that live -- incredibly -- above the water. After the caring marine biologists release it back into the ocean, our shark cannot find one friend to believe its tale. 

"A lovely, gently philosophical book that reads like an aquatic Twilight Zone episode." -- The Fan Brothers

Winner of the Moonbeam award and the Junior Master Gardener Award. Written by Christoper Award winning Pat Brisson, author of over 20 books for youth. Illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Mary Azarian.

“Thank the ones who bought this food, / the ones who teach me gratitude.”

A simple poem thanking the people who grow, transport, sell and prepare our food is illuminated by bright woodcuts.

Before we eat, many people work very hard--planting grain, catching fish, tending animals, and filling crates. In this vibrantly illustrated book, readers find out what must happen before food can get to our table to nourish our bodies and spirits.

"A warm celebration of both small farms and the idea that it takes a village to feed a child." -- Kirkus Review


What a Wonderful World


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"All my hurts my garden spade can heal." 

     -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us."

      -- Anne Lamott

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