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Compelling Conversations: Summer 2014

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” --Henry James (1843-1916), Anglo-American writer

Hi Eric,

How's summer treating you so far? What compelling conversations are you having with friends, relatives and students?

Summer often provides exhausted English teachers time to unwind and reflect. It's also a time to talk with friends, travel a bit, and spend time outdoors.

Many English teachers also teach new classes and find new resources for their students. Here are some free chapters from Chimayo Press books that celebrate summer and healthy living. These free ESL conversation lessons can spark some lively class conversations too. You'll find our conversation books for English language nudge students to speak more and share more of their lives.

We're having a great summer in Los Angeles with fine weather, gentle breezes and free outdoor concerts. We've also been creating new materials including a reproducible teacher's guide to Compelling American Conversations and a special version of Compelling Conversations for Japanese English language learners. Both titles will be available later this year. We're also selling several class sets of our fluency-focused books - which you can buy at half price too.

Here are some sample chapters from our growing collection of ESL/EFL books.

Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics

Going to the beach is a great summertime pleasure. Where better to soak up some sun, ride a few waves and relax in the sand? Compelling Conversations can bring the ocean to the classroom; check out Chapter 23: Enjoying the Beach.


cac 4Compelling American Conversations: Questions & Quotations for Intermediate English Language Learners

A great way to enjoy the summer is through athletics, especially during the World Cup or Summer Olympics. Use Chapter 7: Playing and Watching Sports from Compelling American Conversations to spark discussions with your students and learn more about sports in other cultures and countries!


iab 5

It's a Breeze: 42 Lively English Lessons on American Idioms
Temperatures are climbing this time of year, so your students may say it’s getting “hot.” Do they know the other meanings and uses of the word? It’s a Breeze features a section called “Hot Time” to heat up the conversations!

Compelling Conversations- Japan: Speaking Activities to Create More Confident Intermediate Japanese English Language Learners

As announced earlier this week by Chimayo Press, authors Eric Roth and Shigemitsu “Shiggy” Ichinomiya are set to publish the Japanese Compelling Conversations in January 2015. This book aims to balance the cultural and academic needs of intermediate Japanese English learners. Check out a chapter sample here!

Compelling Conversations - Vietnam: Questions and Quotations for Advanced Vietnamese English Language Learners
Whether it's at a new restaurant, a beach picnic or a neighborhood barbecue, sharing meals brings people together and fosters delightful dialogue. Bring your students into the conversation with Chapter 5: Eating and Drinking.

Looking for summer savings? We’re offering a 50% off the cover price on all our ESL/EFL books. You can expand your personal library or order your fall textbooks--whether ordering 1, 5 or 50 books, you can expand your library at half price! Our 2014 Summer Sale gives you an excuse to go shopping for Compelling Conversations, Compelling American Conversations, Compelling Conversations: Vietnam and It's a Breeze! Just click on a title, and apply the appropriate code (at bottom) in the apply discount box on the order page.

Here are some recent blog-posts from the Compelling Conversations blog that you might find interesting:

Journeys in Film promotes use of movies, documentaries to teach
The nonprofit organization Journeys in Film provides a supply of free lesson plans as companions to documentaries and films presented in classrooms. This review highlights both the advantages and drawbacks of introducing such materials to students. We'd also like to thank Journeys in Film for their positive feedback. 

Paraphrasing is an Essential Conversation Skill!
English educators and learners often underestimate the importance of paraphrasing and how it serves as a useful communication tool. Learn here how to ease into the habit of paraphrasing in conversations. 

Fantastic Youtube videos for the ESL classroom
Youtube remains a great resource to teach and engage learners. Recently, I compiled a list of some of my favorite instructional, informational and entertainment videos that can be shared with your English language students. 

As the number of international students attending colleges and universities continues to increase, the importance of speaking conversational English becomes more and more clear. Here's a big-picture article from the Chronicle of Higher Education that emphasizes the need for real communication skills: 

International undergraduate retention rates fall
The Chronicle of Higher Education's article from June 2014 highlights the falling retention rates of international students at undergraduate institutions. Though the reasons from staff and from students varied widely in some instances, writer Karin Fischer attributes the trend to lack of communication. What can be done to keep international students, and the universities they attend, motivated to get their degrees?

It's clear that our English students will have to develop strong speaking skills to fully participate in their classes in English-speaking academic high schools and universities.

Chimayo Press books help develop those fluency skills. Perhaps you want to take advantage of our summer sale with 50% off the cover price on all our ESL/EFL books. Whether shopping for a friend, a class, or yourself, you can buy Compelling Conversations/Chimayo Press books at half price by adding the discount code for each title on CreateSpace website--simply follow the links for each book and enter in the corresponding discount code displayed below.

Do you teach intermediate students studying American English? Buy Compelling American Conversations: Questions & Quotations for Intermediate English Language Learners

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Do you teach high intermediate and advanced English language learners? Buy  Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics

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Are you teaching or tutoring English language learners in Vietnam? Buy  Compelling Conversations - Vietnam: Questions & Quotations for Advanced Vietnamese English Language Learners

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Do your high beginning and intermediate students want to learn more American idioms? Why not add It's a Breeze: 42 Lively English Lessons on American Idioms to your professional library?

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You have many fine choices. Thank you for considering our quality ESL/EFL books to help your students improve their speaking skills.

Hope you savor your summer days and creating lively discussions in and out of your English classrooms. Be healthy, stay sane, and keep in touch!


Eric and Laurie

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