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Off The Moon


Daws and Deanna began as supporting characters in Off The Moon. Although Moondrops comes chronologically before Off The Moon, my suggestion is you read this one first. ;-)




"You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was."
Abraham Lincoln



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Do you like April Fool's jokes? I do if it's actually funny and not mean-spirited, and especially if it's clever. Today, the U.S. Army posted an article stating a new uniform code, specifically that the BDU caps, turned berets would be replaced with Stetson's. The article was very clever and left doubt as to whether it was a joke or not. The accompanying photos took all doubt away. K9s don't wear berets; I doubt they'd be issued Stetson's, either.

For my part, I posted the following on my Facebook author page:

My next book may be slightly delayed. I've decided to convert it into a vampire erotica. Daws, the newest Dracula, will be transformed into the finest and sexiest secret weapon the Army has yet seen.


Yes, it was indeed a joke. It would be hard to write either vampire fiction or erotica when I don't read either. Daws and Deanna will remain normal humans with some societal perspectives, one a soldier, the other a marketing-exec-to-be, who recognize each other as kindred spirits when they meet in the pouring rain at a bus stop after midnight.

However, I do think the above story line could do well! And it did stem from a real thought. You're hearing it here first: Moondrops & Thistles will have an extra ebook version as a bit of an experiment. Spicier. Not erotic. Same story (with possibly a few cuts). For those who aren't satisfied with PG-15 ratings as most of my work falls within. It will be marked well for those who do prefer my non-graphic work. And I have no plans to put the extra version into print.

Publishing is changing. Most romance readers are leaning toward, or are firmly entrenched in, buying ebooks instead of print. For the most part, they are less expensive and you can carry a whole heck of a lot of them on one reader. They also take a lot less space! Most romance readers also tend to prefer some spice to their stories. In general, I'm an against the grain type, but it doesn't hurt now and then to go with the flow instead. We'll see how it goes. This story, more than my previous books, lends itself well to a touch of spice, since both characters are outgoing and unreserved, confident and playful.

The original will retain my normal style: non-graphic, safe for 15+ (and my daughter says I'm horribly conservative with my ratings).

So, coming this summer (if all goes well), is


Moondrops & Thistles
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"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."
Abraham Lincoln



 On to the News:


In the last newsletter, I mentioned that my free read short story titled "Christmas Chains" had been downloaded over 1,000 times, all from Smashwords. The stars of the story are Daws and Deanna from Off The Moon, now featured in Moondrops & Thistles, and this story was the beginning idea for their own novel.


If you like short stories, I've recently added one as a free read that was previously published on Long and Short Romance Reviews. Titled Growing Season, it's a sweet little quick read related to Finishing Touches.


At the end of January, I received a nice surprise! A new blogger found my website, checked my work, and did a special feature:

Nicholas Sparks, Meet Your Match:
A Profile of LK Hunsaker


I have a new REVIEWS page! Although I do have reviews of my books posted on their individual sites, I thought I'd pull a bunch of them together to post on one page. (Note: I do not pay for reviews, and very seldom send my work to review sites. What you'll find are what readers said after they chose to pick up one or more of my books and sent reaction to me or posted reviews online.) If you've read my work and would like to add your thoughts to the page, reply to this email! Thanks so much for the support!



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I think that's it for this quarter. Watch your inbox, as I'll soon send out a short excerpt of Moondrops & Thistles as an introduction. Please feel free to pass it along!


"I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him."

Abraham Lincoln


As spring creeps in (or fall if you're on the other side of the world), I wish you plenty of fun and laughter and lots to look forward to!

LK Hunsaker


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