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July 2018 - ABFAS Newsletter
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What a Wonderful World 


Upcoming Events

All July Long!
In 25 Great Local Leavenworth Establishments
Scavenger Hunt and Grand Prize Drawing: FREE!


Where’s Waldo? In Leavenworth of course! 

You can find the iconic children’s book character in the red-and-white-striped shirt and black-rimmed specs in twenty-five local haunts throughout July. Kids (and the young at heart) will enjoy hunting for Waldo-- with the chance to win an eight-volume set of Waldo books! 

Come in to A Book For All Seasons in July to pick up your passport. Get it stamped everywhere you find Waldo, and bring it to the bookstore to enter our grand-prize drawing!

FC9780763695798    FC9780763642150    FC9780763645304      


Wed Jul 11   Pybus Market   6:00-8:00 PM
Presentation FREE!


Shaun Koos presents Eyewitness: My Journey to the Hague, a personal account of the Serbian-Bosnian conflict as experienced by Gaši and told by Shaun Koos. 

In 1992, Isak Gasi was a world-class athlete, living a quiet life with his wife and infant daughter. He never dreamed he would soon witness war crimes, be imprisoned and scheduled for execution, and eventually become a lead prosecution witness at the International Criminal Trials for the Former Yugoslavia, coming face to face with Serbian President Slobodan MiloSevic.


George & Lizzie

Sat Jul 14   A Book For All Seasons NEW location 
1:00 - 3:00 PM      Book Signing  FREE!


From “America’s librarian” and NPR books commentator Nancy Pearl comes an emotionally riveting debut novel about an unlikely marriage at a crossroads. 

George and Lizzie have radically different understandings of what love and marriage should be. When a shameful secret from Lizzie’s past resurfaces, she’ll need to face her fears in order to accept the true nature of the relationship she and George have built over a decade together.


Wine and Words

Sat Jul 21  A Book For All Seasons NEW location
1:00 - 3:00 PM     Book Signing  FREE!
Sun Jul 22   Eagle Creek Winery 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Lively Tales and Lovely Libations


For 15 years, Roger and his wife Sandy lived off the grid in Icicle Canyon outside of Leavenworth. Roger's Life Lesson books contain fascinating tales that will keep you on the edge of your chair. Humor, winning honesty, and spiritual application make each story not only entertaining and gripping, but also life-affirming and motivational.

"Roger's stories transport me into a life of faith that is genuine and authentic." - Ed McDowell

FC9781683142362    FC9781632329950    FC9781683140580      

Brother Beast Book Launch!

Thurs Aug 9   A Book For All Seasons NEW location
6:30 PM   Presentation    FREE!
Sat Aug 11    A Book For All Seasons NEW location
1:00 -- 3:00 PM   Book Signing   FREE!


Leavenworth's beloved Dr. Fu (Amy Carlson) releases Brother Beast! East meets west in this action-packed middle grade novel. 

Teague can't stand his brother Rory, who's become a bully, a butt-nugger, and a middle school monster. One night Teague feels the floor shudder and hears the splintering of wood and the shattering of glass. He watches as a dragon-like silhoette rises into the sky. Hanging from its claws is a limp form... his brother Rory. 

This catapults Teague into a quest he really does not want to go on. To suceed, he will have to do more than find his brother: he must come to terms with his mother's death, solve the riddle of the dragons, tame the spirit of the tiger, revive the song of the phoenix; and unravel the mystery of the beast within himself... that's all, simple.



What a Wonderful World


ABFAS Recommends: New Releases

By Tommy Orange, a MacDowell Fellow, and an enrolled Cheyenne and Arapaho.

FC9780525520375"Groundbreaking. Extraordinary. Tommy Orange has written a tense, prismatic book with inexorable momentum." --The New York Times 

Fierce, angry, funny, heartbreaking--Tommy Orange's first novel is a wondrous and shattering portrait of an America few of us have ever seen. 

There There is a relentlessly paced multigenerational story about violence and recovery, memory and identity, and the beauty and despair woven into the history of a nation and its people. It tells the story of twelve characters, each of whom have private reasons for traveling to the Big Oakland Powwow.

There will be heroism and loss; rage and glorious communion; sacrifice, pageantry, and sacred tradition. An unforgettable debut, destined to become required reading in schools and universities across the country.

There There is the kind of book that grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go, even after you’ve turned the last page...There There has claimed a permanent spot in my heart despite having broken it, or maybe because it did. I think this may be the best book I’ve ever read.” —  Changing Hands Booksellers

A #1 New York Times bestseller from Madeline Miller, whose Song of Achilles was awarded the Orange Prize for Fiction and translated into twenty-five languages.

FC9780316556347" A bold and subversive retelling... both epic and intimate... recasting the most infamous female figure from the Odyssey as a hero in her own right." ---  New York Times 

In the house of mighty Helios, god of the sun, a daughter is born. Circe is a strange child--not powerful, like her father, nor viciously alluring like her mother. Turning to the world of mortals for companionship, she discovers that she does possess power--the power of witchcraft, which can transform rivals into monsters and menace the gods themselves. 

Threatened, Zeus banishes her to a deserted island, where she hones her craft, tames wild beasts and crosses paths with many of the most famous figures of mythology, including the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus, Medea, and, of course, wily Odysseus. 

There are dangers for a woman who stands alone, and Circe draws the wrath of both men and gods, ultimately finding herself pitted against one of the most terrifying and vengeful of the Olympians. 

To protect what she loves most, Circe must summon all her strength and choose, once and for all, whether she belongs with the gods she is born from, or the mortals she has come to love. 

With unforgettably vivid characters, mesmerizing language and page-turning suspense, Circe is a triumph of storytelling, an intoxicating epic of family rivalry, palace intrigue, love and loss, as well as a celebration of indomitable female strength in a man's world.

ABFAS Recommends: Now in Paperback

An Indie Next Pick. Library Journal Hot Pick, and Most Anticipated of 2018 by ELLE and The Huffington Post from Rosalie Knecht, author of Relief Map.

FC9781947793019“Who is Vera Kelly? Find out in this twisty, turny spy thriller set in 1960s Argentina as Vera, working for the CIA, becomes stuck in the country during a hostile takeover... The book reads like the love child of John le Carré and Rita Mae Brown. I loved Vera immensely, even more so as the plot progressed and the threats became deadlier. What a fun read and what a terrific character” —  Wellesley Books

1962: Vera Kelly is struggling to make rent in New York City, working night shifts at a radio station, when her quick wits get her noticed by a recruiter for the CIA. The next thing she knows she's in Argentina, tasked with wiretapping a congressman and infiltrating a group of student activists. 

When a betrayal leaves her stranded in the wake of a coup, Vera learns the Cold War makes for strange and unexpected bedfellows, and she's forced to take extreme measures to save herself. 

An exhilarating page turner and perceptive coming-of-age story, Who Is Vera Kelly? introduces an original, wry and whip-smart female spy for the twenty-first century.

"Gripping, subtle, magnificently written" -- The New York Times Book Review

A New York Times Bestseller from Edgar Cantero, author of The Supernatural Enhancements.

FC9781101974445"I loved this book end to end... it is funny and sad and tragic and pulpy, all in the best possible way...your inner child will melt down from joy.: -- NPR

With raucous humor and brilliantly orchestrated mayhem, Meddling Kids subverts teen detective archetypes like the Hardy Boys and Scooby-Doo, and delivers an exuberant and wickedly entertaining celebration of horror, love, friendship, and many-tentacled, interdimensional demon spawn. 

SUMMER 1977. The Blyton Summer Detective Club unmasked the elusive Sleepy Lake monster--another low-life fortune hunter trying to get his dirty hands on the legendary riches hidden in Deboen Mansion. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids. 
1990. The former detectives have grown up and apart, each haunted by disturbing memories of their final night in the old haunted house. There are too many strange, half-remembered encounters and events that cannot be dismissed or explained away by a guy in a mask. The time has come to get the team back together, face their fears, and find out what actually happened all those years ago at Sleepy Lake. It's their only chance to end the nightmares and, perhaps, save the world. 

Nostalgic and subversive, a strikingly original and dazzling reminder of the fun and adventure we can discover at the heart of our favorite stories, no matter how old we get.

ABFAS Recommends: New NonFiction

By Stephanie Rosenbloom, staff columnist for the Travel section of The New York Times. She has appeared on CNN's American Morning, NBC's The Today Show, and NPR's The Takeaway.

FC9780399562303In our increasingly frantic daily lives, many people are genuinely fearful of the prospect of solitude, but time alone can be both rich and restorative, especially when travelling. 

Through on-the-ground reporting and recounting the experiences of artists, writers, and innovators who cherished solitude, Stephanie Rosenbloom considers how being alone as a traveller--and even in one's own city--is conducive to becoming acutely aware of the sensual details of the world--patterns, textures, colors, tastes, sounds--in ways that are difficult to do in the company of others. 

Alone Time is divided into four parts, each set in a different city, in a different season, in a single year. The destinations--Paris, Istanbul, Florence, New York--are all pedestrian-friendly, allowing travelers to slow down and appreciate casual pleasures instead of hurtling through museums and posting photos to Instagram. Each section spotlights a different theme associated with the joys and benefits of time alone and how it can enable people to enrich their lives--facilitating creativity, learning, self-reliance, as well as the ability to experiment and change. 

Rosenbloom incorporates insights from psychologists and sociologists who have studied solitude and happiness, and explores such topics as dining alone, learning to savor, discovering interests and passions, and finding or creating silent spaces. 

Her engaging and elegant prose makes Alone Time as warmly intimate an account as the details of a trip shared by a beloved friend--and will have its many readers eager to set off on their own solo adventures.

By Richard Rothstein, author of The Way We Were? and Grading Education. Rothstein is Senior Fellow at the Haas Institute at U.C. Berkeley School of Law, Distinguished Fellow of the Economic Policy Institute, and Senior Fellow Emeritus at the Thurgood Marshall Institute; and former National Education Columnist for the New York Times.

FC9781631494536In this groundbreaking history of the modern American metropolis, Richard Rothstein, a leading authority on housing policy, explodes the myth that America's cities came to be racially divided through de facto segregation--that is, through individual prejudices, income differences, or the actions of private institutions like banks and real estate agencies. Rather, The Color of Law incontrovertibly makes clear that it was de jure segregation--the laws and policy decisions passed by local, state, and federal governments--that actually promoted the discriminatory patterns that continue to this day. 

Through extraordinary revelations and extensive research that Ta-Nehisi Coates has lauded as "brilliant" (The Atlantic), Rothstein chronicles an untold story that begins in the 1920s, showing how this process of de jure segregation began with explicit racial zoning, as millions of African Americans moved in a great historical migration from the south to the north.  

"The American landscape will never look the same to readers of this important book" (Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund), as Rothstein's invaluable examination shows that only by relearning this history can we finally pave the way for the nation to remedy its unconstitutional past.

ABFAS Recommends New Teen Fiction

New from Julie Murphy--the irresistible companion to her #1 New York Times bestseller Dumplin’, which is soon to be a major motion picture starring Danielle Macdonald and Jennifer Aniston!

Recommended for ages 13 and up.

FC9780062418388Millie Michalchuk has gone to fat camp every year since she was a little girl. Not this year. This year she has new plans to chase her secret dream of being a newscaster—and to kiss the boy she’s crushing on. 

Callie Reyes is the pretty girl who is next in line for dance team captain and has the popular boyfriend. But when it comes to other girls, she’s more frenemy than friend. 

When circumstances bring the girls together over the course of a semester, they surprise everyone (especially themselves) by realizing that they might have more in common than they ever imagined. 

A story about unexpected friendship, romance, and Texas-size girl power, this is another winner from Julie Murphy.

"Julie Murphy’s star continues to shine with this groundbreaking, poignant story that will surely change lives.”  

“Genuine, romantic...celebrates being who you are while also acknowledging that it’s incredibly difficult to do.”

“Portrays and challenges sterotypes about beauty pageants, size issues, and women’s concerns...Powerful.”

ABFAS Recommends: Teen Fiction now in Paperback

An Indies Next Pick and Illinois Reads selection, named a Best Book of the Year by Bank Street College of Education and by The Guardian Children’s Books Roundup. From Paula Garner, author of Relative Strangers.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.

FC9780763698003“A must-have.” — School Library Journal starred review

In a poignant debut, a sixteen-year-old boy must learn to swim against an undercurrent of grief--or be swept away by it. 

Otis and Meg were inseparable until her family abruptly moved away after the terrible accident that left Otis's little brother dead and both of their families changed forever. Since then, it's been three years of radio silence, during which time Otis has become the unlikely protege of eighteen-year-old Dara--part drill sergeant, part friend--who's hell-bent on transforming Otis into the Olympic swimmer she can no longer be. 

But when Otis learns that Meg is coming back to town, he must face some difficult truths about the girl he's never forgotten and the brother he's never stopped grieving. 

As it becomes achingly clear that he and Meg are not the same people they were, Otis must decide what to hold on to and what to leave behind. 

Quietly affecting, this compulsively readable novel captures all the confusion, heartbreak, and fragile hope of three teens struggling to accept profound absences in their lives.

“Otis is a refreshingly authentic male protagonist who will win readers over . . . an uplifting story about resilience and the power of relationships.” —  BookPage Review

“Dazzling. This book has so much truth and beauty, your heart will ache trying to contain it.” — Jeff Zentner, author of The Serpent King

ABFAS Recommends: For Middle Grades

By Leavenworth's own Amy Greimann Carlson!

Recommended for ages 8 through 13.

FC9780999854600East meets west in this action-packed middle grade novel. 

Teague can't stand his brother Rory, who's become a bully, a butt-nugger, and a middle school monster. One night Teague feels the floor shudder and hears the splintering of wood and the shattering of glass. He watches as a dragon-like silhoette rises into the sky. Hanging from its claws is a limp form... his brother Rory. 

This catapults Teague into a quest he really does not want to go on. To suceed, he will have to do more than find his brother: he must come to terms with his mother's death, solve the riddle of the dragons, tame the spirit of the tiger, revive the song of the phoenix; and unravel the mystery of the beast within himself... that's all, simple.

The #1 Kids' Indie Next Pick by Jewell Parker Rhodes, author of Coretta Scott King honor book Ninth Ward, Jane Adams Peace Association book award winner Sugar, and other award-winning books for both youth and adults.  

Recommended for ages 8 through 12.

FC9780316262286A heartbreaking and powerful story, drawing connections through history. 

Only the living can make the world better. Live and make it better. 

Twelve-year-old Jerome is shot by a police officer who mistakes his toy gun for a real threat. As a ghost, he observes the devastation that's been unleashed on his family and community in the wake of what they see as an unjust and brutal killing. 

Soon Jerome meets another ghost: Emmett Till, a boy from a very different time but similar circumstances. Emmett helps Jerome process what has happened, on a journey towards recognizing how historical racism may have led to the events that ended his life. Jerome also meets Sarah, the daughter of the police officer, who grapples with her father's actions. 

Once again Jewell Parker Rhodes deftly weaves historical and socio-political layers into a gripping and poignant story about how children and families face the complexities of today's world, and how one boy grows to understand American blackness in the aftermath of his own death.

ABFAS Recommends: For Middle Grades: Now in Paperback!

By Anne Nesbet, an Indies Next, Chicago Public Library Best of the Best, and Bank Street College Best Children's Books author. Anne Nexbet is the author of The Cabinet of Earths, A Box of Gargoyles, and more. 

Recommended for ages 10 through 14.

FC9781536201833Slip behind the Iron Curtain into a world of smoke, secrets, and lies in this stunning novel where someone is always listening and nothing is as it seems. 

Noah Keller has a pretty normal life, until one wild afternoon when his parents pick him up from school and head straight for the airport, telling him on the ride that his name isn't really Noah and he didn't really just turn eleven in March. 

And he can't even ask them why -- not because of his Astonishing Stutter, but because asking questions is against the newly instated rules. (Rule Number Two: Don't talk about serious things indoors, because Rule Number One: They will always be listening). As Noah--now "Jonah Brown"--and his parents head behind the Iron Curtain into East Berlin, the rules and secrets begin to pile up so quickly that he can hardly keep track of the questions bubbling up inside him: Who, exactly, is listening -- and why? When did his mother become fluent in so many languages? And what really happened to the parents of his only friend, Cloud-Claudia, the lonely girl who lives downstairs? 

In an intricately plotted novel full of espionage and intrigue, friendship and family, Anne Nesbet cracks history wide open and gets right to the heart of what it feels like to be an outsider in a world that's impossible to understand.

ABFAS Recommends: for the Younger Crowd

Jackie's Pick!

Written by Anne Jankaeliowitch, illustrated by Delphine Chedru, and translated by Eve Bodeux

FC9781492653196An "attention-grabbing... informational picture book." -- Kirkus Review

For humans, the setting sun marks the end of the day and time to go to sleep. But while people are quietly dreaming in their beds, there's a whole world of animals that's just waking up. Who are they, and how do they move, see, and hunt in the dark? 

Find the answers to these questions and more in this book. With special glow-in-the-dark surprises, unlock the mysteries of the dark and discover the amazing world of night animals. 

Features glow-in-the-dark content on all 32 pages.

"This unusual album offers a simulation of looking through a night-vision scope into different environments: woodland, country road, urban neighborhood, beach, desert, and so forth... Some creatures or parts of creatures have been highlighted with phosphorescent paint, visible in darkness for a short while if the page has been held under a lamp for a few minutes...These illustrations invite repeated exploration; the glow-in-the-dark intriguing." -- Kirkus Review

Written by Kathleen Yale and illustrated by Kaley McKean

FC9781612129051What does it feel like to "see" with your ears like a bat or go through a full body transformation like a frog? Can you wriggle in and out of tight places like an octopus, camouflage yourself like a leopard, or do a waggle dance like a honeybee? 

This creative and beautifully illustrated interactive guide makes learning about animals fun for children ages 6 and up. 

Fifteen animals explain their amazing feats and invite kids to enter their world by mimicking their behavior -- an imaginative approach to learning that fosters curiosity, empathy, and dramatic play.


What a Wonderful World


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