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January, 2016
No. 1, 64th Year

Please Note: Opening Nights now Fridays 
                              Extra performance: Saturday matinee in the third week 

PLAY 1: 
- Feb 19th - Mar 5th
 By Ron Hutchinson
Directed by Bruce Akers

PLAY 2: TWELVE ANGRY MENApr 29th - May 14th
By Reginald Rose
Directed by Chris Baldock

PLAY 3: GOD OF CARNAGE - Jul 1st - 16th
by Yasmina Reza
Directed by Terese Maurici-Ryan

By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Karen Wakeham

PLAY 5: ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS Nov 18th - Dec 3rd
By Richard Bean
Directed by Chris Baldock

Youth Theatre: TBA.

All patrons of the Company are invited to become active members. Your participation will be greatly welcomed. Try something new or bring your well-practiced talents to our theatre. 

For further information, consult the 2016 Playbill which also contains information on subscriptions, renewals, vouchers and memberships. You can download the Playbill from our website



Saturday 6th 10.00am Working Bee with Lunch

Saturday 13th 10.00am Working Bee with Lunch

Friday 19th   8.00pm OPENING NIGHT – Moonlight & Magnolias

Saturday 27th 1.00pm Audition: Twelve Angry Men


Saturday 5th 8.00pm CLOSING NIGHT - Moonlight & Magnolias


Saturday 2nd 1.00pm Audition: A Streetcar Named Desire

Sunday 3rd 1.00pm Audition: A Streetcar Named Desire


by Ron Hutchinson

Directed by Bruce Akers

Season: 19th February- 5th March, 2016

Weeknights and Saturdays at 8:00pm, Sundays 21 and 28 Feb at 2:00pm and Saturday 5th March at 2:00pm.

Preview & First Wednesday Night Specials- Groups 50+ at $10 per ticket. Adults: $27; Concession Card Holders & Members $24

Groups of 10+ $22 per ticket.

For more information check our Website: or call the Box Office on 9457 4117

Legendary film producer, David O. Selznick is five weeks into shooting "Gone With the Wind" when he realizes that 

the script is awful and that the director doesn't have a clue. He has five days to replace them and restart the shoot  or the production will close down. Selznick calls Victor Fleming from the set of "The Wizard of Oz" to direct and he taps legendary playwright, screenwriter and script doctor Ben Hecht to rewrite the script. 

Moonlight and Magnolias Poster

There's only one problem: Hecht hasn't read the book. Over the course of five madcap days, the three men, aided by Selznick's assistant, Miss Poppenghul, frantically craft one of the most beloved screenplays of all time. This hilarious farce, based partially on fact, perfectly captures the true life madness behind the making of the immortal "Gone With the Wind"- one of Hollywood's most beloved classics.

Rehearsals are now well underway with the director, Bruce Akers, thrilled to be working with some of the most

talented actors in Melbourne, all who have graced the Heidelberg stage on numerous occasions. Tim Constantine (Selznick) last seen here as a memorable McMurphy in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" has also appeared in "The Judas Kiss", "The History Boys"  and "Under Milk Wood" at HTC amongst other fine productions. His fellow

"Cloudstreet" cast member, James Antonas plays Ben Hecht. James was featured in "Three Sisters" at HTC in 2015.

Jeremy Just ("True Minds") plays famed Hollywood director, Victor Fleming and the cast is completed with

Pauline Constantine ("Under Milk Wood") playing the long-suffering Miss Poppenghul. 

Moonlight Rehearsal

Production Coordinator Karen Wakeham heads a very capable team including Emma Hunt as Stage Manager, Melanie Belcher as Assistant Production Coordinator, Michael Rowe for Lighting Design, Wendy Drowley heading the wardrobe team,  Bronwyn Parker handling Props, Rob Wanless is responsible for the Sound design and the indispensable team of set builders is once again captained by Owen Evans.  Marie Mackrell will lend her very capable talents as set artist. The overall Set design and concept has been handled by HTC regular, George Tranter.

We look forward to seeing all HTC patrons at the show. This very funny play is the perfect start to the marvellous 2016 Season at Heidelberg Theatre.

(Pictured: From left, James Antonas & Tim Constantine)     

Don't Dress For Dinner - Stage Whispers Review

By Marc Camoletti. 
Directed by Chris McLean. Heidelberg Theatre Company. 20th Nov – 5th Dec, 2015.

Farce was once the mainstay of popular theatre but, like most things, it was sidelined by more deep and intense, navel gazing, drama. Fortunately, Community Theatre recognised its entertainment value, and some of the best farces of the late 20th century grace the stages of our amateur theatres on a regular basis.
Heidelberg Theatre Company has a gem of a director in Chris McLean, and he, in turn, has mounted a gem of a production in Marc Camoletti’s Don’t Dress For Dinner. Camoletti is best known for his long running play and subsequent feature Boeing Boeing. Don’t Dress For Dinner is a little naughtier, and even more convoluted in its plot, but it is extremely funny, and Chris McLean gives us a veritable feast of hilarity. Set in France, it’s the sort of play the French excel at (though it did run for six years in London in the early 90s). McLean has embraced the French sensibility and played it to perfection. 
Bernard (Justin Stephens) and Jacqueline (Cat Jardine) are married but, unbeknownst to each other they each have a lover – and Jacquie’s just happens to be Bernard’s best friend Robert (Mark Briggs). Then there’s Bernard’s lover Suzanne (Eleni Miller) who somehow gets mistaken for Suzette (Rhiannon Leach) a chef from a catering company – who also happens to be married to the jealous George (Gavin Baker). While Suzette poses as Suzanne, pretending to be Robert’s girlfriend rather than Bernard’s, Jacquie is jealous, not of her husband, but of her lover Robert for cheating on her. There’s a lot of mix-up between bedrooms in the old farmhouse which were once the Cow-shed and the Pigsty. You can see where this is going and the mayhem that ensues is beyond explanation. In any case, you won’t care, you’ll be laughing too hard. 
Justin Stephens brings his usual style and aplomb to the caddish Bernard. He’s an actor of strong presence and appeal, and enough charm to prevent us from despising the sleazy Bernard. Mark Briggs…still a relative newcomer…is a triumph as the slightly doltish but horny Robert. His timing is perfection, his presence is endearing, and his comedy business is simply hilarious, with every expression worth a thousand words. Cat Jardine is a welcome addition to any Community production and here she is in her element. With a strong talent for physical comedy, she’s the perfect foil between the two men. Rhiannon Leach is sexy, gorgeous and witty as Suzie the cook – though it does take her a while to settle in to her accent; and Eleni Miller, as Bernard’s mistress, is fine as the object of much of the confusion. Gavin Baker has little to do in his cameo role, but he does it with conviction and is entirely credible.
 But it’s the combination of Briggs, Stephens and McLean that steals the night. McLean has created comic schtick I have never seen before and it’s beautifully executed by the two actors, as well as their female counterparts. McLean also designed the superb set, as well as the programme and the poster. Deryk Hartwick’s lighting design is a treat, as is George Bissett’s sound. All in all, this is a production of overall excellence and the perfect holiday fare to end a highly successful season.

The standard is always high at HTC. It’s satisfying to see such a successful Community Theatre, and 2016 kicks off with another farce – Moonlight and Magnolias, so there are plenty more laughs in store.

Coral Drouyn

(Pictured: Above: Justin Stevens, Eleni Miller and Mark Briggs. Below: Rhiannon Leach, Mark Briggs and Cate Jardine)


by  Reginald Rose
directed by Chris Baldock



29 April - 14 May, 2016

Weeknights and Saturdays at 8.00pm.

Sundays at 2pm.

Note: There is an additional Saturday performance on May 14th at 2:00pm

Venue: Heidelberg Theatre Company 36 Turnham Ave, Rosanna, (opposite Rosanna Station)
You will be required to do a monologue that WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU AT THE AUDITION. There is no need to prepare one prior. The monologue may or may not be for the part you are auditioning for and it may not even be from the play! You will not know until the day. You may be asked to interpret the piece in a variety of ways at your audition. It is suggested that you arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your audition to allow yourself time to become familiar with the piece.
When you attend the audition, please bring with you a non-returnable photograph (please write your name on back of the photo in case it gets separated from the form). Audition forms will be available to complete on the audition day.
It is a requirement that you have read the play prior to auditions. Please also advise if you require a perusal script.
Auditions are by appointment only.
Chris is an award-winning director with over 50 productions to his credit. For Heidelberg Theatre Company he has directed the acclaimed productions of Shirley Valentine, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, The Grapes of Wrath, Cloudstreet, Under Milk Wood and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. He will also be directing One Man, Two Guv’nors for the company at the end of the year. His production of The Laramie Project won the Green Room Award for Best Independent production. He runs his own theatre company, Mockingbird Theatre, and is also well known for his productions with many companies around Melbourne.
Twelve Angry Men is a gripping study of a jury in lock-up, in stifling summer heat, to consider their verdict on a young coloured man accused of murder. The white, mostly middle-class, jurors favour a vote of guilty in this ‘open-and-shut’ case – all except one, who thinks reasonable doubt exists. So begins a penetrating examination of how men struggle to deliver justice in a world where prejudice, racism and privilege hold such strong sway, often below the surface. First written in 1954, this powerful drama continues to enthral and excite audiences 70 years later. Its themes are just as pertinent in our world today.
The twelve jurors are nameless and are known only by their number for the sake of the script. Age ranges are open with a handful of noted exceptions.
  • ONE: Teacher/Assistant Football Coach (High School). The foreman in the group.
  • TWO: Bank Clerk. Young (max age 25).
  • THREE: Self Employed (Runs a messenger service). (Min age 40)
  • FOUR: Stockbroker.
  • FIVE: Nurse. (Max age 35)
  • SIX: Labourer.
  • SEVEN: Salesman.
  • EIGHT: Architect.
  • NINE: Retired (Min age 65).
  • TEN: Self-Employed Mechanic.
  • ELEVEN: Watchmaker.
  • TWELVE: Advertising Agent.
There is also a small role of the Court Guard who is the only character who is not on stage the whole evening. 

March with a cast read through/introduction late February. There will be rehearsals on other evenings in the week leading up to the production as well as costume calls on a Saturday morning to be
determined. This is a true ensemble piece and all actors will be required for all rehearsals. Please do not audition if you have major commitments between late February and mid-May and cannot make this commitment.

All queries to the Director at

WORKING BEE: Sat 16 Apr & Sat 23 Apr; 10am-4pm.


by  Tennessee Williams
directed by Karen Wakeham
Saturday, April 2nd, 6:00pm.
Sunday, April 3rd, 1:00pm. 

Sep 9th to Sep 24th, 2016.

Weeknights and Saturdays at 8.00pm.

Sundays at 2pm. Saturday matinee Sep 24th at 2pm.

Venue: Heidelberg Theatre Company 36 Turnham Ave, Rosanna, (opposite Rosanna Station)
It is expected that all actors will have read the play before the audition. Scripts will be available for the audition. Note: a free PDF is available online at
American accents are required.
Please bring a non-returnable headshot.
Enquiries to Director, Karen Wakeham,, 0439 552043 or PM
Blanche Dubois, raised in the elegant world of the Southern plantation, comes to stay with her younger sister, Stella Kowalski and husband Stanley in a tiny apartment in the crowded Faubourg Marigny Quarter of New Orleans. Stanley’s brutish behaviour threatens to shatter Blanche’s fragile sense of self, and to destroy her last chance of happiness.
Blanche Dubois, 30+:  A faded Southern belle, disgraced and penniless, Blanche is a sensitive, insecure and romantic soul, so badly bruised by a difficult past that she cannot bear much reality.
Stella Kowalski, 25+: Blanche’s sister, wife to Stanley, with whom she is madly in love. She is expecting their first child. Though her sisterly feelings are strong, she puts Stanley first in a way that reveals a cruel capacity for self-deception.
Stanley Kowalski, 28+: Handsome alpha male, solid, blue-collar. Direct, passionate, often violent. Loves Stella but has no patience with Blanche and her illusions. Confident, domineering, yet vulnerable with his woman.
Harold (Mitch) Mitchell, 30+: Tough and unrefined but in some ways sensitive and compassionate. Shy and unconfident with women, but attracted to Blanche. Deeply affected by the impending loss of his beloved mother.
Eunice Hubbell, any age: Married to Steve, owns the apartment building. Kind-hearted but pragmatic, a survivor. Supports and advises Stella.
Steve Hubbell, any age: Stanley’s poker buddy. Married to Eunice; theirs is a violent but happy marriage. Rough, similar to Stanley in attitudes and behaviours.
Young Collector, 18+: Collects payments for newspaper delivery. Could be played (as male) by young woman.
Pablo Gonzales, 25+: Another of Stanley’s poker buddies, another strong, coarse masculine presence. Spanish-speaking.
Strange Man (Doctor) any age: Arrives at play’s end; uses kindness to persuade Blanche to go to hospital.
Strange Woman (Nurse) any age: Impersonal, institutionally severe, physically strong.


Heidelberg Theatre is pleased to announce its new season of plays for it's 64th year of shows.

PLAY 1: Moonlight and Magnolias - Feb 19th to Mar 5th.
by Ron Hutchinson, directed by Bruce Akers.

1939 and Hollywood is abuzz. Legendary film producer David O. Selznik has halted the shoot on his epic Gone With the Wind – the script is
dreadful; the director clueless. He has just five days to rewrite the script or the production will shut down. Determined to succeed, Selznik
locks himself in his office with a new director and new screenwriter – with only bananas and peanuts for sustenance – and the marathon
creative session begins.

This hilarious farce perfectly captures the true life madness behind the scenes of one of the most successful film of all time.


PLAY 2: Twelve Angry Men - Apr 29th to May 14th.
by Reginald Rose, directed by Chris Baldock
Twelve Angry Men is a gripping study of a jury, in lock up in stifling summer heat to consider their verdict on a young coloured man accused of murder. The white, mostly middle-class, jurors favour a vote of guilty in this ‘open-and-shut’ case – all but one, who thinks a reasonable doubt exists. So begins a penetrating examination of how men struggle to deliver justice, in a world where prejudice, racism and privilege hold such strong sway, often below the surface. 
This powerful drama, first written in 1954, continues to enthral audiences 70 years’ later. It’s themes are just as pertinent in our world today.

PLAY 3: God of Carnage - Jul 1st to Jul 16th.
by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton,
directed by Terese Maurici-Ryan.
Following a playground fight between two small boys, their parents meet to politely discuss the incident – a grown-up discourse to sort out
whose child, if either, is blameworthy for the altercation. However, this attempt at restrained adult civility soon devolves into a riotous evening
of finger pointing, name calling, tears, stomping, throwing things, petulance and other acts of rudeness. And that’s before they bring out the
rum! Who are the real children here?
This Tony Award-winning play brims with acerbic wit and sarcastic insight. Fast, furious and very, very funny.

PLAY 4: A Streetcar Named Desire - Sep 9th to Sep 24th.
by Tennessee Williams, directed by Karen Wakeham.

Blanche Dubois, raised in the elegant world of a Southern plantation, comes to stay with her younger sister, Stella Kowalski and husband Stanley in a crowded New Orleans’ apartment. Stanley’s brutish and tormenting behaviour threatens to shatter Blanche’s fragile sense of self and to destroy her last chance of happiness.

Widely considered one of the greatest American plays, A Streetcar Named Desire won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the New York Drama

Critics' Circle Best Play in 1948. The 1951 film adaptation starring Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh won four Academy Awards and is regarded

as an American classic.

PLAY 5: One Man Two Guvnors - Nov 18th to Dec 3rd.
by Richard Bean, based on Servant of Two Masters, by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Chris Baldock.
One easily-confused and ever-ravenous Francis Henshall finds himself a minder of two men, a gangster and a criminal in hiding, both of whom are linked in a web of schemes, extortions and romantic associations. To prevent discovery, Francis must keep his two guvnors apart at all costs. But it’s tricky. Mistaken identities, cross dressing and multiple mishaps soon coalesce to engulf him in pandemonium. 
This internationally acclaimed smash hit is a glorious celebration of British comedy – a wonderful mix of satire, songs, slapstick and witty one liners.

Please note that HTC reserves the right to change all listed dates.

Our 2016 Playbill has already been posted to our current subscribers and audience members but is also available at the theatre during the run of "Moonlight and Magnolias", in the library branches throughout Banyule, and the Banyule Council Service Centres.  

Alternatively, call the Box Office on 9457 4117, leave a name and contact details and we will post one to you, or print one from the printable version on our website at 

We look forward to seeing you in 2016 for another great season!

President's Award 2015

This award, which the Committee decided to establish in 2007, is not necessarily an annual award. The President’s Award is awarded to a member of the Company where recognition is due for a life time of service, achievement and involvement with the Company. This year’s recipient joined the Heidelberg Theatre Company in 1983 and has been involved in practically every discipline from back stage crew, actor, director, production coordinator, committee member and play selection chair. 

JoanPresidentsAwardAs a Life Member of the Heidelberg Theatre Company, this year’s recipient has contributed substantially over the past 30 years to the Company’s success. It is my pleasure to announce that Joan Moriarty is the recipient of the President’s Award in 2015. 

John Gilbert

President,13 December 2015.

(Pictured: John Gilbert President  with Joan Moriarty who was the recipient of the President’s Award.)



On behalf on the Committee I would like to welcome you all to the 2015 Annual General Meeting of the Heidelberg Theatre company.
As we complete our 63rd year we can proudly reflect on a year that has been both successful and rewarding. To date we have produced 409 plays, including the season of the HTC Youth Production, Treasure Island, which commenced on Friday and runs until next Saturday.
Our subscriber numbers this year are a very healthy 569, compared to last year 519. The occupancy rates for each production this year ranged from 80.6% to 100%, which equates to a season average of 92.3%. We are pleased to have received positive audience feedback during the year and are very proud of the high standard we have achieved showcasing our best talent both on and off stage. The Theatre Company has managed to maintain a sound financial position with adequate cash reserves to cover 12 months operating expenditure.

The occupancy rates for our 5 plays in 2015 achieve great results. This is a resounding confirmation of both the playbill choice for the season and the respect we have achieved for the quality of our productions. The occupancy rates for each play were:

100% When Dad Married Fury by David Williamson
Directed by Maureen McInerney
90.3% The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Joan Moriarty
91.07% The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh
Directed by Bruce Akers
80.68% Quartet - by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Brett Turner
99.82% Don’t Dress for Dinner - by Marc Camoletti
Directed by Chris McLean

The Heidelberg Theatre Company is fortunate to have a strong, dedicated and talented team to drive both the artistic and administrative needs of the company. Our reputation has enabled us to attract some of the best theatre people available in Melbourne and continue to expand our talent base of
great people and proudly produce some of the best non-professional theatre in Melbourne.
The plays of the 2015 season will be covered by Anne Holt and Jill Scott with their appraisal of the 5 productions later in the AGM.
The HTC Youth group has been under the coordination of Christian Dell’Olio and Ryan Purdey who have directed this year’s production of Treasure Island from an adaptation by Erich Fordham and Ryan Purdey.

The rights for the 2016 season plays have been secured and the 5 plays as advertised in our playbill are:
Moonlight and Magnolias - by Ron Hutchinson
Twelve Angry Men - by Reginald Rose
God of Carnage - by Yasmina Reza
A Streetcar Named Desire - by Tennessee Williams
One Man Two Guvnors - by Richard Bean
We will hear more about the 2016 season from the Directors later in the AGM.
VDL Awards. 
The Committee decided not to nominate an entry for the 2015 Victorian Drama League Awards. This decision was taken as a result of a nomination omission for the 2014 awards and what appears to be a lack of transparency by the Victorian Drama League organisers responsible for the awards process.

HTC Committee 
Elected unopposed to the committee at the 2014 AGM were June Cherrey, Karen Wakeham, Linda Coutts and Jenni Purdey.
Committee members for 2015 were:
Wendy Drowley - Vice President
Bruce Akers –Vice President, Treasurer
Brett Hunt – Secretary
Joan Moriarty - Play selection
Owen Evans – Set builders, Technical equipment and OH&S Jim Thomson - Publicity
June Cherrey- Tickets
Maureen McInerney – Front of House
Karen Wakeham
Christian Dell’Olio – Youth Theatre
Linda Coutts - Tickets
Jenni Purdey - Membership
The committee requested that I should continue as President and I accepted the invitation for the 2015 year. I am also grateful for the strong support of the two vice presidents, Wendy Drowley and Bruce Akers. Since 2004 our secretary Brett Hunt has managed to do an outstanding job handling the business of the committee with a blend of calm reliability and good humorOur thanks go to the members of the Play Selection Committee. Chaired by Joan Moriarty, with a sub committee consisting of; Wendy Drowley, Bruce Akers, Karen Wakeham, Maureen McInerney, Jim Thomson and Margaret Hassall, they continue to drive the success of the Company.
The membership of the Heidelberg Theatre Company can be very proud of their committee, who have generously volunteered their time and talents to the business of running this great community theatre, maintaining an encouraging artistic environment and ensuring responsible financial control.

Our subscriber numbers in 2015 were 569, compared to 519 last year. In addition to this, we have 70 general members, 25 youth members and 12 Life members.

Our Treasurer Bruce Akers, will provide a full financial overview later in the meeting of the 2015 year.
We are pleased to report that the Heidelberg Theatre Company has been able to maintain a financially sound position and we currently hold cash reserves in the order of $135K, compared to $92K last year. Our revenue this year has been $169K compared to $152K in 2014 and we achieved an operating surplus of $46.7K, compared to our $12K operating surplus last year.
Our operating expenditure before depreciation was in the order of $123K, compared to last year which was around $130K.
Capital expenditure this year included the following major items: air-conditioning for the wardrobe shed, A Qlab audio computer, a sewing machine, and a 30 litre boiling unit for front of house. Total capital for the year was $18.9K.
Bookings and ticket box
The online ticketing system has now been successfully operating for 3 years and has been well patronised by our non-subscriber audiences. The ongoing maintenance and system enhancement has been coordinated by Toni Tyers, supported with great assistance from Bob Tyers.
The responsibility of managing our bookings and ticket sales continues to be performed with great skill, flexibility and reliability by a dedicated team including, Toni Tyers, June Cherrey, Linda Coutts, Fiona Campbell and Jenni Purdey.

Prompts, Programmes, Posters and Playbill
The editorial task of producing our Theatre newsletter “Prompts” was handed over to Erich Fordham from Toni Tyers and Erich has done a great job managing the production of this year’s editions.
Our annual Playbill flyer, the programmes and the posters for this year’s plays were once again skilfully crafted by Chris McLean. In addition Chris also keeps the HTC web site current.
Our HTC Facebook page is kept up to date by Christian Dell’Olio.

Our archives have been growing over the years thanks to the efforts of Wendy Drowley and Toni Tyers, a sample of which was displayed in the foyer during our 60th year celebrations. This year Toni Tyers and Fiona Campbell attended a workshop conducted by the Victorian Collections, run by Museums Victoria as a State Government initiative, and gained a valuable amount of information to ensure that our collection can be catalogued and recorded using the many resources available to HTC.
Foyer Artspace
Our Artspace Curator Teresa Schipano has done a wonderful job this year coordinating the foyer art displays including works from, Cat Jardine, Philip O’Brien, Patrick Ryant, Our Lady of Mercy College and Dale Cato

Publicity and Promotion
During the year Jim Thomson has coordinated the publicity responsibilities for HTC with assistance from Toni Tyers and from Bruce Akers.

As our resident photographer, David Belton has provided us with some great images for our programmes, front of house and archives again this year and his work is greatly appreciated and admired by all of us at the theatre.
The Front of House roster for each production has been co-ordinated by Jenny Gilbert and is delivered by a team of wonderful volunteers who willingly undertake the Front of House duties for each play season. In addition Maureen McInerney and Sheelagh Belton have taken care of the Front of House supplies and catering.
Set designs this year have been created by Marie Mackrell, Matthew McLaughlan, George Tranter and Chris McLean. Our talented team of Set builders has included, Owen Evans, Noel Purdey, Paddy Moriarty, Des Harris, Neville Wilkie, Doug McNaughton, Mal Cother, Blake Egan, Pete Trimble, Norm Munks, Ian Green, Stephanie Gonelli, Ian McCabe, Christian Dell’Olio, Chris McLean and Jim Thomson.
Our technical and back stage crews included the talents of George Bissett, Craig Pearcey, Deryk Hartwick, John Rowe, Michael Rowe, Margaret Hassall, Melanie Belcher, Bobby Parish, Sheelagh Belton, Rob Wanless, Llaaneath Poor, Christian Dell’Olio, Stephanie Cross, Kareena Dhaliwal, Gavin Baker, Tim Overton, Luke Jackson, Julian Adams, Bruce Moorhouse, Emma Fox and many more - all of whom the audience are unlikely to see. Our properties have been managed by Rhonda Huckle with assistance from Bronwyn Parker and David Belton.
Our extensive wardrobe and costume requirements continue to be managed by Wendy Drowley, Lois Connor, Dianne Brennan, Maureen McInerney, Paris Elstone and Vickie Ashton.
Our thanks and recognition must also go to the Production Coordinators this year who were: Margaret Hassell, Karen Wakeham, Maureen McInerney, and Joan Moriarty.
We are also proud to see Julia Christensen graduate from NIDA this year. Julia last appeared at HTC in the 2012 production of "The Lion In Winter."

The Heidelberg Theatre Company is grateful to the Banyule Council for the loan of their Phonic Ear Kit during the year which has been made available for all of our performances and this facility is greatly appreciated by those audience members who are hearing impaired.
We understand that the Council property next door in Turnham Avenue and Douglas Street has been sold under contract to a developer and is subject to the next development stage of office accommodation at the Banyule Council’s Watermark building in Greensborough.
We are still waiting for Banyule City Council to forward the necessary documentation for our lease option period which runs until 2023.

O.H. &S.
We have continued to include O.H. &S. as part of the monthly committee reporting. Whilst we have experienced a couple of minor incidents during the year, we have managed to maintain a safe working environment and safe work practices for all our volunteer workers.
Community involvement and Charity
During the year the Theatre has been regularly used by the Rosanna Library and Banyule City Council. The theatre was also made available to Araluen again this year for a fundraising evening.
Preview nights were available to charity groups at the discounted rate of $10 per ticket for 50 or more. This offer was taken up during the year by several groups including The Soroptimists, Oxfam, McLeod College and the Uniting Church.
We have supported various groups and school fund raising initiatives during the year by providing tickets to our plays.
Props and costumes and props from our extensive collection were loaned to several other amateur theatre companies around Melbourne during the year.
HTC has also continued to support the community radio station 96.5 Inner FM during the year.

We said goodbye to following Heidelberg Theatre Company family members this year.
Peter Spackman 
Peter had been both an actor and director at HTC, including a role in the production of "The Life and Times of Nicholas Nickleby", which also toured New Zealand and directed the production of "Patrick Pearce Hotel". He was well known in Melbourne amateur theatre circles and passed away on 15th January this year.
Ian Grealy
Ian was a very well regarded actor amongst the Melbourne theatre community. His last appearance at Heidelberg was in 2004 in the role of Theodore Hickman in the production of "The Iceman Cometh". We were very saddened by the news of his sudden passing in early June this year
Ted Drowley
Ted’s history with HTC dates back to 1958 when Wendy dragged him down to East Ivanhoe to assist with the production of See How They Run. Over many years Ted continued to work with Wendy on set designs for her productions and he became more heavily involved with set construction for the bulk of the HTC productions each year. In addition to set construction, Ted also took on the responsibility for coordinating and actioning the Theatre’s maintenance obligations. He was a practical man who contributed many years of service to the Heidelberg Theatre Company. Ted passed away peacefully on 23 October this year.

The Committee is pleased to report that the 2015 year has been a very successful one, with outstanding occupancy rates, positive feedback and artistic recognition. As our 63rd year draws to a close and we prepare to enter our 64th year in 2016, we can safely state that The Heidelberg Theatre Company is in a sound financial position and is artistically ready to accept the challenges ahead.
We are very proud of the dedicated members who willingly volunteer their talent and time to our thriving community asset, not only for the people of Banyule, but also for the greater theatre community of Melbourne. Our reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality non-professional theatre is well recognised and as result we continue to offer wonderful opportunities for involvement at all levels and ages, both on and offstage.
Our 2016 playbill will continue to deliver both cultural diversity and great entertainment providing affordable live theatre access to a broad audience base.
On behalf of the Committee we thank all of those people who have contributed at all levels to ensure that 2015 has been another great year for The Heidelberg Theatre Company.
To our members and our appreciative audiences, we wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

John Gilbert
President Heidelberg Theatre Company December 2015


Treasure Island Dress Rehersal 3Treasure Island Dress Rehearsal 2Treasure Island Dress Rehearsal 4Christian Treasure IslandTreasure Island Dress Rehearsal 5
wbeecartoon 3


Is your group or committee planning it's Fund Raising Calendar 
for this year? 
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to HTC in 2016.
Generous concessions for groups of 10 or more. 
Like more details? 
Please call the Box Office on 9457 4117.

Moonlight and 



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lunch is provided 

So come along, it's fun and also a great experience
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Work backstage or front of house!
Like to know more? – call the Theatre on 9455 3039


Heidelberg Theatre Company Inc.                                            web bookings: www.
36 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna, Vic, 3084 (Melway Ref. 32 A1)    General Enquiries: 9455 3039
Box Office: 03 94574117                                                         email:
Hurstbridge line – Rosanna Station                                           website: Inc.
No. A008432X ABN: 70 112 958 020                                         P.O. Box 141, Rosanna, 3084

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Heidelberg Theatre Company
PO Box 141
ROSANNA, Victoria 3084

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