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     Newsletter November 2016
What if you had 20+ years of Passion in your Work?

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Marcia Daszko
is a Catalyst for Leadership Transformation, Strategy, and Innovation. For 20 years, she has passionately been guiding strategic innovation and cultural transformation in Fortune 500 corporations to private companies, school districts, and non-profits. Marcia is a keynote speaker and facilitates provocative learning. A protégé of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, she has taught MBA classes at UC-Berkeley, Fordham, Santa Clara University, and San Jose State University.


    If you want better results in your organization, improve the leaders’ strategic thinking.


From person to person, meeting to meeting, event to event, we move forward. From my recent connections, I want to share with you.

Here are a few TIDBITS to help you in various phases of life:

  1. IMPORTANT APP: Add the free app about Stroke Awareness to your phone.  It shares the signs of a stroke, locates the nearest certified stroke center, lists your emergency contacts, and has a 911 button.  (contributed by Chuck Toeniskoetter, Santa Clara Rotary Club.) You never know when you or a friend or co-worker or stranger in the store may need your help. 

  2. books 3NEW BOOKS: What are you learning that is cool?  I recently attended the Berrett Koehler Author’s Retreat in Los Altos, CA.  It was abundant with ideas from more than 50 authors.  I haven’t read all the books yet, but here are a few samples.   

  3. linkedin icon 2REVISE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE: Is it time to update your LinkedIn profile?  How many years has it been since you updated your photo, current work location, accomplishments, contact information?  Take out your calendar and schedule 10 minutes to invest in updating your own profile! (I learned that at the NSA meeting I attended.)  Update your profile or you may miss connecting with friends, colleagues, or those who have a dynamic opportunity “just made for you!” 

  4. ARE YOU SUSCEPTIBLE?  November is Diabetes Awareness Month. If you are not aware of this ravaging disease, learn about the symptoms for both Type 1 and Type 2. Half of Americans are pre-diabetic and will get type 2, depending on your eating and exercise habits. Type 1 is not preventable (more in the genes) and there is currently no cure. Researchers are making progress, but we need to accelerate to finding a cure as more people around the world are being diagnosed with both Type 1 or 2 at staggering rates, from babies to adults.) Donations to research can be made to (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.) 
    JDRF Logo 2  American Diabetes Association


How ever we seize the opportunities and confront challenges in 2017, its helpful if we can mentally and emotionally prepare ourselves for what we know and some of the unknown.  Coming TOGETHER to focus on what is important to us at school, at work, in our nation and in society, matters! 

It is imperative that we respectfully have conversations about Our Compelling Purpose and how we want to make a difference—to our families, customers, members, congregations, society.  A few leaders have begun addressing these issues by sending letters to their employees.

Two decades ago I began offering workshops for my clients and to the public called “How To Reduce Fear and Build Trust.”  The attendees discovered a new awareness of the more than 100 kinds of Fear in organizations and the impact that Fear has on people, productivity, and Profits.

In response to our current climate in our organizations, schools and nation, “FEAR ERODES” is the new and current speech and workshop I am delivering.  It is a facilitated, interactive dialogue so people can not only express their concerns, but TOGETHER I’ll guide your group to help reduce their fears and create some healthy responses for the months ahead.

Call today at 408-398-7220 to schedule your “FEAR ERODES—How Will We Address & Reduce Fear TOGETHER?” for your team or enterprise.

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Some people have titles and positions.  That doesn’t make them a leader. Most powerful and important is the natural leadership you each have within you.  I’ve seen 1000’s of people develop their natural leadership.  Some self discover it or fought tough odds to overcome a bad situation.  Some have had a loving, supportive, encouraging parent, manager, coach, or mentor who created an environment for them to Blossom.  They may have been shy, quiet or not great at Math!  But they found their passion, voice, and way to make a difference. Everyone has a natural leader within them.  Have you found yours?  I can help you.


On Dec. 1-6, I’ll be in NYC for meetings and to co-sponsor an Investor session for Start-up Entrepreneurs on Dec. 1 hosted by Alley Boost.  Find more information at


My NYC book agent is handling the publishing details of my upcoming book . . . that has been upcoming for years.  What a lengthy process in the traditional publishing world!

But the message in the book is available today! I deliver my speeches/presentations and facilitate executive retreats to help people discover new thinking and how to apply it.  Learn why some leaders grab onto management fads and best practices and struggle and fail.  But others challenge current management beliefs, assumptions, and practices (yes, even performance appraisals and ranking/rating employees), continually learn, improve, and innovate for bold success! 

Which kind of leader are you? Calendar me to address your team or to consult with you.



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