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Enjoy a wander through the ideas presented below. We are looking forward to the "tipping point" when these concepts become pivotal in humanity's evolutionary upward spiral as we begin to walk on Earth with an open heart, trusting a conscious, loving universe.

Onward to Peace on Earth!!

Connie and Andrew


 "THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm" is a handbook to higher consciousness on the "High Road to Happiness." The Ten Assumptions are a unique synthesis of indigenous cosmology, quantum science and Eastern and Western mysticism. Experience a 10 minute Trust Frequency Meditation. The book is a companion piece to our film "IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know? Watch it online HERE.

Guess what!? You Don't Have to Die to Get to Heaven! The Trust Frequency brings tools for bringing Heaven to Earth!

Here is our 10 minute talk "The Trust Frequency: Gateway to Heaven" at the Consciousness of Immortality Conference in Sedona, AZ April 2014.

Here is a review by a Near Death Experience researcher: "The Trust Frequency Confirmed"

Talk: "SHIFTING FREQUENCIES: Indigenous Cosmology Meets Quantum Science" at the Highland City Club Boulder, CO May2015, complete with PowerPoint.  Related bio.

IONS Conference Spotlight Talk July 2015: "Indigenous Cosmology meets Quantum Science."

Practical Application of The Trust Frequency Aspen, CO October 2015:
New Mind/New World Series.

Click here more of our TRUST FREQUENCY Talks and Interviews.


Our current film/book projects  THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS: America's Forgotten Origin Story bring America's origin story into balance and honor the Mayflower Pilgrims and Native Americans for their role in the evolution of democracy and the American mind and spirit. This project is a practical application of the concepts found in our book and film, using The First Fifty Years as a model for how we can apply inspiration and trust in our own lives today and bring the true American dream to fruition: Freedom, justice and abundance for all! Follow our blog for updates: www.First50Years.us. Watch the videos on www.YouTube.com/First50Yrs. 

As we move into 2016 there are only four short years to 2020 - the 400th anniversary of the landing of The Mayflower and the First Great Synthesis between Europeans and the American Indian. We have the opportunity now to look at American history through a new lens - the role of the US of A in the evolutionary upward spiral of human consciousness. Yes the US of America. All of US and the role we are going to play in realizing the original vision.

Here is our Call to Action: Unity 2020! The Third Great Synthesis

Here is a link to our recent talk at the Maryland Mayflower Society November 22, 2015 on YouTube: "America's Forgotten Origin Story: An Intercultural Synthesis." We revealed some paradigm-shifting perspectives and discoveries.

Log-line for "The Mayflower Revelations" Upcoming Novel/Screenplay:
The year is 2020. The 93-year-old patriarch of a wealthy New England family is dying. The estranged family gathers at his Barbados villa for their last Thanksgiving together. Seeking the hidden truth about the family history, his grand-daughter gets unexpected help – from the ghost of a 17th Century American Indian slave and the long-lost diary of a famous Mayflower ancestor. What she discovers changes the family (and American history) forever.

Click here for more of our FIRST FIFTY YEARS Talks and Interviews
CBM on Freedom/Inspiration/Trust/The American Evolution:
"LET FREEDOM RING! The American Evolution and The Trust Frequency"
Interview with Steve Bhaerman/Swami Beyondananda 8/25/09. YouTube.


Andrew is working on a film on the importance of the 60s in the transformation of consciousness. Check out his 7 minute teaser: http://bit.ly/6060Teaser1YT

interviewed on the talk show: "Mystics Alive and Well."
YouTube Links and Scripts

Performance pieces and DVD series that show how Henry David Thoreau, Dr. Albert Einstein and others have melded the mystical and the practical as a way to inspire people to actualize humanity's highest potential.

Theatrical Readings
by Connie Baxter Marlow
These are scholarly pieces done in a light-hearted manner.
All of the dialogue expressed by Einstein and Thoreau are direct quotations.
The underlying thesis of these presentations is that every human being is an embodiment of a larger force and has the capacity to connect with that force and through personal choice bring inspired action to pass in everyday life and transform the world as we know it.
Thoreau Annual Gathering July 2014
YOUTUBE "Einstein and Thoreau: Science and the Cosmic Order"
Richard Smith as Henry David Thoreau
Andrew Cameron Bailey as Dr. Albert Einstein
Connie Baxter Marlow, host
Link to the Script
Thoreau Annual Gathering July 2013:
YOUTUBE: "Einstein and Thoreau: Two Mystics who Changed the World"
Richard Smith as Henry David Thoreau
Andrew Cameron Bailey as Dr. Albert Einstein
Sound challenging. Link to the script.

Woody Creek, Colorado April 2014
YOUTUBE: "Einstein and Thoreau: Two Mystics who Changed the World"
Richard Lyon as Henry David Thoreau
Andrew Cameron Bailey as Dr. Albert Einstein
Connie Baxter Marlow, host
Filmed for camera. Sound excellent.
Link to the script.  

Highland City Club Boulder, Colorado. March 25, 2105
"Einstein and Thoreau: Two Mystics Who Changed the World"
Richard Lyon as Henry David Thoreau
Andrew Cameron Bailey as Dr. Albert Einstein
Connie Baxter Marlow, host
Filmed for camera. Sound excellent.
Link to the script.  
Thoreau:Einstein AG2013.JPG
Einstein and Thoreau: Two Mystics Who Changed the World.
Thoreau Society Annual Gathering 2013
Richard Smith/Thoreau Impersonator as Thoreau
Andrew Cameron Bailey as Einstein
Connie Baxter Marlow Talk show host.

Suggesting a Humanity Living in Balance. The Evolutionary Upward Spiral
Performed at the Thoreau Society Annual Gathering July 2011, 2012. 

Set on the banks of the Allagash River in Maine after a long day's paddle, this performance piece will show you a Thoreau and the Indian he experienced. It will give you some ideas to ponder and suggest a synthesis from which we can all open to a larger reality and take the human potential up a notch to the place Thoreau dedicated his life to modeling. Readings from Henry David Thoreau's Indian Notebooks and Journals.
University of New England, Portland, ME. 2012
YOUTUBE "Thoreau the Futurist and the Emerging Human"
Andrew Cameron Bailey as Henry David Thoreau
James Neptune, Penobscot as Joe Polis, Thoreau's Indian Guide and Hero.
Link to the script.
Accompanied by YOUTUBE  "Thoreau and Indians" clips from THE AMERICAN EVOLUTION DVD Series featuring Bradley P. Dean,PhD; Arnie Neptune, Penobscot Elder and Thoreau through Richard Smith, Impersonator/Interpreter. Link to Transcription


THE AMERICAN EVOLUTION: Voices of America DVD Series: Description
America has yet to bring its most important gifts to the table of human consciousness.  There is information and vision that has yet to be integrated into daily action, and can be found in the worldview of the Native peoples of the Americas, the Transcendentalists of Concord, Massachusetts and the Founding Vision of this country as articulated in our freedom documents: The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

Realizing Freedom - 13 minute trailer
The Freedom Tradition of Concord, Massacusetts - 10 minute short
The First Fifty Years - An Untold Story. 10 minute short

Part 1: Thoreau on Civil Disobedience/Sovereignty
The mystical ideas of Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau: Civil Disobedience, Prejudice. Slavery, Majority of one. Action from principle. Unjust Laws, Universal Law. Through interpreter Richard Smith and visionary Thoreau scholar Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D.

Part 2: Thoreau, The Native American, Katahdin and the Future
Thoreau, The Native American, Mt. Katahdin, and the Future. Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D, Thoreau Scholar and Editor Introduces: Thoreau, The Ethnologist and Thoreaus Indian Notebooks. Discusses: Thoreaus Epiphany on Mt. Katahdin and the Contact Passage from The Maine Woods This introduces heretofore little-known information about Henry Thoreaus life-long involvement with the Native Americans and the 12 volumes of unpublished Indian Notebooks and Brad Dean discusses his theory on Thoreaus life-changing epiphany on Mt. Katahdin

Part 3: Oneness and Society
"The Societal Implications of the Oneness of Creation: The Individual, Democracy and the Evolution of Freedom. Imam Feisal Rauf, Author/Sociologist Kyriacos Markides, Penobscot elder Arnie Neptune,Henry David Thoreau through Richard Smith/interpreter and Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D., visionaryThoreau scholar explore the expanded, mystical view and experience of reality that demonstrates how the individual could conceivably be instrumental in bringing profound freedom and balance to the human condition, and America's role in the process.

Part 4: Katahdin, Mystical Mountain
Mt. Katahdin in Maine. This addresses the conscious, mystical nature of Mt. Katahdin as a transmitter of Truth energy, and its influence on human thought and action.

Part 5: Are We Free? Wabanaki Ways
Indigenous perspective on freedom. Arnie Neptune, Penobscot Elder speaks on true democracy, the people as law givers. Sovereignty. Speak out. Believe in the Spirit. Love and honor all things. Abundance. Knowledge of Creation.

Our book: www.TheTrustFrequency.net 
Our movie: www.InSearchofTheFutureMovie.com
Inspired America: www.TheAmericanEvolution.com
America's Promise: www.First50Years.us
Check out our YouTube channels:

www.YouTube.com/TheTrustFrequency - On living in THE TRUST FREQUENCY
www.YouTube.com/First50Yrs - AMERICA'S FORGOTTEN ORIGIN STORY. Evolution of Democracy and the American mind and spirit.
www.YouTube.com/TheAmericanEvolution - Thoreau/Pilgrims/Native Americans/THE INSPIRED AMERICA
www.YouTube.com/Flyweagles - On the NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE with visionary indigenous elders and futurists.
www. YouTube.com/InSearchofTheFuture - Clips from our film IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE on the origin and future of humanity
www.YouTube.com/PeaceHealingAmericas - Glimpses of THE JOURNEY FOR PEACE & HEALING IN THE AMERICAS. Honoring Indigenous Cultures and Visiting Sacred Sites, collecting visions of a new future.
www.YouTube.com/ForeclosureFree - An inspiring look at the Mortgage Meltdown: The DEATH AND REBIRTH OF THE AMERICAN DREAM.

"Divine" Discoveries at Ground Zero: An Uplifting Look at the Events of 9/11 by CBM

"When we come together with the indigenous peoples as equals, as family, and we each open our hearts and our minds to the other, the melding of our gifts will bring a new perspective that is invisible at this time. This new perspective will allow us to see the path to true unity, peace and freedom." CBM
The Trust Frequency
An indigenous cosmology/quantum science synthesis 
bringing a new perspective on the nature of the universe:
We are One and live in the Now, in a conscious loving Universe where there is only Love.
The unconditional nature of that love means it must give us everything we ask for.
The 7 A’s* – Awareness, Assumption Attitude, Attention, Alignment, Action and Allowing are our requests to the Universe.
Each of these carries a frequency, which has its own laws. 
Free Will enables us to choose our frequency and thereby our reality. 
The true, abundant, joyful nature of the Universe 
is available to anyone who chooses 
The Trust Frequency. 

*With expanded AWARENESS, and accurate ASSUMPTIONS we choose our ATTITUDE and consciously direct our ATTENTION, ALIGN with our highest inner promptings with committed ACTION, ALLOWING the loving universe to manifest beyond our wildest dreams.


TRUST FREQUENCY STORIES:  A Land Within a Land 8 min The Big Baseball Game 10 min. Written & Performed by CBM
Connie's writings can be found on www.Scribd.com/ConnieBaxterMarlow

Walk in Trust - It's the only way to Fly 
Peace Within, Peace Without, Peace on Earth   

Connie Baxter Marlow  
928 451-2044 - cell

Andrew Cameron Bailey
928 451-2043 - cell

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What impressed me most about  'The  Trust Frequency' is that it is written from a higher dimensional awareness and clarity that energetically transfers to the reader. It explains the  s hift in consciousness unfolding on our planet and how everything is frequency and vibration, and by releasing assumptions we can choose to vibrate at the higher frequency of love and trust and move into the heart of Oneness. It leaves us with the inspiration and recognition that this is our destiny .
Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. President and CEO of HeartMath, LLC. www.HeartMath.com
'Trust Frequency' is one of the most brilliant consciousness transforming, perhaps even life changing books I have ever read. It is clear when reading this masterpiece that the two writers are extraordinary great souls with a cosmic and divine view of this world. It will be a blessing in anyone's life who reads it.
Barbara Gluck. Co-Founder of The Light Institute of Galisteo www.BarbaraGluck.com
A wonderfully lucid guide to living more fully and deeply on this Sacred Earth by two loving and highly evolved conscious guides.  The Trust Frequency is good medicine for all those seeking more fully human lifestyles and a global culture of peace, generosity and sustainability for our common future on this wondrous planet.    
Hazel Henderson, Ph.D. Futurist, world-wide syndicated columnist, President, Ethical Markets Media, LLC. www.EthicalMarkets.com www.HazelHenderson.com

Open 'The Trust Frequency', and welcome yourself into a poetic, philosophical, scientific, artful, and ultimately very personal exploration into who you are, what is real, and how you can participate in the next phase of our evolution." Cassandra Vieten, PhD. President and CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and co-author of "Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life."www.Noetic.org


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