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A Book Study Group at Evolutionary Healing

Dear Mary:
If you are suffering chronic pain – even after years of surgery, rehabilitation and medication - only one question matters: “How do I find lasting relief?”
Freedom from Pain
Freedom from Pain:
Discover your Body’s Power
to Overcome Physical Pain

January 30 - April 3, 2014
Thursdays 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Miami, FL

With Freedom from Pain, two pioneers in the field of pain and trauma recovery address a crucial missing factor essential to long-term healing: addressing the unresolved emotional trauma held within the body.
Informed by their founding work in the Somatic Experiencing® process and unique insights gleaned from decades of clinical success, Drs. Levine and Phillips will show you how to:

  • Calm the body's overreactive "fight" response to pain
  • Release the fear, frustration, and depression intensified by prior traumas, and build inner resilienceand self-regulation
  • Relieve pain caused by the aftermath of injuries, surgical procedures, joint and muscle conditions, migraines, and other challenges
Whether you're seeking to begin a self-care strategy or amplify your current treatment program, Freedom from Pain will provide you with proven tools to help you experience long-term relief.

Date: January 30 - April 3, 2014

Time: Thursdays 7:30 -9:00 pm

Registration & Location:
7800 Red Road, Suite 325, South Miami, FL 33143
Please call 305-667-8174 or email to register

Cost: $35.00 per class

** Dr. Paul Canali, DC will introduce this group on January 30 **

Joyce White, PsyD is a licensed psychologist and consultant with over 15 years of clinical experience. She has worked with people of all ages and stages of life and enjoys assisting them in moving through old patterns while optimizing their potential. She is especially interested in increasing well-being through mind-body awareness and releasing stress and trauma to improve self-regulation.
Barbara A. Graham MA, LMFT, is a Life Coach, a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in California, and a lifelong student of consciousness, meditation, and cutting-edge developments in healing trauma. Over the past twenty-five years, she has been helping clients engage in a goal of finding lasting relief from chronic pain and reawakening the natural joy that we all inherently possess. Promoting the brain-body connection as a vehicle for transformation is a central theme of her work.

Evolutionary Healing Institute
7800 Red Road, Suite 325
South Miami FL 33143

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Evolutionary Healing Institute
Evolutionary Healing Institute
7800 Red Road, Suite 325
South Miami, Florida 33143

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