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Dear Friends,
The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is coming soon.  It’s evoking a lot of emotion – and it’s critical that we’re all prepared.

At Tanenbaum, we watch trends to ensure that we can be proactive in combating religious prejudice – rather than simply reacting.  Sadly, we now predict an escalation of bias and hate acts against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim.  It’s already started, and we expect it to continue around the tenth anniversary and through the 2012 elections. The furor around the Park51 Cultural Center (also misnamed the “Ground Zero Mosque”), the King hearings and the hate talk that followed the death of Osama bin Laden, show that we’re right. The public conversation – on terrorism, Islam, Sharia law, religious minorities and more – is picking up again. 
We are dedicated to giving people tools for coping with this difficult time. Tanenbaum has created materials addressing 9/11 and religion-based bias, including anti-Muslim sentiment. These resources are designed to be used in workplaces, schools, houses of worship and community centers – and any place people gather and talk - to support the sensitive conversations about religious pluralism that still we need to have.
Tanenbaum’s materials include conversation guidelines, questions to encourage discussion, plus a wide array of fact sheets, such as:
The fact sheets provide concrete data designed to inform but not inflame, exploring pressing issues such as hate speech and violence directed against “the other.”
Tanenbaum is proud to be a founding member and leader of Prepare New York, a groundbreaking interfaith coalition dedicated to freedom of religion, including freedom for non-believers. Our coalition partners include: Auburn Seminary, Intersections International, The Interfaith Center of New York, Odyssey Networks and Quest. These materials are our contribution to Prepare New York’s programming for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
When you use these materials, it constitutes what Prepare New York calls a “CoffeeHour Conversation,” a dialogue intended to inspire understanding across religious differences. So please be sure to register your conversation at prepareny.com/CHCregistration and be part of a national movement!
If you have questions, please contact us at info@tanenbaum.org.

Kind regards,

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