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The First (and possibly last)
Apathy Sale

all kinds of stuff marked down from 10—73.26%
"prices so low, you would think we just don't care anymore..."

Ahhh....those heady, idealistic spring days of youth when ones dreams soar like a really high, impressive soaring thing. "I'll join the Peace Corps after I do Teach For America... or maybe I will do research into rare diseases like Ewing's Tumor... or maybe I will be the greatest Harlem Globetrotter to ever trot the globe (except of course, Meadowlark Lemon, because he has the best nickname the world has known)...

Well, this sale has absolutely nothing to do with days like that. This sale is more like slumping down on the couch, thumbing through the channels looking for a middle-of-the-road police procedural (..."Oh Horatio, where are you??!? How I long to watch you remove your sunglasses as you nab the culprit three minutes before the top of the hour...").

You see, sometimes things pile up, get stuffed into corners, and/or jammed into bags with open X-Acto knives and the time comes to clear it all out... Since this is that time it is you, Our Very Dear Reader, that will be the beneficiary (assuming you have made it this far).

BD2_rect540.JPGEventually, this will be a sign for the sale.... maybe after CSI: Hoboken is over

ANYWAY... we are putting a bunch of stuff on sale.... some of it is great, some excellent, and probably some really blah things that we don't really care about (like books on typography). Actually, every single thing will be on sale, some of it at really, really ridiculously low prices. AND there will be some totally awesome GRAB BAGS, which even in our current state, we can't help but get excited about. Rumor has it that some of them will be filled with jewels pilfered from Buckingham Palace or Japanese erasers, I can't remember which.

And oh yeah... we might move!

Sometime in the next one to twenty one days, we will be moving to a top-secret bunker that is currently being designed by some scientist-type people. And an architect or two. We aren't entirely sure where it will be but we can tell you this:

1. it will definitely have at least one helipad
2. it will be close to of Town Lake
3. at least according to the preliminary drawings, it will also be quite close to Saturn.

Artist rendition of IF+D's new top-secret bunker (totally to scale)


It's all very exciting, or would be if we weren't so apathetic. We will let you know where to find us as soon as our first rent check clears, so stay tuned for further details, which will perhaps be more fact-based.

IF+D :: Iridescent Flamingos + Deck shoes
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