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{eco Halloween fun has never been this easy}




Halloween Crafts

This month's issue of Kiwi magazine features green Halloween crafts from our very own Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson, the mother-daughter co-founders of Green Halloween!
In addition, the crafts double as party activities, and some become decor. That's the all-in-one "spirit" we love! (Combining party elements can save time, money and resources.)
Look for how to make a Halloween garland, a memory pail and upcycled spiders on pages 65-67.
You can also visit Kiwi magazine online and check out Lynn and Corey's featured "bonus crafts" for FREE!
Want more?
Also, visit Green Halloween's blog for Halloween craft round ups featuring some of our favorite eco bloggers and artists.



Trick-or-Treat for GOOD

Remember collecting coins for UNICEF? Well now there are lots of ways your family can enjoy going door-to-door, while helping those in need.

The UNICEF program is still going strong, but this year you may also want to consider trick-or-treating for books, Reverse-Trick-or-Treating or even taking part in the Halloween Candy Buy-Back Program.

6 ways to turn goodie hunting into good-y-hunting can be found here.





Where to buy your pumpkin? Find a local, organic pumpkin patch near you by logging on to




Find a

Green Halloween® Event Near You

Looking for some good, green fun this Halloween?

Visit our national events page on

You'll find "official" Green Halloween events in cities across the country.

You'll also find zoo and aquarium Halloween event partners, who will be handing out healthy and "green" treats & treasures, featuring eco-friendly crafts and activities and so much more.




6 Ways to Celebrate Green & WIN!

Kids, get on your thinking caps! Moms & Dads, get ready to help. Everyone, get ready for Halloween F-U-N that can score your family some cool, green prizes.

1. Green Halloween ChicoBag Design Contest

2. Inhabitots Green Halloween Costume Contest

3. HolidayLEDs Green Halloween Pledge

4. MiniMonos Green Halloween Competition

5. YeahTip's Green Halloween Text-2-Give Challenge

6. Where in the world is Green Halloween Bag?

For details, click here.

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If you follow our blogs,you already know:

... And so much more!

Treat yourself to all our tips (and tricks)! Subscribe to the Green Halloween and Celebrate Green! blogs today.

Of course, you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook (we look forward to connecting with you!).







About Green Halloween

Green Halloween® is a non-profit, community initiative to create healthier and more sustainable holidays, starting with Halloween. Green Halloween began in the Seattle area in 2007, and in 2008 went nationwide, thanks to wide-spread media exposure, word-of-mouth marketing and online buzz, as well as the support and enthusiasm of schools, families and businesses all over the country.

Funded by sponsorship and fueled by volunteers, Green Halloween is a national program of EcoMom® Alliance, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, in partnership with The Green Year®, LLC.

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Catch the

Green Halloween®

Media BUZZ!











New Day Northwest

Northwest Families

Fox Q13

For more print, TV, radio & online exposure for Green Halloween, click here.

For National Costume Swap Day media, click here.


Thank you to our  2010 National Green Halloween sponsors & partners!













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There's still time to be a 2010 Green Halloween sponsor or partner! Click here for details or e-mail us.




U2 can B A

Green Halloween Hero!

TEXT "BOO   5" to 27318 to pledge $5 today.*

Want to give more? Just enter the dollar amount you want to give (e.g. Boo 25 for $25)

Every dollar raised will help to support a healthier and more sustainable holiday for children & planet.

*You will receive a phone call to confirm your donation. Thank YOU!


missed something

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Did we leave something out?

Make errors in our newsletter?

Forget to include something oh-so-important?

We'd love to know.

So don't be shy- tell us what we missed.

After all, it takes a village to raise an initiative.

And we appreciate your support!



Joke of the Day


Q: Why is a ghost such a messy eater?

A: Because he's always a goblin.


Have a favorite Halloween pun, joke or riddle?

We want to hear!

In the next issue:

  • Vintage Halloween
  • FREE ways to celebrate a Green Halloween
  • Healthy costumes 101

... and MORE!

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