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"Everything is in walking distance, if you have the time." 

—Steven Wright. Walk on, Undrivers!

Catch the Undriving Spirit!

trampolineZounds! Fast Track, a 170-foot-long trampoline, got set up alongside a Russian forest. Check out the photos and video of people bouncing along!

Your tax-deductible contribution of any size will help fuel Undriving! Donate online or mail a check to:
Undriving/Urban Sparks
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Thank you!


Greetings, Undrivers!

TildenUndriver3picOnlyThis season, we're especially grateful for the opportunity to engage with and learn from all of YOU year 'round, about how Undriving can change things up.
    Our mailbox was brimming recently with stories from 4th Graders at Tilden School, after we licensed all the students there this October. Here's Michael's story:  "My dad and I have a great time walking to the store with our wagon. We decided to walk because we live three blocks away so it would be useless to drive. My dad walks the wagon back because it is heavier than when I walk it on the way to the store. Walking with my dad is much better than driving!"
     About walking to school, Blakey writes: "Being outside on a frosty morning, breathing fresh air, and hearing my feet crunch on dried leaves starts my day in a good way."  Inspiring!  Where could YOU walk, that you usually drive?  Try it!  And check out the rest of the kids' stories here.
Thanks for Undriving!
Julia Field and the whole Undriving team

PS. Here's our favorite article of the season - check out this lovely tribute to riding the bus! Then share YOUR transit tale with us :)

New from Walk Score: Comparative Commute Times

Walk Score is a great Undriving tool - it shows us how walkable addresses are, what amenities are around, and it can also help locate walkable rentals. Now we can also compare the travel times for various modes of transport! I gave it a test-undrive: turns out I can bike to downtown Seattle in the same amount of time as taking transit. Check it out - just type in your address (and get your Walk Score and your Transit Score) - and then scroll down to "Your Commute," and type in your destination.  You can also find travel routes by mode, and amenities to stop at along the way. Thanks, Walk Score!WalkScoreTravelTime 2

Thanks Undrivers! We raised $10,000 in the 2nd Annual

undriveathonlogo2 2During our annual fundraiser in October, a whole band of intrepid Undrivers undrove all over the place while raising dollars for their favorite car-use-reducing non-profit. Big Undriving Thanks to all who participated, Undrivers and donors alike!  Together we brought in over $10,000.  Woohoo!  If you missed out, it's not too late to join in - your contribution of any size is so welcome - and will help us bring the Undriver Licensing Station to more events in 2013!  A million thanks from the whole Undriving team!

Two Holiday Gift Ideas:

everydaybicycling_copy0MillerLooking for a gift for the Undrivers in your life?  A personalized Undriver License is always in style. Better yet, order 2-for-1, at!  Know a reluctant cyclist, or someone who could step up their cycling? This new book from Elly Blue, Everyday Cycling, would be just the ticket.

Safety First - gear up for winter Undriving!

seen1smIn recent weeks we've been hearing sad tales of bicycle and pedestrian accidents, ranging from near-misses to utterly tragic. With the weather turning colder and wetter, and days getting shorter, it's more important than ever to make sure we are seen - and to be extra-alert while driving and Undriving. Are your bike lights cutting it? Does your outerwear render you invisible in the dark? Florescent jackets and bright lights are not just for bicyclists! Is there a danger-spot that needs to be reported to your DOT (again)? Take care out there, however you are getting around!

Lite Reading for Undrivers:

About Undriving:
Undriving™ is a non-profit that reduces car use through individual behavior change.  Our innovative Undriver Licensing™ program engages people of all ages to experiment with and discover new ways of getting around.  We are dedicated to scaling and spreading this proven program. Contact us for more information about hiring the Undriver Licensing Station, or becoming an Official Licensing Partner.

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