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Volume 5, Issue 29

FASD Awareness Day
List of FASD Day Events
Please submit your organization’s FASD Day event for NOFAS to include on our website.  International FASD Awareness Day is September 9, 2014.
Research News
Pinpointing the Damage Alcohol Does to the Brain
“New research has identified, for the first time, the structural damage at a molecular level that excessive alcohol abuse causes to the brain. The study, led by The University of Nottingham, detected the loss and modification of several key cellular proteins in the brains of alcoholics. Published in the academic journal PloS ONE, the research will help scientists make informed choices on appropriate drugs and diet to reduce brain damage and limit addictive behavior in alcoholics.”  -Medical Xpress
Community News
European FASD Alliance Awareness Campaign
This is a new international campaign to raise awareness of the risks of drinking during pregnancy.  The European FASD Alliance has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise funs to distribute public awareness materials internationally.
Profile of Special Olympics Gold Medalist with FASD
“After competing in the National Special Olympics in Princeton, N.J., gymnast Nicole Clapper came home with four gold medals and one silver medal… Clapper was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which limits growth and can cause learning disabilities, nervous system impairments, and a slew of challenging defects and changes in the body’s development. She has been raised by her grandmother Lani Seifert since she was an infant.” – Oneida Daily Dispatch
Policy News
Editorial: Why We Shouldn’t Arrest Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs
“Given the link between alcohol consumption during pregnancy and birth defects, should expectant mothers who drink be arrested for assault? If not, it’s hard to see why Mallory Loyola is in jail. Loyola, who was arrested last week after giving birth to a baby girl who tested positive for amphetamine, is the first woman to be charged under a new Tennessee law that criminalizes drug consumption by pregnant women.” – New York Post
FASDs: Detection, Discovery, and Diagnosis July 28, 2014 at 3 pm ET (30 minutes). Webinar though CDC/NCBDDD cooperative agreement with The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). “The detection, discovery and diagnosis session will delineate the signs and symptoms that may indicate prenatal alcohol exposure and a possible condition along the continuum of FASDs. An algorithm for evaluation of FASDs will be introduced and discussed as a tool for diagnosis and referral in primary care. Information about various diagnostic tools will also be shared.”
FASD Definition, Prevalence, and a Practical Approach to Diagnosis July 31, 2014. 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM EST. “Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are the most common and preventable cause of developmental disability in the world. This presentation will cover background, defining terms and active studies regarding prevalence and clinical manifestations.”
FASDs: Roles, Referrals, and Reimbursement August 13, 2014 at 3 pm ET (30 minutes). Webinar though CDC/NCBDDD cooperative agreement with The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). “The roles, referrals and reimbursement session will provide primary care clinicians with the tools they need to work with families and children who have or may have an FASDs. Dr Wargowski will identify the appropriate professionals needed to build an FASD team and discuss options for community based resources for referral and treatment. Billing, coding and reimbursement will also be discussed.”
FASD: Prevention & Intervention, Part I August 18, 2014. 12:30PM – 2:00 PM EST. Offered by The Frontier Regional FASD Training Center. Presenter: Susan Doctor, Ph.D. “This presentation will be the first one in a series… this workshop will take participants on a journey that enfolds the fields of prevention, intervention and ethics within the FASD domain. Initially each of the three areas will be addressed separately and then woven together to form the comprehensive pattern of optimal advocacy for those with an FASD.”
Part II on September 15, 2014.
FASDs: Communication, Care Plans, and Care Coordination August 27, 2014 at 3 pm ET (30 minutes). Webinar though CDC/NCBDDD cooperative agreement with The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). “The communication, care coordination and co-management session will confirm the importance of a medical home and its role in working with patients and families. Drs Matthias and Chasnoff will review the development of comprehensive care plans and present several case studies to demonstrate different approaches to care coordination and co-management.”
Frontier Regional FASD Training Center In-Person Trainings
In order to provide a comprehensive recipe of advocacy for those with an FASD, this workshop will take participants on a journey that enfolds the fields of prevention, intervention and ethics within the FASD domain. Denver, CO - July 30, 2014. Boise, ID - August 13, 2014. Salt Lake City, UT - September 11, 2014.
NOFAS International Gala.
September 17, 2014. Washington, DC.  Gala celebrating 25 years of NOFAS at the Embassy of Italy.  Honoring: His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy Claudio Bisogniero, The Honorable Tom Harkin, and The Honorable Lisa Murkowski.
FASD Action Summit September 26, 2014. Moline, Illinois. “Join national experts in the field of FASD as they present the latest research and practices regarding prevention, diagnosis and strategies for living with the neurodevelopmental conditions associated with the use of alcohol during pregnancy.”
FASD Training
MILE Instructor Training August 1 & 2, 2014. Atlanta, Georgia. “The training consists of a 1½ day theoretical and hands on model, where participants practice the Math Interactive Learning techniques, developed for children with FASD.”
Call for Presenters
MOFAS is Seeking Applications for Presenters for the 2014 Annual FASD Matters Conference November 13 - 14, 2014. Minneapolis Marriott. “We are looking for presentations with a human rights focus that: provide new information, ideas and solutions for families, agencies, and systems to implement share innovative strategies, tools, and best practices increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of those living and/or working with someone with an FASD.”
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