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UndrivingPortland 2Greetings, Undrivers - 

We've been out and about with the Undriver Licensing Station this month! We licensed a record-breaking 63 Undrivers an hour in Redmond at the City's Eco-Fair - 443 total, including lots of families.  Thanks, Redmond! And last weekend we hit the road to Portland to take part in their legendary, monthly-all-summer carfree-streets extravaganza, Sunday Parkways - what fun to see a 6-1/2 mile loop of streets closed to cars, and every human-powered device imaginable coursing past the Station!  Thanks, Portland, for the big welcome - and for the great bicycling in a FLAT city.  (Did we mention the fabulous food carts?)

Sunday Parkways is part of the cyclovia movement that started in Colombia - carfree-street celebrations are now happening all over the world, including Seattle, with two Summer Streets events coming up - 8/12 in Greenwood, and 8/20 in Rainier Valley.  And Bicycle Sundays are happening on 8/21, 8/28, 9/4, 9/11, & 9/18 on Lake WA Blvd.  There's also a movement afoot in Seattle to make more Neighborhood Greenways, where it's safe to bike, walk, and stroller - here's a great article; join in to help in your 'hood! 
How are YOU Undriving this summer?  Perhaps like this?  


Enjoy, and thanks for Undriving, 

Julia Field and the whole Undriving team

PS. One-minute activism alert: In Atlanta, a young boy was killed as he and his family crossed the street...and his mom (a pedestrian) was charged with vehicular homicide. Sign Transportation for America's petition to pardon her. 
What's Up with Buses? King Co. Transportation Funding Snapshot
If you live in King County, you've probably heard about a $20 congestion-relief charge to stave off 17% cuts to METRO bus service. The King County Council was set to vote on this on Monday, and tabled it until August 15. One more vote is needed to impose the tax by the Council; if you support this, send an email to the Council here, and also sign this petition.  Seattle reps are on board, but if you live outside Seattle (still in King County), you could contact your rep directly.  It's also possible the tax could go to voters on the November ballot.

Meanwhile, an $80 car-tab tax is likely to be on the ballot as well, from the City of Seattle - aimed at building an integrated transportation system for the future, including transit enhancements, bike and pedestrian infrastructure improvements, and road repair. Read more here.

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Meet Debra Alderman, Undriver #6,132: Bus Rider+DebraAlderman
"The cool thing is that a bus is not just a form of transportation; it’s also a moving container of people who each have a lot of ideas, resources and interesting information to share. When you take the same bus every day, it builds the courage to start talking to people that you ride with day in and day out. In a recent conversation I had with one of my bus buddies, I learned about a college here in the Northwest that might be just right for my son. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was known to say, “The world doesn’t need more text books. What we need are more text people.” So when I tap in to the Metro buses full of text people I’m really getting my three bucks worth!" Read Debra's full story here

Lite Reading for Undrivers: (Want more? "Like" us on Facebook!)
• The Stranger: Seattle's Tunnel: Surprises in the Environmental Impact Statement 
• Slate: Carmaggedon Challenge: The Bikes Won! 
• WalkScore: How Does Your City or Neighborhood Rank?
• Grist: Bicycling Our Way Out of the Great Recession

buschickMeet Bus Chick Aug 6: On Taking Public Transit with Kids  Some parents have discovered: many little kids actually love taking the bus. It can take some juggling though - but Carla Sautler (aka Bus Chick, Transit Authority) knows the in's and out's.  Check out her blog for lots of transit tips, and come to her free workshop with King County METRO on August 6, 10-11:30 - at CAMP, 722 - 18th Ave in central Seattle!  

Undriving + Company Picnics = Win/Win/Win  Looking for an engaging activity for your company picnic that appeals to all ages, leads to earth-friendly action, and supports a great organization?  Sponsor the Undriver Licensing Station to come to your event. Curious? Contact us.

walkbikeride 2Attn Seattle Undrivers: Walk Bike Ride  As Undrivers, you can renew your commitment with a fresh Undriving pledge, any time you want!  There's always more to discover....what else could you experiment with, to reduce your car use, or car use on the planet?  The City of Seattle offers the Walk Bike Ride Challenge, with a chance to win prizes - check it out.

UtrechtSlideCatch the Undriving Spirit  Public transit with real-life chutes-and-ladders: When you get off the train in Utrecht, you can take the stairs... or this SLIDE!  What adventures are YOU having with Undriving?  Send us your snapshots!  

Thanks for Undriving!

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ABOUT UNDRIVING:  Undriving™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering people to make more conscious, active transportation choices, and to discover and share the joys inherent in car-free travel. Our innovative Undriver Licensing™ program is changing the way people think about getting around.

"Sometimes, the only available transportation is a leap of faith." - Margaret Carpenter

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