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June 2017

Wow!  HWB’s Fundamentals of Homeopathy course for Haitian health care professionals was launched on Saturday, May 26, 2017.
Thanks to many partnerships both in North America and in Haiti, it was a resounding success! 
2017 May 28 Lauren and class2017 May 27 Lauren PG teach
Image above: Class of 2017 (left). Lauren Fox, FNP-BC, CCH, and PG Legerme (right). 
HWB’s hot-off-the-press Curriculum in French, Programme Essentiel d’Études Homéopathiques was handed out to 13 students – doctors, nurses, social workers – at the beginning of the first 2-day instructional session, held in a classroom at the Haitian Medical Association. 
FRENCH COVER2017 May 28 Dr. Joel reviews case taking guidelines
Image above: The new HWB Curriculum (left). Dr. Joel studies Case-Taking Guidelines (right). 

Clinical Instructor, Lauren Fox, FNP-BC, CCH, with the help of Haitian translators, brought alive Samuel Hahnemann’s concepts laid out more than two centuries ago.
Curiosity and some skepticism were replaced by awe and amazement during the 3-day clinic sessions that followed as Lauren Fox led the students on case-taking rounds with the assistance of returning volunteer Thera Ip, HOM, and new volunteer Vanessa Ruiz, ND, RN. An important component of this Fundamentals of Homeopathy program is to bring homeopathic treatment to underserved communities around the Port-au-Prince area; Lauren Fox and HWB volunteers will mentor this group of students as they train to become homeopaths over the next six months.
2017 May 28 Israel and students interview practice
Image above: Participants take turns role-playing ‘patient – homeopath – observer’. 
Patients abounded at the first three clinics – it seems like each case was another “teachable moment” to reinforce classroom learning. For example, an entire family presented with ringworm. The students knew that ‘diagnosis’ well; but when they were invited to take the case of each member of the family, to their surprise, they had to individualize the prescription for each patient – what an AHA! moment!
As the students received their first mini-kit of 5 homeopathic medicines, they were excited to get going, and said they can’t wait to “learn more homeopathy” at the next session in September.
Thanks to your support, homeopathy continues to increase its potency in Haiti.  We look forward to sharing many more success stories with you in the coming months.  

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