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Dear Friends and Family of LapSF and The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii,

Happy February! We just had our first seminar and support group in Kauai. Thank you to the Kauai patients that made it such a success! We have also profiled a patient success story in this edition. We hope that reading his story will provide inspiration. Also, LapSF and The Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii would like to welcome our new therapist Tara!

Patient Success Story
My Journey to a Better Life

I’m Richard Garbrick from the Sacramento area, and like many others before me the thought of having a bariatric surgery meant I was a failure and in some way lacking some form of personal control or discipline. After searching the internet and seeing all the different procedures and the different surgeons, I began to attend different support groups and to hear from the doctors themselves. I learned quickly that I needed to be committed 100% in my head that I was ready to have this done. Sure I was like most folks where my BMI was 44 and I didn’t like the way I felt or looked. But for me I needed to know deep down I was doing this for the right reasons. Being a self pay I had to weigh the cost and why I would pay this amount of money for such a selfish thing as weight loss. Why couldn’t I just control myself better and save the money? Was I really worth it? Would it really make a difference in my life? These questions rolled around in my head for months.

Then football season began. I’ve been involved in football since I was a young boy, and as a current high school official I was considered one of the best due to my experience and knowledge of the game. However in the morning after doing a few games the night before I could hardly move. My weight was taking something dear to me away. I also knew that it was my weight that was preventing the ranking officials to promote me within the system, and in order to move up to the college games I needed to pass a height and weight test to even be considered. Little did I realize that my extra weight was taking more away from me than just football. After the months of research about obesity I knew it was killing me from within. More determined than ever I called doctors and met with them and read as much as I could. I was even on the post operation diet to see if I could really change my life. That is when I knew I was ready.

My first meeting with Doctor Cirangle I knew that very moment if I was going to have surgery he was going to be the Doctor. It may have been because I had looked him up several different times, and I looked up the hospital he works at and they were always at the top. I knew he had the skills and talent and most of all the experience I was looking for in a doctor.

But what I didn’t expect was how good he really is, and they way he goes out of his way to help folks like me get our lives back. Then when I heard from his patients in the support group my mind was made up. I was ready for a change. On 10/11/2007 I did it. Looking back would I do it again? You bet I would.

I would like to say a word to the members of my support group in Sacramento, CA. You all are the greatest and I would not have made this journey without your help. Thanks and I look forward to our every meeting.

Results so far:I’m down just over 90lbs, but to me that isn’t the real measure. The real measure is I can now move ahead with my goals as a referee, and my life with my family is so much more than I can describe. If you're on the fence thinking about getting this done all I can say is life is a lot different when you like what you see in the mirror and you feel like doing the things you couldn’t do before. My only regret is I carried than extra weight longer than I ever needed too. I wish I had done this 8 years ago.


Richard Garbrick

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Professional Photographer at the Sacramento Support Group on 2/23/2008

ImageLapSF knows how hard our patients have worked and would like to chronicle our patients' success! We have hired a professional photographer to come out to the DoubleTree to take "before" and "after" pictures on 2/23/2008 at 11am.

Please call or email Nicole to reserve your spot or for more information: (415) 561-1310

Check the events calendar

Plastic Surgeons to Speak at the Sacramento and Stockton Support Groups on February 23rd

We are pleased to have Dr. Stan Poulos and Dr. Ingvar Hvistendahal from Plastic Surgery Specialists join us during the second hour support group to discuss various plastic surgery options following drastic weight loss.

Plastic Surgery Specialists

Image Meet our new Therapist!

Tara Griffith, MA, LFMT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who will be available to offer pre-surgical psychological evaluations, as well as ongoing counseling, support, and coaching to LAPSF patients. Over the years, she has worked with individuals, couples, and families and has clinical experience in medical and community-based settings, as well as in private practice. Tara has recently relocated to San Francisco and is excited to become a part of the LAPSF team. She is committed to making sure that patients are fully aware of any issues they have related to their eating and how to better cope with and make positive behavioral changes that will help them be more successful with surgery. She is also dedicated to helping patients reach and maintain their goals for healthy, life-long weight maintenance.

Tara can be reached at the main office number (415) 561-1310 or

Call to make an appointment

Thank you Kauai patients!

ImageWe wanted to thank all the Kauai patients that came out for the first seminar and support group last Thursday. We received such a good response, we would like to have meetings on an ongoing basis.

Please email Nicole at with any ideas or topics of discussion for the support group. Also, if any patients are interested in leading the group, please let Nicole know as well.

Dr. Cirangle and Nicole Kimbrough

Check out our calendar for upcoming dates

Petaluma and Walnut Creek Support Groups

Petaluma upcoming dates:
Saturday, February 16th
Saturday, March 15th
Petaluma Sheraton
745 Baywood Drive
New patient seminar at 9am, support group at 10:30am

Walnut Creek upcoming dates:
Monday, February 25th
Monday, March 17th
Holiday Inn Walnut Creek
2730 North Main Street
New patient seminar at 7pm, support group at 8pm

Calendar of Events

The Effectiveness of Weight Loss Surgery in the News!

ImageThe results of recent articles proving the effectiveness of weight loss surgery are summarized in this article from the ASMBS(our obesity surgery society). The highlights include:
1. Weight loss surgery is superior to dieting
2. Weight loss surgery cures diabetes
3. Weight loss surgery in BMI's of 35-40 is effective
4. Insurance companies may be unethically restricting access to these procedures.

We would like to point out that the studies mainly focus on the banding but these conclusions are generally true for all of the procedures we offer. You only need to attend one of our support groups to hear about all the medical problems that have been cured!

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