Clarion West One-Day Workshops

This fall, learn how to build new worlds, how to immerse a reader into those worlds, and how to use science to connect with your reader on the page with One-Day Workshops from Clarion West.
All One-Day Workshops take place in Seattle's University District, in an accessible building near public transit. They are available to anyone 18 or older for a $150 fee.

World-Building in a Day
Instructor: Arinn Dembo
September 17, 2017
 Learn how to build compelling and original fictional universes with author and narrative designer Arinn Dembo.
Fiction opens the door to many new worlds, and the most enduring classics in any genre are often those that provide the most seductive sense of place. How do you create a setting that lives and breathes and draws readers into a state of immersion? Arinn Dembo will break down the principles of world design for a project of any size in any medium. You'll complete a series of world-building exercises that will help you flesh out your own fictional worlds, and create a whole universe in just one day.
Arinn Dembo

What Readers Like—And Why
Instructor: Nicola Griffith
October 8, 2017

Discover the power of the right word and the right sentence in a workshop with acclaimed author Nicola Griffith.
Why do readers respond more strongly to some fiction than others? How does a writer immerse a reader into the protagonist's world and persuade them to feel as the protagonist feels, see what she sees? Using examples, you'll discuss the neuroscience behind what makes a particular word, sentence, or paragraph more likely to evoke empathy in a reader. Then with writing exercises and discussion you'll learn how to analyze fiction—yours and others'—to discover how to make it more powerful.


Nicola Griffith by Jennifer Durham
From Words to Worlds
Instructor: J. M. Sidorova
November 12th

Learn about the emerging science of why and how the human brain connects with stories—and techniques for engaging that connection—with author and scientist J. M. Sidorova.
Engaging all the senses, including significant details, making a hero sympathetic—you've been taught these and other facets of the writer's craft. But do you understand why they work their magic on a reader? This workshop will introduce you to developing research in the neurophysiology and psychology of reading fiction and how a reader’s brain connects with a story, processes it, and is influenced by it. Revisit some time-honored strategies to create a narrative that captures and keeps a reader’s attention, and look at them from a new angle informed by brain research.


J. M. Sidorova
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