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Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race."
   –H.G. Wells

Catch the Undriving Spirit!
bubblewrapWaiting for the bus? Milan artist offers bubble wrap in multiple sizes (3 minute, 5 min, 10 min), to pop while you wait. "Antistress for Free," reads the sign above the popular installation. :-)




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Greetings, Undrivers!

 STzapLicense 2 

It's Bike Month! Hope you are all out there on two wheels, cycling to new destinations - and that your May Undriving-by-Bike experiments turn into lasting habits.

Here at Undriving, it's also Transit Month - in honor of our latest big partnership!  We are delighted to announce that Sound Transit is becoming an Official Licensing Partner with Undriving.  Later this month they'll get their very own Undriver LIcensing™ Station, and start taking it to fairs and festivals in their three-county service area.  "We're so excited to add Undriver Licensing™ to our toolkit," says Jim Hammond, Customer Outreach Manager.  "We want people to know they  have alternatives to driving their car, and this is a fun and engaging way to connect people to Link light rail, Sounder commuter rail, and ST Express buses."

Welcome aboard the Undriving Train, Sound Transit!  And a big tip-o-the-bike-helmet to Intercity Transit, our Founding Licensing Partner - now in their third year doing Undriver Licensing™ in Thurston County.  We'll also be doing Undriving events with King County METRO, this year and next. Watch for one of these Undriver Licensing™ Stations, near you!

Thanks for Undriving,
Julia Field and the whole Undriving team

PS.  Who's the first Sound Transit Undriver?  Meet Zap Gridlock, Sound Transit's mascot and congestion-fighting superhero!

PSS.  Do you know of an organization interested in utilizing Undriver Licensing™ to help meet car-trip reduction goals or connect people with their transportation services?  Contact us for more information!

Ride Safely - and Help Make Our Roads Safer for All

bikemonth_bikeBike Month began sadly in Seattle, with the tragic death of Lance David, a seasoned bicycle commuter. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Seattle-area Undrivers: Email Seattle City Council members to urge action to create safer streets for all users (thanks, Cascade Bicycle Club). and join in for a memorial ride on May 7. Wherever you live, what actions can you take to help make your city safer for two wheels? Get in touch with your local bicycling organization (or start one!).  Ask how you can help, take a class to build your cycling skills, and get involved with your community's planning efforts.

GiveBIG2013Help Spread Undriving: GiveBIG May 15!

Your chance to support Undriving is coming up May 15th, with GiveBIG!  Your donation of any size will be Super-Sized on that day. The awesome Undriving Board has pledged to match the first $1,700 in contributions - and the Seattle Foundation will strettttch all donations!  Stay tuned for more info.... you might even help us win a Golden Ticket! (Big Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Urban Sparks:)

Middle Schoolers Get Licensed to Undrive!

IMG_5339 On April 12, the Undriver Licensing™ Station showed up at Salmon Bay School's Spring Dance! 87 Undrivers got into the act - making a pledge to reduce their car use in May, and getting their official licenses.  What better time to establish Undriving habits than in middle school? 
Here's a sampling of their pledges:
"Walk to anything less than a mile" - Maria
"Bike everywhere I can!" - Sabrina
"Make my family take the bus or bike instead of driving" - Jonas
"Walk and roller-blade more often" - Miller
"Shop by phone" - Henry

A good time was had by all... thanks, Salmon Bay Undrivers!

What's YOUR Undriving pledge this month? Let us know!

Seattle Undrivers: Get a discount at Recycled Cycles!

RecycledCyclesDid you know that our friends at Recycled Cycles offer a sweet discount to all card-carrying Undrivers???
Simply show your Undriver License™ at the register and receive 10% off all gear and parts... all year long!

JodiNewtonUndriving Board Welcomes Jodi Newton!

We are growing our board, to help scale Undriving and spread our successful program far and wide. Latest recruit: Jodi Newton!  She's a committed Undriver (car-free since 1998:) with amazing energy and experience in fundraising, communications, and technology.  Jodi's already at work mobilizing forces to fuel Undriving's growth- thanks, Jodi!  Want to join us?  Check out the Undriving Board & Team here, and email Nikola Davidson, Board President, to learn more.

Lite Reading for Undrivers:

About Undriving: Undriving™ is a non-profit that reduces car use through individual behavior change.  Our innovative Undriver Licensing™ program engages people of all ages to experiment with and discover new ways of getting around.  We are dedicated to scaling and spreading this proven program. Contact us for more information about hiring the Undriver Licensing Station, or becoming an Official Licensing Partner.

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