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 Thank You from the 6th annual
Queer Women of Color

Film Festival

Dearest QWOCMAP Community,

Folks around here are not usually at a loss for words, but... WOW!

What an amazing weekend!  The 6th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival, June 11-13, was an astounding success, bringing together 38 filmmakers, 34 world premieres, 20 Community Partner organizations, 14 co-presenters, 93 local businesses, 17 hardworking Festival Team members, more than 100 volunteers, and almost 2,000 audience members to celebrate and revel in the transformative power of film.  More about our Queer Women of Color Film Festival

A Day of Healing and Love

Two-Spirit Performance & Celebration
We are especially thankful for Saturday’s remarkable Two-Spirit Performance and Celebration.  QWOCMAP - In Xochitl in CuicatlThis extraordinary gathering centered and honored Two-Spirit artists, poets, performers and elders: Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Jaynie Lara, Michelle Zamora, Marlon Footracer, Aja Couchois Duncan, In Xochitl In Cuicatl, Kali Boyce, Jewelle Gomez, L. Frank Manriquez and Don Little Cloud Davenport.  It was a momentous and unforgettable event that included a range of Two-Spirit voices. 

Two Eagles Drummers

Drummers Jaynie Lara, Diane Pfile, Sharilane Suke, Ruth Villasenor, and Michelle Zamora welcomed audiences into the Featured Screening.  They were joined by Native American and other community members and their songs were heard and felt throughout the theater, the building and probably the streets.  Yet the songs were not just given to the audience, there was a reciprocal exchange, as Sharilane wrote, "the films were inspiring and those of us who drummed & sang all felt uplifted & hope your audience felt the same."

Featured Screening: Reclaiming Remembrance
DSC_0452We are immensely proud of this screening.  As Ruth Villasenor, director of Traditional Indigenous Values said, it was a day for history as the first Two-Spirit queer women of color film screening.  Reclaiming Remembrance was such a life- changing night of powerful films that other communities are clamoring to screen them.  There will be two different screenings in October, at the Bioneers Conference on the 11th, and at the gathering of our friends, Northeast Two-Spirit Society on the 16th.  We are hoping that these films will travel to Tulsa and Oklahoma City as well.
Esther, Nazbah, NAHC, QWOCMAP 2
As Nazbah Tom of the Native American Health Center said, with four generations in one room, it was a space of healing.  As our elders and performers told us at the beginning of the day, it was also a space of love.  Our sincere appreciation goes out to Miko Thomas of Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits, Morningstar Vancil of Gay American Indians, as well as to Nazbah and D’Shane Barnett of the Native American Health Center, for their incredible support and community effort.  We are also grateful to the California Council for the Humanities for their support of this Festival Focus day. 

It's All About Relationships

QWOCFF - Fabulous FoodWe are thrilled and thankful to have had the generous backing of so many (93, to be exact!) local restaurants and businesses —many of which, like Charanga and Cock-A-Doodle Café - are owned by queer women of color, other people of color and queer white allies.  Thanks to our Donation Divas, Vida Mia Garcia and Zolia Aviles in-kind donations from these establishments totaled $25,048 —more than donations made in 2008 and 2009 combined!  For our free community receptions, restaurants such as  Indian Oven, Dolores Park Café, Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, Phat Philly, along with Chef Yulanda Hendrix from Simply Bliss Catering, provided the scrumptious eats.  Our sweet tooth was fulfilled with donations by Just Desserts, Hot Cookie, La Mejor Bakery, and Luna Bar.  Purity Organic Juices, Anchor Brewing Company, and Lagunitas Brewing Company made sure we always had a drink—the fruity or the fermented kind.

MiMi Raffle - QWOCMAPRavishing Raffles
Every year, we hold two different raffles.  This year, more than 70 lucky audiences members were winners.  Establishments such as Modern Times, Peet's Coffee, Alexander Books, Black & Blue Tattoo, Liberation Ink, Boogaloo's, Paws & Claws, Cliff's Variety, make/shift, Flip & Tumble and others provided prizes for our survey raffle winners.  Prizes  for filling out a little survey, just how easy is that? 

Mad & Jewelle - corsetBelvedere House, Madame S, Therapy, Tantus, Blowfish,  Good Vibrations, Box Dog Bikes, 1300, Amber India, IGIGI, Therapy and Writing Ourselves Whole provided prizes for our Super Sexy Raffle, with lots of chances to win.   Last year, Jewelle Gomez won the prize from Dark Garden, and this year, she came to model her custom corset.  We can't wait to see what this year's Dark Garden winner will model for us at the 2011 Queer Women of Color Film Festival!

Happy winners left the Brava Theater with smiles and prizes, and their ticket sales contributed to fundraising for QWOCMAP’s FREE programs. 
Find out  about our incredible in-kind donors!

Terrific T-shirts

QWOCMAP t-shirtQWOCMAP t-shirt, Bethany & MiMo
Did you miss the 6th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival, and seeing folks rocking these limited edition t-shirts?  Were you so excited and distracted by all of the amazing audiences, fabulous food, delicious drinks and fierce films that you forgot to pick up a terrific t-shirt?  Well, we've got your back.  Join the QWOCMAP Community of Donors with a contribution of $30 or more, and we'll send one right to you!  When you make your donation, be sure to let us know what size you'd like.
QWOCMAP logo- 300dpi 2

QWOCMAP - Regalito - Heba Gamal
We just have to give a shout out to all of the families of QWOCMAP Filmmakers who attended the 6th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival, they are always stars to us.  We especially want to acknowledge all of the mothers, queer and straight, who traveled to San Francisco from San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Cairo, Egypt!
QWOCFF - Dai Ming An
We want to give a shout out to Dai Ming An's mom, pictured above, who said that the Film Festival inspired her to join PFLAG.  Thank you!

We just have to give a shout out to our Facebook pal, singer & songwriter Nedra Johnson, who recalled wise words from a queer elder, Yvonne Maua Flowers, about Pride not being a parade, but born of protest.  As we think about mothers, we also want to acknowledge our lesbian, dyke, bisexual and queer women foremothers who paved the way.  We value their mentoring of QWOCMAP's art and activism as a legacy and continuation of their protest.  And we continue to learn from the best.  Elders, like long-time trouble-maker Marion Abdullah of FABLED ASP, and her many decades of activism, continue show us how it's done. 
QWOCMAP - marion, jdx, toni
The 6th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival is something we can all be proud of, thanks to you,  our QWOCMAP community, who carry on this legacy of activism

As the 4th of July arrives, and Independence parties abound, we can think of many more ways to celebrate queer women of color and our multiple communities.  QWOCMAP is part of the ROOTS Coalition of 14 organizations and collectives across the U.S.  At the US Social Forum, ROOTS Coalition members worked with hundreds of activists to develop the Queer & Trans Peoples Resolution for the Safe Self-Determination of Our Peoples.  This call for action is one of the ways that we can foster genuine pride and true independence on a daily basis. 
Through screenings, performances, receptions, and much more, the free Queer Women of Color Film Festival is run by, for and about our peoples.  By reflecting our lives, experiences and images, we help to create a safe space that honors our history, applauds our activism and celebrates our creativity.  It is a space that brings together babies, children, youth, adults, parents and elders.  It is a space that shows us another world is possible.
QWOCMAP - Film Festival crowd Within the ROOTS Coalition and with other groups across the country, QWOCMAP will continue to develop the leadership, vision and dreams of queer and trans people of color.  We thank you for joining us in  safe self-determination of ALL our peoples.  You'll hear more about the ROOTS Coalition, and our national policy work and organizing schools, as the year continues to unfold. 

Producers Circle

Dipti $ - QWOCMAPThis year, our 3rd Producers Circle Reception was hosted by Dipti Ghosh, who assumed the mantle for this  wonderful evening from Linda Harrison & Ellen Anderson. 

 The reception was held at Gaby Salas and Heather Raich's Charanga Restaurant.  Additionally, Charanga donated amazing albondigas for our  receptions.
QWOCMAP Producers Circle - Eleanor, Jewelle, Olga, Rosalinda
Producers Circle donors support the creation of new films by queer women of color and receive a credit on films produced through our Filmmaker Training Program.

Want to join this amazing bunch of beautiful folks and start producing films? 

You can do so for $42 a month - that's about $10 a week, some folks spend that on lattes and pastries in one day.

Become A Producer Circle Member

3rd annual QWOCMAP
Filmmaker Party

Once again, fabulous QWOCMAP Filmmakers, who've created films through our Filmmaker Training Program, came together to celebrate and give back.  After a rousing game of QWOCMAPardy, which included categories like "Mad about Mad" and "Dollas & Donations" and a bonus round won by the "Creative Corner", QWOCMAP Filmmakers raised enough money in one night for 2 full minutes of a finished film. 
QWOCMAP Filmmaker - Emily & Bethany
Do you know how much it costs for 1 full minute of film?  Most independent films cost $1,000 per finished minute, which makes this art form inaccessible for most queer women of color.  It's the reason why QWOCMAP has offered 10 years of FREE Filmmaker Training Program workshops to our community.  

Filmmaker Training Program

Want to become a QWOCMAP Filmmaker?  The next workshop cycle starts the week of August 23rd.  You can sign up for the Introductory workshop focused on Gender & Gender Identity, Sex, Sexism & Sexuality for LGBTQ people of color.
This workshop is open to Lesbians, Same-Gender-Loving, Bisexual, Queer, Genderqueer & Questioning women, and Transwomen & Transmen of color.
Fill out the registration form here

4th annual BBQ & Boating @ Lake Chabot            

food on the grill 2
Sunday, September 12, Join l@s QWOCMAPer@s for even more fun! Filmmakers, volunteers, and our friends, families, children and yes, even our dogs, will come together for our yearly BBQ & Boating event.  Held at Lake Chabot, it’s always a lot of outdoor marvels and a bit of mayhem!  Bring something to grill, we'll provide the tortilla chips and beer!  Remember if you want to have some of the famous ribs, you'll have to move fast.  Afterwards you can rent a kayak or paddle boat and race around the lake, recreate World Cup soccer games, play a round of tag, hike around the water, do it all!  To get there, join a carpool with your friends or take an early BART ride, where a QWOC Cab will pick you up on the dot at 11am, noon or 1pm.
Public Transit & Accessbility Info
Directions to Lake Chabot


"Meet Our Filmmakers
Meet Our Press"

@ Regalito
QWOCMAP - Regalito - Dominique
Proprietor and Chef Thomas Peña generously offered Regalito to us for our “Meet Our Filmmakers, Meet Our Press” reception.  Chefs Seth Cone & guest chef Dominique Garcia (Lookout) served up delicious dishes, most of which are NOT on the regular Regalito menu, like the terrific tacos al pastor and extraordinary empanadas (which we are craving right NOW).  It was more delightful than any press conference we’ve ever attended, allowing QWOCMAP Filmmakers and members of the press to meet and talk in this intimate space. Jamilah King from SF Bay Guardian and ColorLines Magazine, Emily Wilson representing The Examiner, and Flo Enriquez with Curve Magazine were just a few of our press partners present.  Marques Daniels and Rebeka Rodriguez were there to capture photos of the filmmakers, food and fun.  Click below for more information and images: QWOCMAP - Regalito - Thomas, Seth & Dominque
Regalito Hosts Reception for
QWOC Media Arts Project

Press Coverage

Ntive Two Spirit Films Premiere at Festival

- Wilhelm Murg

Indian Country Today

Queer Women of Color Film Festival At The Brava Theater

- Emily Wilson

SF Examiner & Oakland Local

Film Festival Celebrating Queer Women of Color Opens to Packed Theater

- Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig

Oakland Local

Queer Women of Color Film Festival kicks off with reception at Regalito

- Marques Daniels, SF Examiner

The Queer Women of Color Film Festival Forments Change

 Jamilah King, SF Bay Guardian

GO Mag's News Editor Featured in Two Film Festivals

GO Mag Staff, GO Magazine

Queer Filmmaking

-  Ma7 22, KTVU2

Interview by Rosy Chu

CBS5 Bay Sunday

-  Interview by Sue Kwon

10% TV

-  Interview by David Perry

(Facebook or Comcast OnDemand)

QWOCMAP was also mentioned in Ms. Magazine, and media outlets from San Francisco to Singapore.

QWOCMAP, vida mia, louije, mad

Hot Parties, Cool DJs
QWOCMAP opening night
This year, we celebrated the film festival, with queer women of color DJ’s who kindly donated their time and talent with magnetic beats, rhythms and grooves at our fabulous after parties. The Opening Night party had beats from Bay Area’s very own DJ Olga T & DJ Wepa at Medjool Restaurant and sponsored by Curve Magazine.  Saturday night, THE After Party, included a trio of exceptionally talented music makers, DJ Ryan & DJ Black & DJ Cupcake at Bollyhood Café.  Closing Night at the Monkey Club gave us cool beats from DJ Eman and DJ Lunaceptive.  It was good, clean, HOT fun for the queer women of color community and our family, friends & allies!  Following the tradition of the lesbian, gay, queer and trans dance party as one of the few spaces where our people could openly socialize, our parties not only served as a vital space for community building, but one of hope, music, and magic.

We Love Our Community Partners!

Asian Pacific Islander Cultural CenterAsian Pacific Islander Queer & Transgender Community Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits
bnaa logoCOLAGE Logo With Tagline no unite 2Chicana Latina Foundation
CUAV (community partner)
Fabled ASPGAI 35laredxicanamarriage equalityMujeres Unidas y Activas@300National Center for Lesbian RightsNAHC lowresnew-leaf-logoSan Francisco Women Against RapeSistahs Steppin in PrideSunset Neighborhood Beacon Center
TrikoneZunainstitute 300dpiLogo

Senator Leland Yee Honors QWOCMAP

Senator Yee - QWOCMAPCalifornia State Senator Democrat Leland Y. Yee, PhD, presented QWOCMAP with a proclamation to honor Two-Spirits: Reclaiming Remembrance.  The proclamation honored the history and voices of Two-Spirits, and celebrated our Festival Focus on Queer Native American, Indigenous, First Nations Women.  Senator Yee celebrated the Film Festival, not only for creating community for queer women but for queer women of color.  As he said, the Queer Women of Color Film Festival makes San Francisco a city to be proud to represent and to live in. We thank Senator Yee and Melissa Apuya from his office, for their time and recognition of QWOCMAP's work on the 6th anniversary of our Film Festival.'ll find out more this summer:
AstraeaCalifornia Arts CouncilGFTA logoRainbow FoundationSFAC logoAkonadiCAC- License PlateCalifornia Council for the HumanitiesGerbodeHewlett LogoHorizons FoundationZellerbachSan Francisco FoundationBigQccLogo 4SF PRIDE 2010 4

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