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KIDS National Inclusive Practice Network
Dec 2014 - Jan 2015
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Disclaimer: Please note that inclusion of information in this eBulletin does not imply endorsement of products or services by KIDS.

1. KIDS NDD Update

1.1 Making it Personal update
1.2 Inclusion into Practice update

1.3 Training and eLearning update
1.4 Centre of Excellence update
1.5 Other news from KIDS

2. News updates – December / January
2.1 Consultations
2.2 Campaigns and Projects
2.3 Disabled Children & Young People’s Rights and Inclusion
2.4 Play and Leisure
2.5 Early Years and Childcare
2.6 Training and Workforce Development

3. Useful Resources
3.1 Funding and Offers
3.2 Publications, Research and Briefings
3.3 Websites and Multimedia
3.4 Events

3. Useful Resources

3.1 Funding and Offers

Disability Grants website brings together a number of grants for disabled people

Turn2us Grants Search database contains information on over 3,000 charitable funds offering welfare and education grants, as well as other support and services, including a Benefits Calculator

The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation provides grants for projects relating to various causes including visual and performing arts, accommodation of those in need and skills based training of young people. Grant sizes vary between priorities, from £5,000 - £12,500.

The Santander Foundation has three grants programmes to help disadvantaged people in the UK. You are welcome to apply to both Community Plus and either Learn & Grow or the Money Skills grants programmes, but a grant from one programme will prevent you from getting a grant from the other. There are no deadlines.

The Magdalen Hospital Trust provides grants of between £500 and £2,000 to registered charities working with people experiencing social deprivation. Charities must have an annual income of less than £150,000. It funds projects for deprived and disabled children and young people, with priority for literacy, special needs education, training for work and personal development; clubs; play schemes; and counselling

3.2 Publications, Research and Briefings

3.2.1 Inclusion, Rights and Equality

Council for Disabled Children, CDC Winter Digest, January 2015

CDC updated information ‘My Rights, Your Responsibility’

EDCM report ‘Right from the start: what we want from the next Government’

Office of the Children’s Commissioner ‘They still need to listen more, a report about disabled children and young people’s rights in England’

Office of the Children’s Commissioner ‘The views and experiences of children in residential special schools: overview report’

Office of the Children’s Commissioner ‘My Life at School: Understanding the experiences of children and young people with special educational needs in residential special schools’

DfE. ‘Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions’

DoH ‘Children with special educational and complex needs: guidance for health and wellbeing boards’

Ofsted / CQC ‘Evaluation of local areas’ readiness for the implementation of the disability and special educational needs reforms as set out in the Children and Families Act 2014’

Equality and Human Rights Commission, ‘Monitoring the implementation of the UNCRPD. Report on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Training Guide

Challenging Behaviour Foundation ‘Early intervention for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge’

Contact a Family suite of resources to ensure you're claiming everything you're entitled to

Contact a Family ‘Making GP practices more welcoming for families with disabled children’

Contact a Family ‘GP practice guide: supporting disabled children and young people’

Carer’s Allowance, how to use the new online claim system

Working Families, ‘Off Balance, Parents of Disabled Children and Paid Work’

The Learning Exchange, ‘Children with SEND: childcare and holiday provision’

Resources from the Short Breaks Network Autumn conference

3.2.2 Communication & Participation
Information on participation for young disabled people at the Council for Disabled Children

Equality and Human Rights Commission, new human rights resources for young people are now online

Sense, ‘Supporting multi-sensory impaired children in hospital’

Talking Book of The Peace Gong, volume 9. Disability Issue, recorded at Arushi, Bhopal

Findings from the Better Communication Research Programme

Preparing for Adulthood factsheet, ‘The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Supported Decision Making’

Amplify film about youth participation in Europe

KIDS guide to making your community event more inclusive

3.2.3 Play & Leisure

Play Wales information sheet ‘Advocacy and Communication’

‘Play freely at your own risk’, a history of adventure playgrounds

‘Play, Past, Present and in Perpetuity’ uncovers how the Martin Luther King Adventure Playground in London was set up

Learning Through Landscapes, ‘11-18 Secondary School Play research project’

Robin C Moore, ‘Nature Play & Learning Places, Creating and managing places where children engage with nature’

Grow Wild has thousands of free seed kits for groups to share, so people can transform local spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wild flower havens. There are 120,000 free kits up for grabs and all you need to do to register on behalf of your group/s is fill in the form at:

3.2.4 Policy & Ideas

The VCS Equality and Human Rights Framework contains resources, guidance, case studies and information designed by the voluntary sector for the voluntary sector

Ofsted annual report, 2013 /2014

Based within the University of Leicester's Department of Criminology, the Leicester Centre of Hate Studies is a new centre designed to bridge the gap between academic research and professional practice

DfE, ‘Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England. Statutory guidance for those with legal responsibilities in relation to exclusion’

DfE departmental advice outlining school governors' roles and duties, along with contact details for GovernorLine

DfE, ‘Children’s safeguarding performance information framework’

DoH, new Mental Health Act Code of Practice released

NHS England, resources to improve Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

YIACS. an integrated health and wellbeing model

UNICEF, An Agenda for #EVERYchild 2015

Civil Exchange ‘Whose Society? The Final Big Society Audit ‘

The British Library hosts a monthly social welfare reform digest

3.2.5 Early Years & Childcare

DfE, ‘Study of Early Education and Development: views and experiences of childminders’

Kathryn Solly ‘Risk, Challenge and Adventure in the Early Years. A Practical Guide to Exploring and Extending Learning Outdoors’

NDNA Annual Nursery Survey 2015 – England

Family and Childcare Trust ‘Parent Champions - Helping you deliver on the two-year-old offer’

The Family Friendly Week 2014 Cookbook has been published

3.3 Websites and Multimedia

The SENDirect website was launched on 21st January

The National Early Years Trainers and Consultants Organisation (NEYTCO), has been launched to give early years trainers and consultants a voice and to support networking, collaborating and commissioning.

The Childcare and Family Services Finder is a free service to help you find registered childcare and family services in your local area. It covers all the Ofsted registered childcare providers across England, with results provided by local authorities.

3.4 Events

Disabled Living Training Diary 2015

Early Support event clusters. Nationwide, January-March

nasen 2015 Leadership conference ‘Effective School Leadership: Meeting the SEND Challenge for Change’. London, 30th January and Bolton, 19th May

Working with Families Hub Meeting. Canterbury, 6th February

Nursery World Show 2015. London, 6th–7th February

I CAN - Chatterbox Challenge 2015, runs from 9th-15th February. Free activity packs can be requested online

Safer Internet Day. 10th February

The Family Room Manifesto launch. London, 10th February

Children’s Centres conference. London, 25th February

Stop, Look and Listen - National Safeguarding Day, 27th February

Council for Disabled Children Spring Conferences. Leeds, 27th February and London, 4th March

13th National Playwork Conference. Eastbourne, 3rd-4th March

The National Autistic Society's Professional Conference 2015. Harrogate, 3rd-4th March

Mental Health 2015. Better, Faster and Earlier Help. Manchester, 4th March

Red Nose Day. 13th March

History of Youth and Community Work Study Conference. Leeds, 13th-15th March

Finished at School Programme. Improving transition for young people with autism from school to college. London, 18th March

Kidz in the Middle exhibition. Coventry, 19th March

World Autism Awareness Week 2015. 27th March – 2nd April

Nursery 2 Primary Show. Bournemouth, 24th-25th April

National Children’s Day UK ‘The Science and Magic of Play’. Sunday 17th May

Kidz South exhibition. Reading, 4th June

Philosophy at Play Conference. Gloucestershire, 9th-10th June "There is no them!"

Child, Youth, Family & Disability Conference, 2015. Bristol, 7th July

Welcome to the January edition of the NIP Network bi-monthly eBulletin compiled by KIDS National Development Department (NDD). Please feel free to forward this eBulletin to friends and colleagues with an interest in inclusive play, leisure and childcare. To subscribe or to include information & events in the next issue, please email


1. KIDS NDD Update

1.1 Making it Personal update

As Making it Personal:2 (MIP2) draws towards a close in March, we have new information available on pooled/combined budgets.

A combined/pooled budget pilot project was carried out as part of the MIP2 project.
The aim of the pilot was to test whether it was possible for families to work together and share the financial responsibility for ‘commissioning services’ for an element or elements of their personal budget.
With families’ permission, we sought to record how combined/pooled budgets could work in practice and use any learning that resulted to inform the MIP2 resources and guidance documents being developed.
A report of our findings from the pilot can now be found here, along with three case studies from some of those who took part.

Don’t forget, KIDS also created MIP2 elearning modules to support the tools. They are completely FREE for all to use, all you need to do is sign up at

All of the MIP reources are hosted on the KIDS website, you can find them directly by following this link:

We hope you will share these free resources as widely as possible with anyone who may find them useful.

1.2 Inclusion into Practice update

Peer Mentoring & ASDAN Accreditations
ASDAN Accreditations offer the advancement of education by providing opportunities for all learners to develop their personal and social attributes and demonstrate levels of achievement. They are really useful and can be adapted to suit most learners.
If you are based in the Greater Manchester area, running groups for young people aged 13 to 25 and are interested in your group working towards becoming Peer Mentors or would like to do one of the other accreditations, then please do get in touch.
To find out more information on Peer Mentoring or Work Tasters, contact Tracy Ryan on 07584 702026 or email

Work Tasters
KIDS is working alongside a number of secondary schools and sixth form colleges to engage young disabled people in work tasters. If you know a young person who would like to try a work taster or if you are an organisation who could provide a placement for a young person on a work taster then please contact Tracy.

Internet Safety workshop for parent/carers in Stockport
A workshop on internet safety for parents/carers in the Stockport area will take place on Wednesday 25th February.
If you are interested in attending you can book a place via Eventbrite but hurry, places are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Relationships and Sexuality – KIDS North West
KIDS are delighted to welcome two new members to their Relationships and Sexuality group. The group runs once a month and is for any young disabled person aged 13-25 living in the Greater Manchester area.
To find out more about any of the Relationships and Sexuality work, commissionable workshops and training, or any of the KIDS work in the North West, contact Tracy Ryan on

Relationships and Sexuality – KIDS South West
KIDS have seven young people currently undertaking exciting training to become ‘Young Facilitators’. Very soon our young disabled people will be fully equipped to go into any setting and deliver training to other young disabled people around Relationships and Sexuality. Young disabled people tell us that Relationships and Sexuality information they received at school was often untimely, inappropriate and insufficient. KIDS Young Facilitator training aims to address this problem with peer to peer training round those issues that really matter such as; friendship, dating and consent.
If you would like information about the Young Facilitators project or our work in schools, please contact Louisa Jennings on 0117 947 6111 or email
galaxy hot choc fund The KIDS Young Facilitators project is in line to win £300 from the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund. Young Facilitators provide peer to peer training for young disabled people around relationships and sexuality - training them up to run Relationships and Sexuality groups in the North and South West. In order to win this prize, we need as many votes as possible by 23rd February

Graphic illustraion of the round table event on disablist bullying Anti-Bullying
KIDS continues to work with the Anti-Bullying Alliance on tacking disablist bullying and the use of disablist language in schools. This work arises as their recent poll found that 1 in 10 adults had used abusive language towards a disabled person. A series of roundtable events have taken place this January bringing together young disabled people and professionals to discover the real issues around disablist bullying and how to tackle them. For more information on the work of the Anti-bullying Alliance around disablist bullying visit:

1.3 Training and eLearning update

New KIDS elearning modules

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the KIDS survey during October 2014, regarding the expansion of KIDS eLearning and meeting the needs of the play and early years workforce.
Workforce development is a challenge that faces everyone working with disabled children, young people and their families.
KIDS eLearning suite contains over 45 modules and can be used by everyone who has contact with disabled children and young people. It is currently being used by local authorities and a range of other organisations as well as KIDS employees.
It has proved useful for Short Break workers, volunteers, sessional staff and youth & children's workers.

The eLearning suite is flexible enough to cover a range of different requirements − from those who need a simple introduction and overview through to those working with disabled children and young people on a daily basis.
We are now working on some new modules, to meet your training and workforce development needs, based on your feedback.
These new modules will be available later this year.

15 existing KIDS eLearning modules are also due to be certified by CPD in March 2015.

To trial KIDS eLearning for FREE, visit

For more information on how KIDS eLearning can help you, please contact Julie Fillingham on 0117 9476111 or email

1.4 Centre of Excellence update

New KIDS Inclusion Guidance and Checklist

Following the success of KIDS Inclusion Guidance and Checklist for Playday, we have launched a NEW 'Inclusion Guidance and Action Checklist for Community Events'.

The guidance and checklist supports community groups to plan a more accessible and inclusive event, promoting equality of opportunity and supporting local communities to encourage:
• more disabled children and young people to have the opportunity to choose to meet their non-disabled peers and take part in a way which suits them
• more families of disabled children to have the opportunity to meet more people in their community and socialise with them
• more disabled adults to be able to support, join in and attend
• the identification, development and support of good practice within the community
• working towards meeting the requirements of the Equality Duty taking 'positive action' to include everyone in the community
• the creation of a community-wide approach to tackling disability related discrimination

You can find the document here:

If you are interested in receiving more information about KIDS consultation services and how we can support you or your organisation, please contact
1.5 Other news from KIDS

KIDS is recruiting!

Head of Quality and Performance
Salary: £33,305 to £36,383 (excluding London weighting)
Hours: Full Time, 36 hours per week
Location: Flexible location with the opportunity for some home working, Based in the Fareham, Bristol, West Midlands or London Office

This is a new role at KIDS which will be responsible for leading issues of quality regulatory compliance and performance improvement across the country.
Ensuring excellent relationships are developed and maintained with key regulatory bodies (including Ofsted and CQC) commissioners, funders, and influencers across the country in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors, whilst working closely with Senior Management Team colleagues to ensure the key priorities on quality, performance and compliance, as set out in the Business plan, are implemented across KIDS.
You will have an excellent knowledge and understanding of social care, education and/or health regulation including Ofsted and CQC, and experience of Quality Management and business improvement activities at a senior level.

Closing Date: Monday 2nd Feb 2015
Interview Date: Thursday 12th Feb 2015
For more information visit:

KIDS’ fundraising team still have 14 Golden Bond places for the London Marathon, registration will close on the 5th February, more information on how to sign up here:

KIDS has launched a new supporter newsletter, to receive it, sign up here!

KIDS’ new Ambassador Programme parliamentary launch took place in London in December.

KIDS Yorkshire and The Humber, has been presented with the “Investing in Children Award”

And finally, an anonymous person paid KIDS’ christmas meal bill, we would love to say a HUGE thanks to this very generous person!
2. News updates – December / January

2.1 Consultations

Contributing to consultations is often the only way we can make an impact that is measured by the government. Please take the time to look at what is currently up for consultation and how it may impact on your work.

DfE consultation. Working together to safeguard children: revisions, closes 3rd February

DfE open consultation, funding for children and young people with SEND, closes 27th February

2.2 Campaigns and Projects

Lady Allen of Hurtwood Memorial Trust Award 2015, closes 31st January

Child Rights Connect and partners are working on a survey about what children think their government should spend money on internationally, closes 31st January

Amplify, is the Children's Commissioner for England's advisory group of children and young people. They want to find out from young people where they go for information, help and advice if they have a mental health need or worry. This survey is for people aged between 11 and 25. You don't need any experience about mental health services and we don't ask who you are, closes 8th February

This year the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child will be looking at whether the UK is doing enough to respect, protect and fulfil children’s human rights. CRAE’s ‘See it, Say it, Change It’ project will give children and young people a chance to tell their side of the story to the Committee, and to campaign for change. CRAE are currently recruiting 20 children and young people aged between five and 17 from across England to form a steering group to lead the project.
CRAE will support the group to find out about their views and experiences, to submit their findings to the UN Committee and then to campaign to ensure that recommendations made by the UN are realised and acted upon by the government. Applications close at 5pm on the 11th February

EDCM campaign ‘Right from the start: what we want from the next Government’

Contact a Family’s ‘Counting the Costs’ campaign is focused on energy and food bills this year.

NSPCC’s ‘Share Aware’ campaign is for parents and carers of children aged 8-12 providing straightforward, simple advice to help untangle the web, understand what their children may be doing online, and feel confident in talking to them about how to stay safe.

National Voices and the Think Local Act Personal partnership (TLAP) are inviting contributions to help shape a narrative for children and young people with complex lives.

The Centre for Appearance Research, based at the University of the West of England, is looking for young people to test a new website that will provide advice for teenagers with appearance worries.

Sense campaign to help ensure the needs of deafblind children are taken into account.

RNIB campaign ‘Being there when it matters’.

Dens of Equality campaign to make play a charitable object.

Survey to consider the viability of a new UK body for Playwork.

Campaign for a proposed ‘Nature and Wellbeing Act’ which puts our need for nature at the heart of decision-making, for our own mental and physical health, and the health of our economy.

2.3 Disabled Children & Young People’s Rights and Inclusion

The SEND Pathfinder site continues to be regularly updated with lots of useful resources for health, schools and local authority commissioners to download and use.
Interim findings from the SEND Pathfinder programme evaluation have now been published along with a study of local areas’ readiness.

IPSEA have created a resource to help families understand the timeline for the transition process, from a statement through to an EHC plan.
A new easy-read guide aimed at explaining the changes to parents has been published by Mencap and the DfE alongside an easy-read guide for children and young people.

A list of Independent Support services with contact details is now available for families to use, and the Independent Support pages have also been updated.

Challenging cuts to short break services – legal resources for parents / carers
Short breaks are a fundamental support service to families with disabled children, helping them to lead ordinary lives.
However, after successive years of cuts to local authority budgets the 2015/16 financial year is likely to see cuts to children’s services generally and short break services for disabled children in particular.
Every Disabled Child Matters have put together a legal resource for parent carers of disabled children with input from Alex Rook, partner at Irwin Mitchell solicitors, and Steve Broach, Barrister at Monckton Chambers.
This resource will help you challenge cuts to short break services in your area. This resource is intended to:
• Explain what short break provision families with disabled children should expect to be available in their area
• Explain the legal framework around short break services
• Provide template letters to families with disabled children to help challenge decisions by local authorities
• Signpost families to sources of legal support
You can download the resource here:

Local authorities are consulting on their budgets for the year 2015/16 now and must finalise their budget in February 2015. There is still (just) time to lobby Councillors if they are proposing cuts to short break services. If you are not sure what is happening in your area but want to get involved, get in touch with your local Parent Carer Forum.

The Short Breaks Network is to close in March.

Disabled children face exclusion in both England and Wales as mainstream schools are failing children with learning difficulties.

2.4 Play and Leisure

Play England are pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah-Jane Lowson as Senior Development Officer and Carmen de Silva as Communications and Campaigns Officer. Both have extensive experience of children’s play and working in the community.
Sarah-Jane and Carmen will join Steven Chown, the Programme Development Manager.
The new team will be supporting the development of Play England as an independent charity and the delivery of the Street Play project.
Play England will continue to work with partners to develop its vision for England to be a place where all children have the freedom and space to play, and where children and young people can enjoy their right to play throughout their childhood and teenage years as set out in the UN Convention and the Charter for Children’s Play.
You can contact Sarah-Jane on and you can contact Carmen on
You can also follow Play England on Facebook and Twitter

Donne Buck Archive of Play and Playgrounds at V&A Museum of Childhood
A significant archive of material relating to play, adventure playgrounds and playground safety has found a home at the V&A Museum of Childhood.
When funding was cut for the Children’s Play Information Service (CPIS) at the National Children’s Bureau, the V&A were able to give this fantastic archive a home in Bethnal Green.
Including hundreds of unseen photographs, personal letters and diaries, published reports and marketing and campaign materials from the 1960s – 1990s, this rich collection documents the people, politics and practice of play in twentieth century Britain and beyond. Currently about half of the collection is listed, with more material becoming available online.

The International Play Association, EWNI branch, is planning a series of events to celebrate the career of Peter Heseltine.
Peter was a highly respected world expert on children's play and play grounds and worked tirelessly to create better environments for children’s play and campaigning for children’s rights.
IPA EWNI is offering the opportunity for individuals in the field to put themselves forward to deliver a memorial lecture. They are looking for proposals to present a 60 minute lecture with the title of “People and Places to Play” with a sub theme of “The Freedom to Play”. These lectures will take place in five locations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and over a four week period in May.
IPA EWNI welcome brief proposals from academics, thinkers or others which give a short synopsis of the lecture and details any costs that would be incurred.
Further information can be obtained from: Meynell, 01323 730500;
Please send your submission to the email above or by post to:
11 Beachy Head Road, Eastbourne BN20 7QN

Nominations are now open for the 6th Annual Playwork Awards

You are invited to attend the Play Book Reading Club. Homerton Grove Adventure Playground, Wardle Street, London, E9 5QG. Thursday 5th February. 7.00pm to 9.00pm.
Aim: to widen knowledge of books around the subject of play, playing and childhood. You must bring a book, which you can talk about for a few minutes. Then discuss how it fits with other publications, practice and future reading.
Any questions please ask Grant at: or phone on 07970 393 573

Interested in playwork abroad? The Transylvania Play Project 2015 is looking for Playwork Volunteers to work and host a summer camp for the Roma children of Valea Rece in Tigres Mures.
The trip will be from 9-23 June 2015, with 5 days at camp with 40 children aged 8-12 years old; plus ‘pop-up play’ sessions in two Roma villages and free time to explore the beautiful Romanian towns and countryside.
If you are interested or would like more information please contact Joan Beattie by email before 19th February at

2.5 Early Years and Childcare

C4EO is looking for practice examples within the Early Years Voluntary and Community Sector that enhance and improve outcomes for pregnant mothers, babies, children and their families. Deadline for submission, Monday 16th February

The cost of childcare currently cancels out pay for one in 10 working families which means that one in five parents are considering reducing hours or giving up work altogether in 2015.

New research estimates that 335,000 families will fall through the childcare support gap as a separate nursery survey reveals ‘chronic underfunding’.

A new Parenting Inquiry has been launched by the Social Mobility and Parents and Families All Party Parliamentary Groups.
2.6 Training and Workforce Development

I CAN, ‘Talk about Talk’ is a training and tutoring course for young people aged 14-24 years with communication difficulties. The programme develops young people's communication skills to enable them to co-deliver a two hour communication awareness training course for organisations that offer education, employment or training opportunities for young people with communication difficulties.

Safe Network is offering two pilot safeguarding peer reviews FREE to the sector. The safeguarding peer reviews are particularly suitable for small and medium sized organisations who are considering entering contracts with local authorities. The peer reviews will need to be completed before 31st March 2015.

The Learning Exchange are offering two FREE SEND Inclusion workshops. If you are interested in increasing the inclusion of children with SEND in your school-based childcare provision and making it more accessible to parents, please sign up:
• London – Monday 2nd March (10am to 3pm)
• Exeter – Tuesday 17th March (10am to 3pm)
To book your free place, please email

The Family and Childcare Trust is pleased to announce a series of FREE seminars and training modules on ‘Improving Information for Families’, supported by the Department for Education. The seminars will aim to share information and bring together the fractured information market for families and foster some new partnerships and joint working.
• Bristol & Bath – Monday 23rd February (9.30 to 14.00)
• London - Monday 2nd March (9.30 to 14.00)
• Trafford – Monday 9th March (9.30 to 14.00)
• Birmingham – Thursday 12th March (9.30 to 14.00)
• York – Monday 23rd March (9.30 to 14.00)
Please book by emailing:

CANparent – ‘supporting and celebrating parents’ events. These three events present an opportunity for commissioners of services and local organisations who work with families to network with parenting class providers, local and national businesses, and potential funders. The events will explore how universal parenting classes can enhance existing family support programmes.
• Birmingham - Wednesday 4th March
• Leeds - Wednesday 18th March
• London - Tuesday 31st March
For more information and to book your place, contact or telephone 020 7553 3097.

Sainsbury’s Inclusive Community Training programme has been developed by the English Federation of Disability Sport to help you to support more disabled people to lead active healthier lifestyles. Over 950 support workers, parents, carers, health professionals, and volunteers in the community have already accessed this low cost training course (£10 per head, subsidies may apply). The English Federation of Disability Sport are now looking for people to answer some questions on this training. By completing this short survey, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.
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