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As catalysts in Strategic Change, Transformation,
and Innovation, we are passionate; we love to
provoke better, different thinking and strategize
with our natural leaders.

 “My aim is to provoke your thinking.” 

When people think differently, they can act differently.  Learning a philosophy of management based in a theoretical foundation is key—and it is the
differentiator between adopting management fads (even fads with multi-million dollar advertising
budgets behind them) and achieving great success. The journey continues . . . the opportunities abound.  We can all learn, improve, and innovate Together. 
We can achieve sustainable, healthy outcomes that our global society needs.

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Dear Friend,


Periodically, we have an “event” in our lives that gets our attention.  It helps us realize what’s important and where we really want to focus our time and energy.  The “event” may be the death of a parent,  friend or a colleague we admired; it may be a child calling across the miles saying, “I miss you;” it may be a close call accident, a medical emergency, a business failure, or a job layoff; or a wildfire in drought-stricken Cailifornia.
On April 1st (April Fool’s Day), I had one of these events (up close and personal.)  No fooling.  My Neurology team (how many people can say they have a neurology team—and I stress the word team!?) were amazed that I survived, but I am on my way to full recovery—spunkier than ever!



Friends said, “You must have been scared.”  “You’re lucky to be alive.” “It wasn’t your time; there’s a purpose for your life to continue.”  There is learning and self-reflection in process.

dollar In my career, thousands of conversations have focused on: executives who want to become better leaders; leaders who want to ensure they are leaving a great legacy; and senior teams who need to assess, “How are we doing?  How can we transform? How do we deliver better Quality? How do we accelerate our competitive edge?” (Unfortunately for some, they are asking the wrong questions that have already sucked the soul out of them—I have no need to mince words; they ask, “How many millions in costs can we cut; how many people can we cut and destroy their livelihood; how can we get a better stock price by manipulating numbers?)



Thoughtful, natural leaders don’t need an “event” for a wake-up call.  But whether you experience an “event” or not, leadership (in your career or personal life) takes courage.  Courage has become a rare commodity in executive suites and even in homes and relationships over the past decade or two.  Leadership means asking yourself some tough personal questions and then acting on them.  Reflect on these:

liguria-tourist-informationARE YOU AWARE?

When was the last time you took a quiet day to reflect on the man or woman you have become?

When did you last assess who you are?

How do people perceive you?

Do you consider yourself a leader, but others perceive you as arrogant, greedy or a bully?

How busy are you?  Do you realize the person you have become, with either gratitude and humility or in auto-pilot?

Are you the person you want to be? Are you the parent, son, daughter, friend, co-worker, manager, leader, or mentor you want to be?

Are you leaving a positive legacy?

What’s really important to you?

Are you aware?  Do you care?

SO WHAT?                                                                                                                         


For many people, our lives move at a frenetic pace.  We’re working, traveling, grocery shopping, helping with homework, seeing friends . . . everywhere we have obligations, and we try to fit in some fitness, me-time, and giving back.  How are you doing?

When we’re busy and accomplishing our goals and making a living, we just keep on truckin’. There’s no reason to ask the above questions. But every so often, there comes a moment or an event that catches our attention and we learn what’s important to us.



1. Who are the significant people that you love or admire (this may surprise you.)  Do they know it?  Show it.
2. List the most important things you care about.  Are you engaged? Engage.
3. You have one last day or hour; what do you feel/do?  Feel it; do it.
4. If you die tonight, what needs to be in order that may not be? Get it in order—now.
5. You have a year left until you retire. What do you want to accomplish?  Where do you give back?  Plan your legacy.
6. You are here (wherever in time); how do you spend your time? Schedule it.
7. Every day you interact with people. Do you make a difference in improving their lives, in a small or large way?


THE QUESTION: What’s your priority, and where do you focus?

Today is time (you may not have a tomorrow) for self-assessment.  Then reach out for an objective assessment.  Any leader needs a tough guide, just like a patient needs a doctor, and a 49er needs a coach.



Brilliant Book HOT Off the Presses or Cloud!

Peter Greulich has just published A VIEW FROM BENEATH THE DANCING ELEPHANT.  His masterpiece is a courageous and transparent view of the flaws that impact corporations today.   Through the IBM saga, Peter (a 30-year veteran IBMer) captures the essence of the shift in leadership. From its Founder’s principles of Respect for the individual, Service, and Excellence that grew one of the most respected global corporations, IBM has morphed into a self-destructive culture full of bureaucracy, bullying, high turnover, and frequent layoffs (sending hundreds of thousands IBMers out to be negative ambassadors.) As management guru Dr. W. Edwards Deming would moan, “They have the Seven Deadly Diseases.” Peter’s call to action is for executives to re-discover that their job is to lead, respect, and inspire people; serve customers; and transform the organization for a healthy, sustainable future. 

The book is available on amazon at:

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