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In a rapidly changing world, diverse people and organisations have to respond to increasing complexity and uncertainty, while leverage their respective strengths to pursue the shared vision of a just, sustainable and peaceful future.

One of the main outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference was the agreement to launch a process to develop a set of
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will build upon the Millennium Development Goals. A historical achievement of collective leadership, the SDGs were adopted in September 2015.

Goal 17 promotes multi-stakeholder partnerships as a key, cross-cutting approach. Partnering and collaboration between business, NGOs, government, the UN and communities will be essential to achieve the goals and are needed at a scale and quality that goes far beyond the current levels of collaboration capacity.

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Changing the way we co-create for a more sustainable, socially just future!

Our Collective Leadership and Stakeholder Collaboration trainings in 2016:

18 - 20 May 2016 | India*
21 - 24 Jun 2016 | Germany
27 - 29 Jun 2016 | Germany
10 - 13 Aug 2016 | Cambodia
18 - 21 Oct 2016 | South Africa

27 - 29 Oct 2016 | Germany
22 - 25 Nov 2016 | Germany

The above-listed open courses can also be adapted to your specific context and challenges in a tailor made format for your team, partners and stakeholders.

* Implementation by our accredited partner
Prime Meridian Consulting India Pvt Ltd

'Leading Collectively in Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships' by Petra Kuenkel


German Platform for Multi-Actor Partnerships (MAP)



 SDGS Website 3 

Goal 17 of the Agenda 2030 promotes multi-stakeholder partnerships as a key instrument to making the SDGs a reality. But for these partnerships to succeed, we need to understand how they work in practice. It's the only way to ensure they contribute to a sustainable development. For the GREAT Insights Magazine, our Founder and Executive Director Petra Kuenkel wrote the lead article "Towards a governance of trust: Leading collectively in multi-stakeholder partnerships". Read the article here >>


In an effort to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the German platform for Multi-Stakeholder Partnership (MAP) offers a learning and capacity building space on partnering. Framed by the Sustainable Development Goal 17, to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development, partnerships between civil society organisations, governments and private sector organisations are the key enablers for meeting global challenges and fulfilling the SDGs. Read more (in German)  >>

Our Young Leaders for Sustainability (YLS) Programme Goes International!


'Change for the Audacious' with Chapter on Collective Action

  YLS_English_NL2 3


     Steve Wadell Buch

YLS is a qualification programme for young leaders who want to make a difference. Since 2008 it builds a network of young professionals from business, government and civil society. The programme can also be adapted to your specific context and challenges in a tailor made format. Our new international curriculum in English starts in 2017. More information >>


Addressing critical challenges like ‪climate‬ change, food security and equity requires large systems change‬ and development of powerful change systems. The new book 'Change for the Audacious' by ‪‎Steve Waddell includes a case study written by Dominic Stucker, Kristiane Schaefer and Petra Kuenkel on their work with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and partners on multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable forestry in Laos. Read Chapter 8 'Growing Collective Action' >>


The Future of Leadership is Collective - Petra Kuenkel's Blog

 Slider1_visionary1 2 This is Petra Kuenkel's personal blog on Collective Leadership. She writes for all who believe that this world needs more collective action for sustainability and shares her experiences  on how you can lead collectively in these complex processes in her diverse blog posts.

 Neues-Cover2 4 'The Art of Leading Collectively' by Petra Kuenkel: A guide to collaborative impact for leaders in industry, government and social change networks. Readers learn how to tackle systems change for sustainable development, reimagine leadership as a collaborative endeavor, retrain leaders to work collectively, and manage diverse groups through a change process that has sustainability as a guiding focus. The book offers many examples of collective leadership efforts involving corporate, public, and nonprofit sectors around the world. Read the editorial reviews >>

News from the Collective Leadership Institute

Cross Sector Partnerships for Systemic Change (CSSI) -
Toronto, Canada - 17 - 20 April: This event brought together researchers and practitioners to understand better how business, government, and civil society interact to address social problems. This year’s theme asked whether and how cross-sector partnerships can lead to deeper systemic change in solving such problems. Petra Kuenkel co-designed the event's "Large Systems Change Workshop".  | Read more >>


Jump-starting the SDG’s in Germany - Natural Resources and Sustainable Consumption and Production The conference brings together national and international representatives of governments, science, civil society and businesses to discuss in plenaries and dialogue forums. The aim is to contribute ideas and approaches to move forward with SDG implementation in Germany and internationally. Petra Kuenkel will contribute with an input on partnerships. Berlin, Germany -  2 - 4 May | Read more >>

Leading for Well-being Initiative - Business people, policy makers, researchers, change agents, media representatives, faith leaders and scholars are integrating efforts to create a new narrative of an economy that works for 100% of humanity. This shall take tangible form through operating within the planetary boundaries and ensuring dignity for all human beings. Petra Kuenkel, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Collective Leadership Institute and Member of the Club of Rome, is one of the changemakers. New York, USA - 16 - 17 May | Read more >>

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