The Turtle Pin

The Turtle Pin

Turtle Pins 2015 3

We are Family
  We are One   Just Trust
The Turtle Pin is taken from the symbols that grew out of The Journey for Peace and Healing in the Americas taken by Connie Baxter Marlow, Hinton Harrision II and Lloyd Griscom in 1995, honoring Indigenous cultures, visiting sacred sites and collecting prayers for peace and healing from Colorado to Chiapas, Mexico.
It was blessed by elders of many Indigenous nations.

The Turtle represents The Americas-called by the Native Americans “Turtle Island - The Island of Peace.” The turtle is also an ancient Maya symbol of Creation.  In the Supreme Court the turtle represents the “Slow, Steady Pace to Justice.”

The Three Spheres are taken from Nicholas Roerich’s Banner of Peace - the flag that symbolized the signing of the Rohrig Pact by 21 American countries in the 1930’s pledging a commitment to Peace Through Culture.(We added the Americas on the spheres).
 Three symbolizes a synthesis of life- Art/Science/Religion, heart/mind/body, past/present/future and many more triads within the circle of Eternity.

“We are Family” “We are One” “Just Trust” are words intended to inspire individuals to walk in alignment with the beauty and knowing that lies deep within,
trusting a Conscious Loving Universe.

“It is the Destiny of the Peoples of the Americas to Come Together as One Family and Show the World How to Live in Peace through Freedom of the Human Spirit.”

Taken from the Vision/Mission Statement of
The Journey for Peace and Healing in the Americas.


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