BBSH Presents ~ Alumni Master Class Series

Healing through the Biophotonic Cellular Matrix

Facilitated by Laurie Thorp

Laurie Thorp

December 5–7, 2018

This is a deep and joyful experience; one that we create together; an experience in cellular enlightenment. We will walk through the doorways of hands on healing, cellular meditation, movement, and dynamic dialogue. We will expand our capacity for light, our capacity for aliveness, our capacity for joy.

During our time together, we will:

  • Dive into the empty, and yet illuminated, space within the cellular structure which opens the doorway to Infinity
  • Connect to the biophotons that radiate from every cell
  • Explore how this coherent cellular light is intimately connected to health and dis-ease
  • Learn to access that coherent light frequency to promote healing on all levels of being
  • Expand into “the black velvet void, teeming with all unmanifest life.”
  • Experience the healing power of the “particle and the wave” as we drop into the quantum field
  • Surrender over and over into the miraculous process of healing

I hope you will join me! I am so excited about sharing this time with you.

And in addition to the Master Class, you are invited to join the students for Morning Movement (yes, that eye opening 7AM class!), HMD Lectures, Holiday Party, and All-School Healing Meditation.

Can hardly wait to be with you!

Much love,


2 ½ Days
8:00 AM-5:00 PM December 5 & 6
8:30 AM-2:00 PM on December 7

Price: $350
Early Bird (Nov 1): Discount: $300
Payment Plan:
$185 upon registration and $185 due January 15, 2019

Please contact Lisa Boris for registration and hotel details:

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