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"Quote Unquote"

"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." 
- Margaret Shepherd 
This quote has been a part of my email signature since Undriving started. It still inspires me daily, sparking curiosity and courage. Wishing you the same!  -Julia

Catch the
Undriving Spirit!
bus_stop_montrealWhat to do while waiting for the bus at this stop in Montreal?  SWING!




Your tax-deductible contribution of any size will help fuel Undriving! Donate online or mail a check to:
Undriving/Urban Sparks
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Thank you!



Greetings, Undrivers!

tumblr_mvqe8gUMzP1qzft56o1_500Look - what a difference bikes and transit can make, instead of driving! These images are a wonderful graphic depiction of what Undriving is working to do: shift our thinking about what's possible, and build awareness of how our daily choices make a difference - in our own lives as well as our collective experience.

As we enter a New Year, what's YOUR  Undriving resolution? Start biking in the winter, walk everywhere within a mile, sell a car?  For me, after 6-1/2 years of driving Undriving, I am passing the torch to my colleague Mike Schachter and Undriving's Board of Directors.

I am grateful to each and every one of you who made an Undriving pledge, got licensed to Undrive, and/or furthered this effort in other ways.  Together we've made quite a splash - since 2007 we've licensed more than 13,000 Undrivers at over 100 events throughout the region; garnered local, national and international attention and awards; fostered community through social media; and most importantly, put our Undriver Licensing™ program into the hands Official Licensing Partners - two so far, Intercity Transit and Sound Transit.  We're delighted that these two agencies are licensing their own Undrivers as a part of their community outreach efforts - and hopefully, they will be joined by many more!

It's been an honor, a challenge, and a rich learning experience to bring this idea into being and see it take on a life of its own. I've been inspired by your creative and resourceful pledges, your stories, and the amazing people on the Undriving team. Wishing you and Undriving all the best!
Thanks for Undriving,
Julia Field, Founder and Program Director

PS. Want to help? Make a year-end gift!

Reading In Transit

What do you do during your commute?  Undriver Stephanie Stafford reads lots of books!  "My bus commute (with 1 transfer) is about 50 minutes twice a day. That’s about 2.5 times as long as my previous drive commute.  But I’d rather bus it now because I get in lots of reading time.  I love to read and always have a book while waiting for & riding the bus.  Before I took the bus, I’d read about 2 books a month.  Now I read 3-4 books a week!"

subwayreaderReading is a popular pastime in transit - as is people-watching. Here's a fun Pop Quiz: see if you can guess what these NYC subway riders are reading. You might be surprised! 


kristie2Meet Two Cargo-Biking, Undriving Families!

Where do these two young Undrivers go on Seattle's newest Neighborhood Greenway in Ballard?  Check out their story to find out!

Sara and her family got their Christmas tree with a cargo bike - and hardly ever use the car in the garage.  Get tips on starting to bike as a family, and lots more - read their story!

What's YOUR Undriving story? Let us know!


Get Licensed Online!

Give the gift of Undriving! Special Offer: 2-for-1 Licenses.  The Undriver Licensing™ Station is open 24/7, at! Order a license for yourself and one for a friend, or order two gifts, or encourage two friends to get licensed, or license your kids, or...?  Click here to get started!


Lite Reading for Undrivers:

About Undriving: Undriving™ is a non-profit that reduces car use through individual behavior change.  Our innovative Undriver Licensing™ program engages people of all ages to experiment with and discover new ways of getting around.  We are dedicated to scaling and spreading this proven program. Contact us for more information Undriving or becoming an Official Licensing Partner.

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