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Vol. 14, Issue 1

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Milli Thornton toasting the New Year, 2014
Dear Gazette Readers,

Happy New Year for 2014! Here I am toasting the New Year, and all writers who find the courage to live their writing dreams this year. If you haven't gotten started yet, there's plenty of help and support for you at Fear of Writing, which the Gazette will offer to you in bite-size pieces over the course of the year.

As we know, New Year's resolutions can sometimes sound extreme, even punitive. "I will never let sugar pass these lips again, and I will lose two-thirds of my body weight this year." After a week of deprivation, the inevitable sugar binge happens . . . along with the self-loathing.

If I'm going to make resolutions at all, I would rather call them intentions. An intention can be fluid; change or grow as I change and grow. I also like to make intentions I can enjoy, vs. something that sounds like The Voice of My Conscience. ("Have more fun" is my favorite, with specifics on how to have that fun fleshing out the intention.)

Operating on that basis, let's create some writer's intentions together. I'll go first. After that, if you feel moved to create some of your own, you can go to my website and dabble with a tool I created--a questionnaire, containing both multiple choice questions and text boxes--that will help you think and feel it through.

My Writer's Intentions for 2014

~ Remember and practice what I've learned about enjoying my writing

~ Let myself off the hook when I catch myself living the "shoulds" instead of the creativity

~ Publish the Gazette more consistently this year

~ Continue working on/playing with my 3rd screenplay

~ Publish the 3rd edition of Fear of Writing

~ Continue the pre-writing for my next book for writers

Don't be daunted if some of my intentions sound like more than you could handle just yet. It took me a long time to get to the point where I gave myself permission to write a screenplay, and then I had a learning curve getting to the point where I'm crystal clear on how to avoid the things that turn it into a duty instead of a pleasure. If your intentions are pegged way lower than mine, just remember, comparison is for the birds. You have to find what works for YOU. I've been doing this for a long time and I certainly didn't begin as a fully-formed writer.

You might notice that I used the word "pre-writing" for my book goals. That's a far cry from "finish the book in 2014," which feels like a "should" and can squash the desire to even get started. Pre-writing is a word I made up to describe an enjoyable process I go through instead of forcing myself to "write the book." It's a way to let the ideas flow until eventually an actual book takes shape. I'll share more with you about that during 2014.

If you'd like to try your hand at voicing some writer's intentions, click the link to come play:

Your Good-Feeling Writer's Intentions for 2014

Here's to more happy writers in this year of creative promise! Smiley face

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Milli Thornton
author, Fear of Writing

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