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Happy New Year from Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco & the Surgical Weight Loss Center of Hawaii!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Best of Sacramento Party on December 4th!

Annual Lab Check

ImageJust a reminder to everyone to be sure to get your annual labs drawn. Please be aware that some vitamin deficiencies take more than two years to develop. For those of you who are more than 3 years post-op or have not had labs checked in more than a year, please be sure to get them done. You can download our annual lab form from the forms section on our website or call our office and we can mail you a form. Allow two weeks for the labs to be completed then call us to verify they were normal or make an appointment to come in and see us.

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Vitamin A now available!

We are now selling Vitamin A 25,000 IU. You will get 100 capsules per bottle for just $5.00/bottle. Check out our eStore from the link below and see all the supplements, vitamins and minerals we offer.

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Holiday Cheating
If you found yourself giving in to sweets, desserts, and those comfort foods that you couldn't do without this holiday season....well its time to bring the "cheating" to an end. Going into the New Year, start it right. Make your goals and stick to the good habits you have developed. If any remaining temptations are still in the cupboard or refrigerator, give them away or toss them out. Getting yourself back on track is a great way to start the year!

The last newsletter discussed goal setting: making goals achievable, simple and clear. You can read this article by clicking on the link below for access to previous newsletters.
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Look for Added Calories

Take a look at your daily intake and see where added calories might be sneaking in. It could be your morning specialty coffee, dressing on your salad, or the additional bag of chips you might be picking up from time to time. Take a look at the example below:

A medium latte (16 oz) with non fat milk= 130 calories
A medium mocha (16 oz) with non fat milk= 220 calories
1 lb of fat= 3,500 calories

This means it would take 27 lattes (or a latte every day for about 4 weeks) to add up to 1 lb of body weight. Or 16 mochas (a mocha every day for just over 2 weeks) to add up to 1 lb of body weight. Omitting something from your diet can result in weight maintenance rather than weight gain over time.


Overcoming Self-Sabotage Behavior

Over the last few months we have learned that self-sabotage behaviors are not a result of a lack of desire, intelligence, skills, or willpower. Instead, they are a result of subconscious, irrational beliefs and fears that were likely developed in our youth. To conclude our series, we will take a look ways you can begin to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors:

1. WATCH. Watch your behaviors. The major factor in eliminating self sabotaging behaviors is being aware of them.

2. LISTEN. Identify your negative beliefs and decide if each belief is really true or simply an illusion or someone else's opinion that you've unconsciously absorbed. How does this self-sabotaging behavior benefit you? Scheduling time to meditate, journal, or just have quiet time to relax and reflect is crucial to this step.

3. DO. The final step of eliminating self-defeating behaviors is to start re-programming your belief system.

• AFFIRM, AFFIRM, AFFIRM!!! Affirmations may sound silly, but they're actually an excellent way to undo ones past way of believing that they are not "worthy". How? Simply find three good things about yourself each day. Make a list and carry it with you everywhere you go. State the affirmations to yourself.

• Face challenges. Learning to face challenges rather than avoid them will increase your confidence that you will be able to.

•Enlist friends, family, professionals, and spiritual allies to help you sustain your goals and reinforce your new way of thinking.

•Be patient and persistent. Remember, to aim for progress, not perfection.

Maui Seminar & Support Group

The Maui Seminar & Support Group will be on Thursday, January 8th. We meet at 6 pm for pre-ops and 7 pm for post-op patients. Self-sabotage will be the support group topic.

Location: Maui Arts and Cultural Center in the Alexa Higashi Room
1 Cameron Way
Kahului, HI

New Hilo Office

ImageWe will have a new satellite office in Hilo, Hawaii starting February 2009. Further details and specifics will be coming in the next newsletter. Stay tuned!

Image Support Groups & Seminars

Honolulu Seminar & Support Group
Saturday, January 10 from 10 am - 12 pm
Oahu Veteran's Center, 1298 Kukila Street, Honolulu
10 am for pre-ops, 11 am for post-op patients.

San Francisco Seminar & Support Group
Monday, January 12 from 6-8 pm
The location will either be at 2351 Clay Street in the 3rd floor board room, or 2333 Buchanan Street in the Enright Room on the lobby level. Parking is validated at the Clay Street lot.
6 pm for pre-ops, 7 pm for post-op patients.

Eureka Seminar & Support Group
Thursday, January 15 from 7-9 pm
Red Lion Hotel, 1929 4th Street (4 blocks from downtown)
7 pm for pre-ops, 8 pm for post-op patients.

San Jose Seminar & Support Group
Wednesday, January 21 from 6-8 pm
Good Samaritan Hospital, 2425 Samaritan Drive
Meet in the teleconference trailers in the East parking lot.
6 pm for pre-ops, 7 pm for post-op patients.

Sacramento Seminar & Support Group
Saturday, January 24 from 9-11 am
Red Lion Hotel at Arden Village, 1401 Arden Way
9 am for pre-ops, 10 am for post-op patients.

Stockton Seminar & Support Group
Saturday, January 24 from 1-3 pm
Courtyard Marriott, 3252 West March Lane
1 pm for pre-ops, 2 pm for post-op patients.

Petaluma Seminar & Support Group
Saturday, January 24 from 9 am - 12 pm
Sheraton Petaluma, 745 Baywood Drive
9 am for pre-ops, 10:30 am for post-op patients.

Monterey Seminar & Support Group
Monday, January 26 from 7-9 pm
Hyatt Regency Monterey, 1 Old Golf Course Road
7 pm for pre-ops, 8 pm for post-op patients.

click here for calendar

Make 2009 a great year! Keep your goals in mind and work towards making this year a healthier one for you!

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