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Aug 2018 - ABFAS Newsletter
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What a Wonderful World 


What a Wonderful New Location!
A Thousand Thanks to the many fabulous friends who helped us move!  
We are on Front Street, a few steps closer to the center of town than before--between Woody Goomba & Whistlepunk.

Upcoming Events

Brother Beast Book Launch!

Thurs Aug 9   Leavenworth Library
6:30 PM   Presentation    FREE!
Sat Aug 11    A Book For All Seasons NEW location
1:00 -- 3:00 PM   Book Signing   FREE!


Leavenworth's beloved Dr. Fu (Amy Carlson) releases Brother Beast! East meets west in this action-packed middle grade novel. 

Teague can't stand his brother Rory, who's become a bully, a butt-nugger, and a middle school monster. One night Teague feels the floor shudder and hears the splintering of wood and the shattering of glass. He watches as a dragon-like silhoette rises into the sky. Hanging from its claws is a limp form... his brother Rory. 

This catapults Teague into a quest he really does not want to go on. To suceed, he will have to do more than find his brother: he must come to terms with his mother's death, solve the riddle of the dragons, tame the spirit of the tiger, revive the song of the phoenix; and unravel the mystery of the beast within himself... that's all, simple.


Paddling With Spirits

Wed Sep 12   A Book For All Seasons NEW LOCATION
3:00 -- 5:00 PM   Book Signing    FREE!
Wed Sep 12   Wenatchee River Institute
7:00 PM   Presentation    By donation


“A complex and beautiful fabric” —Steve Brown, past curator Seattle Art Museum

Irene Skyriver celebrated her 40th with a solo kayaking trip from Alaska to the San Juan Islands. Join her as she discusses her book "Paddling with Spirits: A Solo Kayak Journey," in which she interweaves the true account of her journey with generational stories handed down and vividly re-imagined.


Best-selling Deliciously Creepy Tales

Friday Sep 14   Leavenworth Library
6:30 PM   Presentation    FREE!
Sat Sep 15    A Book For All Seasons NEW LOCATION
1:00 -- 3:00 PM   Book Signing   FREE!


Lopez Island: They’re in her house, holding her children hostage, and Laura has only one option: do exactly what the intruders say. New York Times best-selling Kevin O'Brien shares his newly released thriller They Won't Be Hurt

David Massengill, author of Red Swarm, shares his new The Skin That Fits, called "a tour of terror through a modern Southern gothic landscape."

FC9780786038855              FC9781940233567

Intrinsic Hope

Wed Sep 26   A Book For All Seasons NEW LOCATION
3:00 -- 5:00 PM   Book Signing    FREE!
Wed Sep 26    WRI
7:00 PM   Presentation   FREE!


"Humankind has an intrinsic capacity for hope. This is not about expecting that life will give us what we want; rather it is an unshakeable faith in whatever happens and in our ability to respond to it positively. This type of hope is about coming from love instead of fear, generosity instead of scarcity, and connection instead of separation. Fundamentally, intrinsic hope is life's love for itself."  --​ ​Kate Davies



What a Wonderful World

ABFAS Recommends: New Releases

By Anne Tyler, Pulitzer Prize Winner for Breathing Lessons and  bestselling author of more than 20 other notable novels.

FC9780525521228“Anne Tyler is one of this country’s great artists . . . She has lost none of the inspired grace of her prose, nor her sad, frank humor, nor her limitless sympathy for women who ask for little and get less . . . Beautiful, understated, humane.” —USA Today

“Delightfully zany . . . Charming . . . Tender." —Washington Post

Willa Drake has been seeking something all her life, it seems. It’s not until she’s reached middle age that she finally opens a new door in her heart and welcomes in the most unusual group of people: an entire neighborhood, ready to bring her a new perspective and an understanding of life that will change her forever.

One impulsive decision leads Willa into uncharted territory--surrounded by eccentric neighbors who treat each other like family, she finds solace and fulfillment in unexpected places. A bewitching novel of hope and transformation, Clock Dance gives us Anne Tyler at the height of her powers.

By Rebecca Makkai, winner of the Novel of the Year Award from the Chicago Writers Association; author of The Hundred-Year House, Music for Wartime, and more.

FC9780735223523"The Great Believers is a page turner... among the first novels to chronicle the AIDS epidemic from its initial outbreak to the present—among the first to convey the terrors and tragedies of the epidemic’s early years as well as its course and repercussions...An absorbing and emotionally riveting story about what it’s like to live during times of crisis."—The New York Times Book Review 

"A striking... powerful, unforgettable meditation, not on death, but rather on the power and gift of life.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

1985: Yale Tishman, the development director for an art gallery in Chicago, is about to pull off an amazing coup; yet as his career begins to flourish, the carnage of the AIDS epidemic grows around him. Thirty years later, Fiona is in Paris tracking down her estranged daughter who disappeared into a cult. The two intertwining stories take us through the heartbreak of the eighties and the chaos of the modern world, as both Yale and Fiona struggle to find goodness in the midst of disaster.

ABFAS Recommends: Now in Paperback

An instant New York Times bestseller from Alice Hoffman, author of over thirty novels and eight books for children and young adults. Hoffman is published in more than twenty translations and more than one hundred foreign editions, and has been nominated for book of the year by The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, Library Journal, and People Magazine. Her Aquamarine was made into a film starring Emma Roberts. She is the author of Practical Magic, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, The Marriage of Opposites, and many other notable works.

FC9781501137488From the start Susanna sets down rules for her children: No walking in the moonlight, no red shoes, no wearing black, no cats, no crows, no candles, no books about magic. And most importantly, never, ever, fall in love. 

But when her children visit their Aunt Isabelle, in the small Massachusetts town where the Owens family has been blamed for everything that has ever gone wrong, they uncover family secrets and begin to understand the truth of who they are. 

The three cannot escape love even if they try, just as they cannot escape the pains of the human heart. The two beautiful sisters will grow up to be the memorable aunts in Practical Magic, while Vincent, their beloved brother, will leave an unexpected legacy. 

Alice Hoffman delivers “fairy-tale promise with real-life struggle” (The New York Times Book Review) in a story about how the only remedy for being human is to be true to yourself.

An NPR, Los Angeles Times, Refinery29, and BOLO Best Book of the Year from Ivy Pochada, author of Visitation Street.

FC9780062656360From the acclaimed author of Visitation Street, a visionary portrait of contemporary Los Angeles in all its facets, from the Mojave Desert to the Pacific, from the 110 to Skid Row. 

During a typically crowded morning commute, a naked runner is dodging between the stalled cars. The strange sight makes the local news and captures the imaginations of a stunning cast of misfits and lost souls. 

There's Ren, just out of juvie, who travels to LA in search of his mother. There's Owen and James, teenage twins who live in a desert commune, where their father, a self-proclaimed healer, holds a powerful sway over his disciples. There's Britt, who shows up at the commune harboring a dark secret. There's Tony, a bored and unhappy lawyer who is inspired by the runner. And there's Blake, a drifter hiding in the desert, doing his best to fight off his most violent instincts. Their lives will all intertwine and come crashing together in a shocking way, one that could only happen in this enchanting, dangerous city. 

Wonder Valley is a swirling mix of angst, violence, heartache, and yearning—a masterpiece by a writer on the rise.

ABFAS Recommends: NonFiction Now in Paperback

From Guggenheim Fellow, GLAAD award-winner and New York Times bestselling Roxane Gay, nominated for PEN, NAACP, and National Book Critics Circle Awards; author of Difficult Women, Bad Feminist, and more.

FC9780062420718From the New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist: a searingly honest memoir of food, weight, self-image.

In her phenomenally popular essays and long-running Tumblr blog, Roxane Gay has written with intimacy and sensitivity about food and body, using her own emotional and psychological struggles as a means of exploring our shared anxieties over pleasure, consumption, appearance, and health. 

As a woman who describes her own body as “wildly undisciplined,” Roxane understands the tension between desire and denial, between self-comfort and self-care. In Hunger, she explores her past—including the devastating act of violence that acted as a turning point in her young life—and brings readers along on her journey to understand and ultimately save herself. 

With the bracing candor, vulnerability, and power that have made her one of the most admired writers of her generation, Roxane explores what it means to learn to take care of yourself: how to feed your hungers for delicious and satisfying food, a smaller and safer body, and a body that can love and be loved—in a time when the bigger you are, the smaller your world becomes.

ABFAS Recommends: New Graphic Novel

By New York Times Bestselling Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series, and Andrew Donkin. Illustrated by Giovanni Rigano 

Recommended for ages 10 and up

FC9781492662143This achingly poignant graphic novel imagines how one Ghanaian orphan ends up adrift in the Mediterranean. 

Ebo’s older sister Sisi is already in Europe, and he knows his brother Kwame is headed there, too, so Ebo sets out to find him. 

It’s clear that he succeeds, because the story opens on a scene of the two brothers drifting without food or water on the ocean. But in flashbacks, they see Ebo searching for Kwame in a teeming refugee hub in Niger. 

Punchy dialogue and wistful narration note both Ebo’s poverty and his gifts: optimism (“I’m stronger than I look,” he tells a boss), a talent for singing, and initiative (he parlays a box of wet wipes into cash by selling them one by one). Water is precious, and Ebo and Kwame endure periods of intense thirst. 

Rigano brings the brothers’ struggle close, but his magnificent panels include moments of beauty, too. Clouds tower above the ocean, and starry skies light the desert. 

Refugees, readers will understand, are not statistics; everyone is an individual.

"Achingly poignant" -- Publishers Weekly starred review

"Deeply affecting and thought-provoking" -- The Guardian

ABFAS Recommends New Teen Fiction

The acclaimed debut novel from Kate Alice Marshall.

Recommended for ages 12 and up

FC9780425290989"This tense wire of a novel thrums with suspense. . . . [this book] just might be the highlight of your summer.”–The New York Times

A heart-pounding story of survival and revenge in the unforgiving wilderness. 

After: Jess is alone. Her cabin has burned to the ground. She knows if she doesn’t act fast, the cold will kill her before she has time to worry about food. But she is still alive—for now. 

Before: Jess hadn’t seen her survivalist, off-the-grid dad in over a decade. But after a car crash killed her mother and left her injured, she was forced to move to his cabin in the remote Canadian wilderness. Just as Jess was beginning to get to know him, a secret from his past paid them a visit, leaving her father dead and Jess stranded. 

After: With only her father’s dog for company, Jess must forage and hunt for food, build shelter, and keep herself warm. Some days it feels like the wild is out to destroy her, but she’s stronger than she ever imagined. 

Jess will survive. She has to. She knows who killed her father…and she wants revenge.

“If Hatchet was your favorite book in grade school, but you wish it was filled with much more girl power, then I Am Still Alive is the book you've been waiting for.”–Bustle

* "A taut, gripping page-turner"–Kirkus, starred review

A Kids Indies Next Pick by Will Walton, author of Anything Could Happen.

Recommended for ages 12 and up

FC9780545709569In I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain, experiences of queerness, grief, and addiction are blended into a sensitive poetry-prose mash-up and rendered accessible for YA audiences.

This brilliant novel-in-verse is an exploration of grief, coming of age, and the life-altering power of recognizing one’s self in literature. 

High-schooler Avery is navigating new romantic and sexual territory with his best friend. At home, his mother is an alcoholic, and he’s mourning his heartbroken grandfather. Inspired by Faulkner and a stack of works by famous poets (Sexton, Plath, and Rich, among others), which his teacher gives him to dig through over the summer, Avery tries his hand at writing in many forms: journaling, fiction, and free verse. 

With lyrical lines and very little introduction, Walton immediately drops readers into the caverns of Avery’s headspace and delivers a beautifully cadenced novel that examines painful aspects of love while offering moments of profound guidance: “Be honest about how you feel/ With the people you love/ Who love you/ Who are worth it.”

"A brilliant and bonkers melding of poetry and prose that is as emotionally raw as it is daring in form." -- David Levithan

ABFAS Recommends: For Middle Grades

From Newbery Medal winner and  New York Times bestselling Jason Reynolds, winner of the National Book Award, Printz Award, Edgar Award, Kirkus Award, NAACP Image Award, a two time Walter Dean Myers Award winner, and the recipient of multiple Coretta Scott King honors.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

FC9781481450218Sunny tries to shine despite his troubled past in this third novel in Reynold's critically acclaimed Track series.

Ghost. Patina. Sunny. Lu. Four kids from wildly different backgrounds, with personalities that are explosive when they clash. But they are also four kids chosen for an elite middle school track team—a team that could qualify them for the Junior Olympics. They all have a lot of lose, but they all have a lot to prove, not only to each other, but to themselves.

Sunny is just that—sunny. Always ready with a goofy smile and something nice to say, Sunny is the chillest dude on the Defenders team. But Sunny’s life hasn’t always been sun beamy-bright. Deep down, he thinks of himself a murderer. Which is part of why he stops running one day. Right in the middle of a race.

What happens next is a stroke of genius as only Jason Reynolds can deliver, as Sunny discovers a track event that is all about learning to let go at just the right time.

From Newbery-winning Kirby Larson, recipient of the Scott O’Dell Historical Fiction Prize, Edgar Award nominee, and author of the Hattie Big Sky books, the Audacity Jones books, and many other works.

Recommended for ages 8 to 12.

FC9780545840750Another heartwarming, inspiring and beautifully researched installment in Larson's  Dogs of World War Two series, which includes Duke, Dash, and Liberty

It's September 1944 and fifth grader Billie  is anxiously awaiting her big brother Leo's visit, the first one since he joined the Marines.

When Leo arrives, Billie is at first disappointed that he isn't alone-- he's brought his buddy Denny, and an injured dog, Bear, whom Billie soon becomes deeply attached to.  Denny tells Billie that he thinks Bear's purpose is to help her find what she is looking for. 

When Leo ships out, and Denny is recruited as a Navajo code talker, Billie does her part for the war effort. But she worries whether Leo and Denny will make it home, whether she'll find a new friend, if her father will ever come back, and she fears cruel classmates. 

When things on the home front take an unexpected turn, Billie finally realizes what she has been looking for, thanks to Bear. And thanks to Bear, in the middle of a battle, Denny also learns what is important to him. 

ABFAS Recommends: For Middle Grades: Now in Paperback!

From Newbery-winning Jerry Spinelli, recipient of a Golden Kite, Boston Globe/Horn Book Award, American Library Association Award, Carolyn Field Award, Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award, and many other awards. Spinelli is the author of many novels for young readers, including Stargirl, Milkweed, and Maniac Magee.

FC9780375832024"This book is never boring and never predictable. Fame, good and bad fortune, friendship and mental illness all make their way into [Cammie's] narrative."—The New York Times Book Review

"Moving and memorable" -- Kirkus Starred Review.

Cammie O'Reilly lives at the Hancock County Prison--not as a prisoner, she's the warden's daughter. She spends the mornings hanging out with shoplifters and reformed arsonists in the women's excercise yard, which gives Cammie a certain cache with her school friends.

 But even though Cammie's free to leave the prison, she's still stuck. And sad, and really mad. Her mother died saving her from harm when she was just a baby. You wouldn't think you could miss something you never had, but on the eve of her thirteenth birthday, the thing Cammie most wants is a mom. A prison might not be the best place to search for a mother, but Cammie is determined and she's willing to work with what she's got. 

"Jerry Spinelli again proves why he's the king of storytellers" (Shelf Awarenss, starred) in this tale of a girl who learns that heroes can come in surprising disguises, and that even if we don't always get what we want, sometimes we really do get what we need.

ABFAS Recommends: for the Younger Crowd

By Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Illustrated by Barbara Alca

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

FC9781786030870With stylish and quirky illustrations and a facts and photo section at the back, this empowering series celebrates the important life stories of wonderful women of the world. 

From designers and artists to scientists, all of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream. These books make the lives of these role models accessible for children, providing a powerful message to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world.

Meet Ella Fitzgerald, one of the most influential jazz singers of all time. This inspiring and informative little biography follows the inspirational life of the First Lady of Song, from her early singing days on the streets of Harlem, to her success as a jazz legend, with the message: 'It's not where you come from, but where you're going that counts.' 

The series includes Georgia O'Keeffe, Jane Austen, Amelia Earhart, Mother Theresa, Ada Lovelace, Frida Kahlo, and many more.

By Caldecott Honor-winning Aaron Becker, creator of the Journey trilogy.

FC9780763665968A girl grieves the loss of her dog in an achingly beautiful wordless epic. 

This year’s summer vacation will be very different for a young girl and her family without Sascha, the beloved family dog, along for the ride. But a wistful walk along the beach to gather cool, polished stones becomes a brilliant turning point in the girl’s grief. There, at the edge of a vast ocean beneath an infinite sky, she uncovers, alongside the reader, a profound and joyous truth. 

In his first picture book following the conclusion of his best-selling Journey trilogy, Aaron Becker achieves a tremendous feat, connecting the private, personal loss of one child to a cycle spanning millennia — and delivering a stunningly layered tale that demands to be pored over again and again.

"The wordless story... lushly illustrated...soon expands to take on time and history and cosmology and the interconnectedness of things." —The New York Times Book Review

"Readers will be enticed to explore this book's beautiful, dreamlike pictures, and the message of healing will comfort many who have known loss. Memorable and moving." —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


What a Wonderful World

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