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Dear Friends and Family of Laparoscopic Associates and The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii,

The summer has been very busy for us. The San Francisco office added a few faces and we are in the process of switching over to an electronic medical system. Thank you for your patience!

Image LapSF's Newest Surgery Results!

The spring and summer have been busy months for us. We presented our weight loss surgery results comparing all 4 procedures at meetings in Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, Las Vegas and D.C. Our results reveal that the vertical sleeve gastrectomy yields similar weight loss as the Roux-en-Y and the Duodenal Switch. All three cure diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and high cholesterol equally. We also noted that our weight loss surgery results with the lapband are 20% better than the results reported in the FDA trials for the bands. Along with the vertical gastrectomy, the lapband also has an extremely high success rate of curing diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. We congratulate our patients for their hard work and willingness to comply with our recommendations! Lastly, our three-year weight loss surgery results, with all of our procedures, are 10-20% better than national averages. We feel this is due partly to our technique but also the emphasis we place on patient education. We look forward to following our patients over the years and helping them maintain long-term health and active lives!

Dr. Jossart and Dr. Cirangle

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Image Attention Maui patients!

The Maui Seminar and Support group will now be run on a regular basis. All-star postop patient, Vicki Bardos, has generously volunteered to be the island's group leader.

Please join Dr. Cirangle on Friday, September 5th at 6pm to the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, 1 Cameron Way, Kahului, HI 96732. Bring your ideas for future topics and guests.

Added bonus: SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: PLASTIC SURGEON LARRY SCHLESINGER,MD,FACS. He is an expert in post weight loss plastic surgery. Come and see the before and after pictures of patients who have chosen to enhance their post WLS bodies.

Please contact Vicki for ideas and information at:

Calendar of Events

Image The eStore is up and running!

We are glad that everyone likes the eStore so much. We hope that it makes ordering supplements much easier!

Tired of taking fish oil pills? Check out Coromega 1000mg. It comes in packets similar to ketchup packets and you just open it and squeeze it in your mouth. It comes in lemon lime and orange flavor.

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Image Upcoming Eureka dates

Dr. Cirangle will be hosting the support group and seminar on Thursday, September 18th from 6-8pm at the Red Lion and seeing patients at the clinic on Friday, September 19th.

Dr. Jossart will be hosting the support group and seminar on Thursday, November 13th from 6-8pm at the Red Lion and seeing patients at the clinic on both Thursday and Friday, September 14th.

Support group schedule

Image Latest news from EndoGastric Solutions, makers of StomaphyX and EsophyX

Natural Orifice Surgery (NOS) Procedures Continue to Gain Momentum Worldwide

EndoGastric Solutions (EGS), the recognized leader in the emerging field of Natural Orifice Surgery (NOS), today announced that nearly 1,500 incisionless NOS procedures have been successfully completed in the United States, Europe and Brazil with its innovative NOS surgical devices.

StomaphyX® and EsophyX®, EGS’ first two NOS surgical devices, are designed specially for performing incisionless reconstructive gastrointestinal procedures. The devices are introduced into the body through the mouth, rather than through an abdominal incision. The advantages of incisionless surgery over laparoscopic or open surgery include shorter hospital stay, reduced patient discomfort, shortened patient recovery, no visible scars, and typically higher patient satisfaction.

With StomaphyX, under visual guidance of an endoscope, small sections of the stomach wall are suctioned into the device and fastened with permanent suture-like fasteners to create multiple large tissue folds, or plications. Multiple plications can be created depending on the needs of the patient. The EsophyX TIF procedure reconstructs a robust antireflux barrier at the gastroesophageal junction, using a similar procedure, restoring natural anatomical geometry to effectively treat Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

"More than 95% of all NOS procedures of the GI tract being performed today are performed using EGS devices, illustrating how we are driving adoption of what is widely regarded as the future of surgery. Patient demand continues to grow, as does national media coverage of our products and the procedures they are being used to perform. Millions of patients worldwide can benefit from these incisionless surgical procedures," according to Thierry Thaure, President and CEO of EndoGastric Solutions.

The first StomaphX procedure in San Francisco was performed by Dr. Cirangle. He is the only surgeon in San Francisco and Hawaii that performs the StomaphyX.

Read the entire press release

Image Support Groups

San Jose Seminar and Support Group
Wednesday, August 27th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Good Samaritan Hospital
2425 Samaritan Drive
San Jose, CA
In the teleconference trailers in the east parking lot

Maui Seminar and Support Group
Friday, September 5th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
1 Cameron Way
Kahului, HI 96732

Honolulu Seminar and Support Group
Saturday, September 6th
10:00am - 12:00pm
Oahu Veteran's Center
1298 Kukila Street
Honolulu, HI

Calendar of Events

Dr. Gregg Jossart ~ Dr. Paul Cirangle

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