ILAE announcement

Epileptic Disorders Impact Factor up to 1.168

The ILAE and the editors of Epileptic Disorders are pleased to announce that the impact factor of Epileptic Disorders has increased from 0.9426 to 1.168. Following are the top ten most consulted articles in 2016 (January 1st 2016 to December 31th 2016) on the website of John Libbey Eurotext from

Characteristic phasic evolution of convulsive seizure in PCDH19 related epilepsy       
Hiroko Ikeda, Katsumi Imai, Hitoshi Ikeda, Hideo Shigematsu, Yukitoshi Takahashi, Yushi Inoue, Norimichi Higurashi, Shinichi Hirose      
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 1

Reflex operculoinsular seizures
Handsun Xiao, Thi Phuoc Yen Tran, Myriam Pétrin, Olivier Boucher, Ismail Mohamed, Alain Bouthillier, Dang Khoa Nguyen  
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 1

Surgery for epilepsy: a systematic review of current evidence   
Siobhan West, Sarah J. Nolan, Richard Newton        
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 2

Oral clomethiazole treatment for paediatric non-convulsive status epilepticus           
Darshan Das, Sophia Varadkar, Krishna B Das          
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 1

Idiopathic focal epilepsies: the “lost tribe”
Deb K. Pal, Colin Ferrie, Laura Addis, Tomoyuki Akiyama, Giuseppe Capovilla, Roberto Caraballo, Anne de Saint-Martin, Natalio Fejerman, Renzo Guerrini, Khalid Hamandi, Ingo Helbig, Andreas A. Ioannides, Katsuhiro Kobayashi, Dennis Lal, Gaetan Lesca, Hiltrud Muhle, Bernd A. Neubauer, Tiziana Pisano, Gabrielle Rudolf, Caroline Seegmuller, Takashi Shibata, Anna Smith, Pasquale Striano, Lisa J. Strug, Pierre Szepetowski, Thalia Valeta, Harumi Yoshinaga, Michalis Koutroumanidis
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 3

Epilepsy in KCNH1 related syndromes       
Mario Mastrangelo, Ingrid E. Scheffer, Nuria C. Bramswig, Lal. D.V. Nair, Candace T. Myers, Maria Lisa Dentici, Georg C. Korenke, Kelly Schoch, Philippe M. Campeau, Susan M. White, Vandana Shashi, Sujay Kansagra, Anthonie J. Van Essen, Vincenzo Leuzzi    
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 2

From here to epilepsy: the risk of seizure in patients with Alzheimer's disease
Nicolas Nicastro, Frédéric Assal, Margitta Seeck     
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 1

Epilepsia partialis continua triggered by traumatic hand injury: a peripheral tuning of brain excitability?   
Eliseu Paglioli, William Alves Martins, Walter De la Cruz, Victor Andrade, Vinicius Duval da Silva, Rafael Menezes Nunes, André Palmini         
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 1

Treatment of epilepsy in adults      
Evren Burakgazi, Jacqueline A. French          
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 3

Olanzapine-related repetitive focal seizures with lingual dystonia        
Francesca Anzellotti, Margherita Capasso, Valerio Frazzini, Marco Onofrj
2016 - Volume 18, Issue 1


More information about epilepsy and the ILAE may be found at the ILAE web site,
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