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"If I didn't try to eavesdrop on every bus ride I take or look for the humor when I go for a walk, I would just be depressed all the time."
-Lynda Barry
(so that's where she comes up with all those ideas for cartoons!)

Catch the Undriving Spirit!

crosswalkfootprintHere's a crosswalk that tells you what to do with it! Click here to check out some other inventive crosswalks, too. How are YOU getting creative about getting around?

Seattle Undrivers: Help Pass Prop. 1

streetsforall 2
Prop. 1 will improve our streets, sidewalks, and transit, and will Keep Seattle Moving...and it needs your help!  Join in for the next Neighborhood Canvass on Sat, Oct 29 - sign up here!

Your tax-deductible contribution of any size will help fuel Undriving! Donate online or mail a check to:
Undriving/Urban Sparks
4229 Baker Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Thank you!


Greetings, Undrivers!

PhotoGridForSideBarsWhiteWebThe first-ever Undrive-a-thon is in full swing, in its last week! 

These 10 intrepid Undrivers have been Undriving and blogging all month long.... What are they discovering? Follow their progress, and join in with a contribution to help them fuel this pioneering organization forward!

The Undrive-a-thon fundraiser comes at a pivotal time for Undriving. After four years of developing this engaging program and proving its effectiveness, we are well positioned to license it to organizations that have a mandate to reduce car use. Our first Official Licensing Partner, Intercity Transit in Olympia, WA, is already using Undriver Licensing™ to rave reviews!  Lately I've been presenting on Undriving at conferences, getting an enthusiastic response from organizations hungry for a creative way to engage their community about driving less. And I am off to Vancouver BC for another - ACTcanada - this weekend!

Won’t you help Undriving fulfill its potential?  Please join in with a tax-deductible donation of any size. THANK YOU!

Thanks for Undriving,
Julia Field, Founder/Director
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Lab Results from Undriving Experiments:

BumberPledge 2We licensed almost 1.000 Undrivers at Bumbershoot last month!  Here's what some of them have discovered:

- "I learned how to take the bus to my friends houses. Went great. I love taking the bus now."

- "Now if we have to drive my roommates and I try to share a ride; now we all buy groceries together, it surprisingly has brought us closer together."

- "I got my dad to take the Amtrak instead of driving from Edmonds to Stanwood!"

- "I am almost seventeen and I am still not driving. I said that i would take the bus and carpool every where I went. I take the bus to and from school everyday. i am having so much fun! I have made so many friends via the bus. I have told many people how i have a license, but for Undriving and almost everyone wants one. I am glad to know that I'm making even a little difference in the world!" 

How's it going with YOUR latest Undriving experiment? Do tell!

Undriving Goes Back to School!

Undrive-a-thon'er Mia B. pledged to see how many of her classmates she could get walking and biking to school this month.  The Undriver Licensing Station came to her school, where we licensed 109 kids! "Holy Mackerel," says Mia! What are they pledging to do this month?  Find out here (and help Mia raise money for Undriving!)

tilden6Tilden School 5th Graders are also Undriving this month! Ms. Karin's class is focusing on Environmental Education for October - and making an Undriving pledge helped students and parents see how their daily choices affect the whole planet.  After learning about bike/walk safety, these energetic kids got licensed - and inspired our team with their enthusiasm and energy! Now they are walking to school, biking to soccer practice, scootering to the store, and more. Go, Tilden 5th Graders!  Thanks for Undriving.

Lite Reading for Undrivers:

About Undriving:
Undriving™ is a Seattle-based non-profit that reduces car use through individual behavior change.  Our innovative Undriver Licensing™ program engages people of all ages to experiment with and discover new ways of getting around.  We are dedicated to scaling and spreading this successful, community-generated program. 

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