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In Haiti - Helping One Patient at a Time
January 22, 2017

In mid-December, Dr. Joey Prosper contacted us to request our help with a patient who had been in his clinic for 3 days with fever and vomiting. The tests he ran showed nothing specific, and yet the man was not improving with IV fluids. The patient’s symptoms were: intense thirst, vomiting continuously shortly after drinking, severe headache, great lethargy.  Dr. Joey video-conferenced with HWB’s Clinical Director, Lauren Fox, FNP, BC, CCH, so she was actually able to see and speak with patient. The patient was in a dark room. When Dr. Joey turned the light on, the patient asked for it to be turned off.
Margareth Jean and Wilby Vernet at clinic 2A homeopathic medicine was prescribed.  The next day, the man was afebrile, able to keep fluids down, and was up moving about.  Dr. Joey called in a week later to report that the man was still coming by his clinic to thank him for his recovery.  Dr. Joey credits the homeopathic medicine.

Two weeks ago, he reported that there is a new intermittent fever (not Malaria) prevalent in the southern communities affected by Hurricane Matthew.  He is perplexed and awaits the return of our homeopathic team to help determine the genus epidemicus.  
PG explaning homeopathy to community 3Thanks to your ongoing support, we will have a team back in Haiti January 23 – February 3.  Watch for ‘Updates From The Field’ on Facebook, on Twitter and our Website. During this trip, we will also finalize logistics with the Association Médicale Haïtienne to teach HWB’s Fundamentals of Homeopathy course beginning this spring. 

PS: If you have a credit card that builds up *miles,* please consider using your Frequent Flyer miles to purchase a plane ticket on behalf of a volunteer homeopath for a future trip in 2017. 

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