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Is Now Super Advocate

Jo Frost, TV’s favorite nanny, is leading a new campaign to raise awareness about food allergies and carrying epinephrine.
Allergic Living magazine was the first to write about Frost's own severe allergies, and how she manages while on the road and staying in the homes of TV show participants.

As part of AL's Summer Reads series, here is our complete interview online. read more

Another Great Read: Author John Grisham on his mysterious meat allergy. read more

Top 10 Grass Pollen Tips

Every summer, the lawns across the country release a storm of grass pollen. The stuff fills the skies and our nasal passages – triggering sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, congestion and even asthma.

Trying to avoid this pollen, without spending the whole summer indoors? Then you need our Top 10 tips to mow down grass allergy. read more

Living Gluten-Free

• Dining Gluten-Free: Where Gluten Hides
Celiac expert and registered dietitian Shelley Case sheds light on some unexpected places where gluten can lurk. read more

• NFCA Unveils Celiac Treatments Hub
Celiac disease research is progressing – moving closer to being able to offer treatment options. To keep the community in the loop, NFCA has created a new section on its website with up-to-date information on clinical trials, celiac drug development and more. Check back often to stay current with the latest on research. read more

Food Allergy Bullying

A brave 16-year-old with multiple food allergies tells her story of bullying, from both peers and parents.

Erika DaCunha relates how she's learned not to accept the unacceptable, and offers wise advice for fellow food allergy students – and the bullies too. read more

Recipes to Beat the Heat

• Cool:
Green Gazpacho

• Chilled:
Chilled Watermelon Soup

• Frosty:
Watermelon and Strawberry Pops

*All recipes free of top allergens & gluten.

Shellfish, Iodine & X-rays

A majority of those with shellfish allergy believe they will react to iodine in x-ray imaging liquids. A new study investigates: is this fact or fiction? read more

Plus: Get the scoop on airborne seafood reactions.

Ask The Allergists

Q. My teenage daughter brought home a calico cat, and I've started getting symptoms. Can you develop an allergy to cats in your forties?

Dr. Clifford Bassett offers his expert advice on late-onset cat allergy, including unique considerations like pet gender. read more

Q. My son is 16, starting to date and getting confrontational about not wanting to carry his auto-injector. How can I get through to him?

Dr. Susan Waserman tackles the subject of teens and the risk-taking that can be brought on by peer pressure. read more



Antibiotic use in babies may be key eczema cause.
North America-wide gluten-free products program launches.
Health Canada's controversial new rules on labeling allergens in oils.
UK docs blame chemical MI for  epidemic of skin allergy.
Support center launches for those new to allergies.
 So Delicious Dairy Free


July 18, 2 p.m. ET, NFCA webinar: lessons from GF athletes. more
July 20, celiac-aware Rockies game, Denver.  more
Aug. 10, FARE Walk in Buffalo, NY. more
Aug. 11, FARE Walk in Cleveland. more
Aug. 24, peanut-controlled Cardinals game, St. Louis, MO. more

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U.S. Summer issue: peek inside!

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Allergic Living's Fall Issue

• Campus Life with Allergies: The magazine investigates how colleges are adapting their food practices for allergic and celiac students, and which universities are the "friendliest".

• Allergic to Everything: Eosinophilic disorders put so many foods out of reach – how resilient families cope.

• Exercise and Asthma: What to do when physical activity brings on the wheeze.

•  GFDF Pizza Night recipes! Latest news and more.

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