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Greetings, Undrivers -

 Thanks again for all you do to Undrive - and for sharing your stories, discoveries, and adventures with others. 

We know that every Undriver has a story, and last spring we were honored to be awarded a grant by 4culture to produce a series of short video stories featuring UndriversWorking with a talented group of students from the University of Washington's Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program, we did just that.
Meet your fellow Undrivers in these short videos:
Undriver Merlin Rainwater is a self-described "transportation nag" - pointing out when she sees ways for organizations to shift their car-centric bias and encourage other ways of getting around. 78-year-old Betty Holman loves to travel via local county buses - like on this two-week bus trip around the Olympic Peninsula!  Jon Ramer found a whole new way of living when he took his car key off his key ring.... Discover how Anne Phyfe-Palmer balances family and running a business and commutes by bike.... Find out what fuels car-free Undriver Chelsea Whitney.... and check out the Hickey-Hamm family's creative commute - both bicycling to work while also getting their new kid safely to day care.

Enjoy the videos - then tell us your story tooSpecial thanks to everyone at MCDM, 4culture, aLIVe, and Cheryl dos Remedios!

Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season...
from all of us at Undriving! 

Undriving Resource of the Month:  GoogleMaps!
Did you know that GoogleMaps offers not only driving directions, but Transit, Biking, and Walking directions as well?  When you put in your location and your destination, just select your mode of transit - and you'll get directions and timelines tailored to that mode.  It's not perfect - directions for one recent walking trip put us on a highway - but it's a great resource, and the more it gets used, the better it will become.  We've found it to be really helpful for trips that involve more than one transit system.  Just print out your Undriving Directions and Go!

avegoDo you Commute on SR 520? Try Real-Time Ridesharing!
go520, pilot program aimed at reducing single-cccupancy car trips on 520, is starting up in January - join in!  You could be a part of the first large-scale, real-time ridesharing community.

What is Real-Time Ridesharing?  Unlike traditional carpools, which must be arranged in advance, real-time ridesharing allows you to share a ride whenever you want, from wherever you happen to be.  This gets cars off the road and gets people where they need to go - which is what Undriving is all about.

go520 is powered by Avego Shared Transport - which dynamically matches drivers and riders in real time.  Shared Transport "manages your rideshare from pick-up to drop-off, is safe and easy to use, and is already used by thousands of commuters in over 65 countries around the world." Click here for more info or to sign up.

Lite Reading for Undrivers: 
• Bus Chick in Grist: "Driving a car doesn't mean being in control"

• USA Today: Study: Walkable neighborhoods have happier people"
• Grist: "Seattle's impending car-centric mega-tunnel: A chat with Urbanist Cary Moon"

bikecarCatch the Undriving Spirit: Here's a great project by Portland artist Johnnie Olivan - a fellow recipient of a 4culture aLIVe grant. H2O Flow is his latest bike-car, that catches rainwater and dispenses water! 

Thanks for Undriving,
Julia Field and the whole Undriving team

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btn_donate_SM 4 Support Undriving:  This innovative program is fueled by creativity, passion, and people like you!  Your contribution of any size is tax-deductible and will make a difference!  Last call for 2010 :-)

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ABOUT UNDRIVING:  Undriving™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering people to make more conscious, active transportation choices, and to discover and share the joys inherent in car-free travel. Our innovative Undriver Licensing™ program is changing the way people think about getting around.

"Sometimes, the only available transportation is a leap of faith." - Margaret Carpenter

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