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Greetings from the Map House,

I finished the 2nd Edition EG USA, and have been signing and shipping orders for the Patrons Limited Release.

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By introducing a new, more realistic representation of land, water and the human footprint, the 2nd Edition takes geographic comprehension to a higher level. 

You see rivers run down mountains and roads follow paths of least resistance. On the full map you can take in big-picture geography like the Pacific slope rising abruptly to meet the inter-mountain plateau, and the Great Plains descending eastward from the Rockies.

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I was honored when Slate and others endorsed the 1st Edition. I believe the 2nd Edition will be the map for which I'm remembered.

This new edition will enrich your life with a deeper appreciation of United States geography.

Cick here for a closer look.

      Thank you for supporting my work,

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      Dave Imus

PS  The general release takes place this spring.

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Photos by Susan Detroy

Patrons Limited Release printed and hand-trimmed by
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