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Welcome to Ner Echad!

Sign up for membership in Ner Echad between now and the last day of Chanukah and you will be entered to win a one of a kind, custom made
Coin Amulet blessed by Rav Chaim Kanievsky with blesssings for good health, protection, and success in all your endeavors.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky is probably the greatest living Talmudic scholar of our generation. In spite of his superhuman study schedule Rav Chaim devotes time every day to see throngs of individuals face to face who seek his blessing for all sorts of reasons; the success of a surgery, a business venture, a healthy birth etc. He is considered today by many as a living “Urim VeTumim” (a holy garment worn by the High Priest in the First Temple period, and used to determine G-d's will in a particular situation.) Thousands stream to him for sagacious advice and guidance in every area of their personal lives.


After the sudden death in 2011 of his dear wife Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, Rav Chaim urged his children to create an organization which would continue the life-work and legacy of Rebbetzin Kanievsky - uniting women worldwide in candle lighting, prayer, and charity. Thus Ner Echad came to be

The Kanievsky family has minted a unique 
coin  amulet for Ner Echad which Rav Chaim has personally imbued with his special blessings of good health, good tidings, and success in all endeavors.
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Keeping an amulet coin blessed by a great Tzaddik is considered to be a Shmira/ protection. For example, some would place it under the pillow of a woman giving birth, someone undergoing surgery, a child waiting to undergo circumcision, or worn around the neck in challenging times.

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On Chanukah, the small Maccabee army was able to defeat an enormously greater foe because they were unified in their goal to repel darkness and spread light. Ner Echad brings together thousands of women to a common goal: to increase light in the world and build a protective shield around the Jewish people.

Ner Echad unites thousands of women across the globe every week in the holy mitzvahs of candle lighting, charity and prayer. Together, we have made a tremendous difference in the world, individually and collectively. 

It's time for you to join the movement! 
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Ner Echad
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