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itsmywheelchair1-300x224Greetings, Undrivers - 

Happy summer to you!  It's a great season for Undriving by all modes...


I met the woman pictured at right on the bus the other day, and admired her nifty Brompton folding bike. "Thanks," she replied, as she rang the bell for her stop: "It's my wheelchair." Huh? How so? "I have a bad foot, and it hurts me to walk," she explained. "But I can bike!"


She was off the bus and rolling to her next destination before I could catch her name. 


How's it going with Undriving for you this summer?  What's your next Undriving adventure or experiment?  What are you seeing, discovering, encountering while Undriving that would have been missed in a car? We love to hear from you - share your story here.


Thanks for Undriving, 
Julia Field and the whole Undriving team    

P.S. Undriving is delighted to welcome two new interns - Amelia from Whitman College and Laura from Antioch Whole Systems Design. Meet them here!
Undriving Children's a Grand Success!

Children's undriver_2 2The results are in!  This spring we licensed over 331 Undrivers at Seattle Children's, at Transportation Fairs at five worksites.  Getting licensed opened new conversations, and helped employees connect with Seattle Children's amazing transportation options, leading directly to reduced commute trips. Our survey at the end of the pledge month garnered impressive results:  
- 31% of Seattle Children's Undrivers completed the survey
- 90% followed through on their Undriving pledges
- 86% established a lasting new transportation habit, and
- 68% shared their licenses with friends or family and talked with them about Undriving.  
What are Seattle Children's Undrivers up to?  Check out 10 of their stories here, and you can also access the complete research findings to read more comments from Undrivers.

Is your company or organization looking for a positive, effective way to engage with people about reducing their car use?  Ask us about bringing the Undriver Licensing Station to your event or workplace.  

Meet the Biking Spivaks, Undrivers #2,542-2,546:spivakboys_2
The Spivaks, a family of five Undrivers, are a troupe of dedicated bicyclists - including even Milo, who just progressed past training wheels. Since this family's three boys were quite young, they've been cycling through the streets of Olympia, rain or shine. The boys are now role models for other youngsters - and have even started a bike-to-school gang. Becoming licensed Undrivers has fueled the family's commitment to bike more than drive. Read the full story here

Lite Reading for Undrivers: (Want more? "Like" us on Facebook!)
• Grist: Crazy Europeans Think People Are More Important Than Cars 
• GOOD: Can Two College Students Solve the Carpooling Puzzle?
• Grist: Livable Streets Make Us Happier Humans
• Sharable: One Biker's Story: How Biking Transformed My Life

RedmondLineWebWhere's the Undriver Licensing Station this summer?
July 9 - Impact: Redmond Eco-fair: Getting licensed to Undrive is the perfect way to reign in the summer! Look for us from 11am-6pm, amongst a host of other green vendors at Redmond's Derby Days. 

July 24 - Sunday Parkways, Portland: Progressive Portland closes six-mile expanses of road to cars five times a year. We're heading south to license Portland Undrivers and check out the carfree scene there.

More events in the works - including Bumbershoot!  Check here for updates.

aLIVE logo 2

Undriver Stories in Bumbershoot Film Fest!  A compilation of three of our video stories has been accepted to the Bumbershoot One Reel Film Festival! Thanks to 4culture and aLIVE for making this project possible -- and helping us gain greater recognition at this popular Seattle event, September 3-5. Check out all five stories here.

Undriving + Company Picnics = Win/Win/Win
Looking for an engaging activity for your summer company picnic that appeals to all ages and leads to earth-friendly action
?  Sponsor the Undriver LIcensing Station to come to your event. Curious? Contact us.

busman1-150x150Catch the Undriving Spirit:  One of the benefits of Undriving: noticing unusual sights that are easily missed while speeding along in a car. "Backwards Man" was spotted recently on the bus (Fremont Solstice Parade, anyone?). What are YOU noticing as you Undrive by bus, bike, or on foot? Send us your snapshots!  

Thanks for Undriving!

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Support Undriving:  This innovative program is fueled by creativity, passion, and people like you!  Your contribution of any size is tax-deductible and will make a difference! 

Prefer writing a check?
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ABOUT UNDRIVING:  Undriving™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering people to make more conscious, active transportation choices, and to discover and share the joys inherent in car-free travel. Our innovative Undriver Licensing™ program is changing the way people think about getting around.

"Sometimes, the only available transportation is a leap of faith." - Margaret Carpenter

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