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Listening Tips
It's happened to me in the past, and I imagine it will happen in the future: I'm listening to what another person is sharing with me, about her day, her life, or her work, and I find that my concentration begins to waver, and I become uninterested.

In those times, I find it helpful to ask myself: "Do I really know what it feels like to be this other person?" Inevitably, the answer is "no." This helps me to become curious, direct my attention back to the speaker, and really try to understand the experience being described.

-- Eran

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Upcoming Events

Introduction to Supportive Listening
Saturday, March 8th, 5 to 7pm
Stanford University, Women's Community Center.
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The Basics of Supportive Listening
Starts Sunday, April 20th, 3 to 5pm
Four weekly sessions. Palo Alto, California
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"Listening in the News" w/ Paul

Interesting article in the New York times about Dr. Harvey Karp’s novel approach for dealing with toddler tantrums. The key point is to let the toddler know that you understood him by repeating back what you got from what they said. In other words, giving your WIG (what I got) works–even with toddlers.

The example given... read more

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We are very happy to come work with your group, and can tailor a workshop for your group's unique needs.

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