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Dear Friends and Family of Laparoscopic Associates and The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii,

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We have a brand new blog on the website. Drs. Cirangle and Jossart, Tara and Jeannette will all be contributors. It's a great way to connect with us and other patients!

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My Weight Loss Journey by Bernie Wong
I just want to share with you (and please pass this on to Dr. Cirangle and staff) that my one year anniversary was March 8, 2008 and on March 11th...I hit my 100 pound mark! I have gone from 256lbs. to 155lbs....a size 22-24 to a size 6-8! I never thought there was a size 6 in this body. I always thought a 12 would be great.

I have been "fat" my entire life, even as a young child (you'll notice I said "young" as I was never small) and did the usual lose/gain routine. The decision for surgery did not come lightly as my husband and I are both nurses and have seen complications. The day I decided to go through with the surgery, my wonderful husband asked "why?" and I simply told him I was tired of fighting it. He loved me the way I was...after all I was 236lbs. the day we were married so there was no preconceived notions on his part. However, he said if it was that important to me then he would support me.

I am so grateful that some of my friends steered me to Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco, there was and is no better choice. Everyone, beginning with Dr. Cirangle to the staff at the hospital, made me feel special and the customer service was OUTSTANDING. I have heard people say that weight loss surgery is no miracle...well I am here to tell you it MOST CERTAINLY is! I tell everyone about the surgery and give the website information out frequently. All I have left to say is THANK YOU to everyone involved and God Bless.

Aloha, Bernie Wong
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Image Updates with Tara and Jeannette

Everyone has really loved the grocery store tours and the TeleReach program. Look for the next one on July 25th. Email any ideas for support groups to Jeannette at

Did you know that Tara is not only available to our patients, but anyone interested in weight management? She treats patients with eating issues and those trying to lose weight non-surgically as well.

Make an appointment with Jeannette or Tara

Image The Importance of Support

Many successful weight loss surgery patients say that their support network helped them immensely in maintaining their new healthy lifestyle changes. From family and friends to bariatric program support groups, there is a wealth of options available for people interested in gastric bypass surgery and for dealing with the rapid weight loss that follows.

The first step in getting support is talking to your family and friends about weight loss surgery and your interest in it. You might find that they are completely supportive. While this is always ideal, you might find that some family members and friends are against your decision. Often, this is because your loved ones are concerned about you or have preconceived notions about weight loss surgery. Explaining the advantages, benefits, and risks of weight loss surgery may open their minds to its importance.

If you find that they are unsupportive, it doesn’t mean you are alone. Many people have had weight loss surgery and have been very successful with the care they received from the healthcare professionals on their bariatric program team. Bariatric programs usually include a support group for weight loss surgery patients both pre- and post-surgery.

Weight loss surgery support groups are an excellent resource of weight loss information and support. You’ll find people who share your goals of health and wellness. A support group is a forum for celebrating successes, such as the improvement or resolution of co-morbidities. The support group is devoted to people who have common experiences, who can share their feelings in a safe environment, and develop relationships that can contribute to improved physical and emotional health after their weight loss surgeries.

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, and you want to learn more about the patient’s perspective or help reluctant family and friends to understand, attending a support group meeting can be invaluable.

-Getting Family and Friends to Support My Decision to Have Weight Loss Surgery

It’s important to realize that for many people, not just patients, surgery can be frightening. For weight loss surgery patients, family and friends may not be supportive in the beginning because, as with all surgical procedures, they are concerned about possible risks and complications.

If you find that your family and friends are not supportive of your desire to undergo weight loss surgery, providing information and education may calm many of their fears. In addition to support groups, many bariatric surgery programs provide information sessions and encourage the attendance of prospective patients, their family, and their friends. Seeing and hearing the successes of others can help people understand the importance of weight loss surgery.

-What If My Family and Friends Don’t Support Me?

Unfortunately, some weight loss surgery patients find that their family and friends do not support their decision to have weight loss surgery. It can be very disappointing, but it doesn’t have to alter the patient’s decision to have weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery programs often include two components that can help a patient: a therapist and support groups. A therapist can provide tips and techniques for dealing with unsupportive people and listens to your frustrations without judgment.

Support groups are a wonderful place to meet people and get perspective on weight loss surgery and the rapid weight loss and side effects that follow. You’ll hear about successes, frustrations, plateaus, and special moments, and have a chance to share your own experiences.

*Courtesy of Obesity Help

Below is a list of current groups


Maui Seminar and Support Group
Friday, July 11th
Coconut Grill Maui
100 W Kaahumanu Ave.
Kahului, HI 96732

Honolulu Seminar and Support Group
Saturday, July 12th
10:00am - 12:00pm
Oahu Veteran's Center
1298 Kukila Street
Honolulu, HI

San Francisco Seminar and Support Group
Monday, July 14th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
California Pacific Medical Center
Lobby Level Enright Room
2333 Buchanan St.
San Francisco, CA

Kona Seminar and Support Group
Monday, July 14th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Royal Kona Resort
75-5852 Alii Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

San Jose Seminar and Support Group
Wednesday, July 16th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Good Samaritan Hospital
2425 Samaritan Drive
San Jose, CA, 95124
In the teleconference trailers in the east parking lot
Either meet at GoodSam or at the Safeway at 15549 Union, Los Gatos, CA (approx 1.05 miles from GoodSam)

Petaluma Support Group
Saturday, July 19th
9:00am - 12:00pm
Sheraton Sonoma County Petaluma
745 Baywood Drive

Monterey Seminar and Support Group
Saturday, July 19th
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Hyatt Regency Monterey
1 Old Golf Course Road
Conference Center

Calendar of Events

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Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco
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